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Let's see... an introduction is what you want, right? Well, my name is Hunter Myth. You can call me some form of that. Hunter, Myth, ect. I'm a teenager still, and a busy one. Erm… Oh, you want to know... Okay.
I've been roleplaying for about two years, but over half of that time wasn't serious. Quick, free roleplay. I personally believe I've gotten a lot better since then. I usually do roleplays based off of an anime, or any fandom. And I do Dungeons and Dragons when I can. I'll never say no to improving, there's always room for improvement.
My favorite genres are fantasy, usually including magic of some form. I like roleplays that have a plot or structure. It doesn't have to be strict and very detailed, but I do like to know a general goal my partners may have.
And other hobbies? I play video games, I perform in musical theatre, and I write stories of all sizes. My largest piece is about 20 chapters, about 3,000 words per chapter.
Anything else you want to know about me, just ask. I don't see myself as shy. Just awkward. Fandom-wise, I do best at Naruto, Harry Potter, and Boku no Hero Academia.
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