Hello! I apologize for formatting as I am on my mobile device.

Hello,fellow roleplayers of RPG! I am The Mage,no one special in this community, but someone who is looking for another roleplaying partner! I dont feel like any of my plot ideas are good enough to share with any of you, instead I wanted to find a roleplaying partner who would be interested in perhaps whipping up an idea together!

I do prefer to have a partner who posts at the very least once every two weeks,and that the posts be at least a few Paragraphs long. Life does get in the way though,so if you are uninspired or suffering from writers block I understand fly! I also tend to favor adult themes in my roleplays, with another emphasis being lore and storybuilding.
If you would be interested,or find my descriptions too vague-again I understand!- please feel free to message me! Have a wonderful day!