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"It's very sweet of you to volunteer your time here." Not many people would willingly endanger themselves to assist addicts in seeking rehabilitation from their substance abuse. However, for someone that has a sympathetic heart, this particular young woman is devoted to caring for the afflicted. Lakeshore Hills, the establishment she has chosen to dedicate herself to during the weekends, is a temporary home to those striving to achieve their own sobriety.

"I'm happy to help," she answered to the older staff member. "Is the orientation starting soon?" These are essential meetings to newcomers of Mercy House. She followed the staff member to the private locker areas, changed into the Lakeshore Hills uniform and was escorted to the vacant room where the upcoming meeting was going to be held. The uniform consists of a scrub but she was allowed to keep her black, ripped, jeans. She also received a name tag to wear. "Actually, can you use my nickname instead?" She wanted to maintain a sense of privacy for her own protection. The staff member agreed, quickly editing the badge to read TJ instead of Taylor Jayne. TJ was thankful, pinning the badge above her right breast.

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Leaving the Hargreeves house was a significant decision for Vanya to make, although the choice was painful and her father protested vehemently. She was given a substantial amount of money, through Pogo -her father's frustration with the situation made him even more isolated- so that she could establish a comfortable living arrangement for herself. She moved into an apartment that was perfect for her lifestyle. She returned the money that remained, her father was confused by the gesture but accepted the money back anyway. Vanya's decorations are minimal, practical and affordable.

Her most prized possession, her violin, was also a source of income for her now. She strived for her own independence. She has auditioned for several orchestras, nothing came of those. In desperation of money, Vanya began teaching violin lessons. She's a remarkably gifted musician, despite her own humbleness and parents are gladly sending her children to teach. Currently, she has two students but she's received news that they will be relocating to a different town. That's concerning. She was only able to pay her bills because of those students and now she has nothing. She's refusing to contact her father until absolutely necessary, though.

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Plot Idea: I was thinking we could start off before he jumps through time, just to play them a bit as fifteen-year-olds because that sounds kinda fun to explore with the Umbrella Academy and all and then we can either have them both return as sixteen-year-olds together or increase their age to eighteen? I thought we could play through them having a mission and then time skip to when Five and Zero (my character) vanish. We could explore a bit of them in the apocalypse, perhaps the Commission too.Eventually time skip to when Zero and Five return.