The Digital World, a nine-year-old cyberspace reality, has just been discovered by the Worldwide Communication Organization.
A council of twenty-four, the WCO is a non-profit organization that seeks for the safety and governance over cyberspace and internet-based communication. This team of hackers and scientists recently discovered a second reality, dubbed the Digital World. This unique cyberspace reality had been growing since 1992, where it presumably created as an artificial neural network and was practically non-existent until very recently. Now observing the Digital World, the WCO has noted the following about the cyberspace reality:

- Time is quite a bit faster, possibly moves at a rate four times as fast as reality’s time
- The weather was at first non-existent
- It appears to be ever-expanding and is a shapeless plane
- A multitude of rocky biomes formed; within weeks weather began to develop
- What looks like lush landscapes and vegetation spread throughout the Digital World
- This cyberspace reality was evolving rapidly

It seemed a dream, as the Digital World would bust open the possibilities of cyberspace. However, word leaked, and hackers spent weeks attempting to crack the WCO security. Soon, a woman under the username Monster cracked the organization’s firewalls and infected the Digital World with a virus. Monster seemingly disappeared into the Digital World, and after two days the WCO patched their security. Unfortunately, within the same week of having the firewall breached, multiple blips of data spread throughout the Digital World. Sorted under the .mon file extension, the WCO discovered these blips of data were a bizarre form of A.I. The WCO labeled these creatures as Digital Monsters; the first of these monsters discovered was a file that resembled an orange dinosaur named AGU.mon. The WCO has been quietly watching these creatures as they multiply and populate the digital world, and have been documenting each newly discovered creature in a database. Each DIGI.mon is unique . These DIGI.mon are now building colonies and civilization. Factions of DIGI.mon, split by their attributes (Vaccine, Data, or Virus) have gathered into rather large groups, with each fighting for territory over the Digital World.
Monster, the mysterious individual who created DIGI.mon, sent a message throughout the Digital World that eventually made its way to the WCO stating: “I have sent (insert number here) eggs around (insert place/city/country here) that are set to hatch soon. Whoever comes across these newly hatched DIGI.mon will be tasked with raising them and conquering the Digital World. I hope they fall into the right hands.”

Hi all!

I'm currently searching for a 1x1 partner for a roleplay based on Digimon. Of course, I'd like for this 1x1 to be fun above all else, however, I am also craving a writer who can produce and roleplay dynamic characters, juggle multiple characters and plot-threads, and engage with mature themes and subject matter thoughtfully (e.g. mortality, depression, coming of age/aging, nature, totalitarianism, etc.). More or less, I'm looking for a partner that has experience in writing and is confident in their ability to write fun and intriguing characters!

If you're interested and think we'd get along just PM me!