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"Everyone wants happiness. No one wants pain. But you can't have a rainbow, without a little rain."

Place: Godwinson General Hospital, ███████, ███████, ███████, Earth, Universe 3
Time: 16:29 Local Time, December 25th, 2023

As Hilda sat up in her hospital bed, her green eyes stared out the window of room 1864. She casually watched the rain as it pattered against the glass, then sighed through her freckled nose. The red haired young woman had forgotten how long she had been in the hospital, given the weeks since she had awoken from the coma had blurred together. Each day's pattern was more or less the same: wake up, eat breakfast, watch TV, have lunch, do physical and occupational therapy, watch more TV, eat dinner, then fall asleep to the sounds of Jeopardy.

Hilda slightly shivered as she laid back down, all while pulling the covers up to her neck. Her right hand reached for the remote, then pressed the "on" button to activate the TV. The young woman's senses took in the sight and sounds of Wheel of Fortune, but she lightly grimaced before she quickly began to flit from channel to channel. The redhead's eyes were then bombarded by videos and images of warfare, specifically the American-Iranian War, and the young woman stopped channel surfing as she pressed her lips together.

Hilda then felt her phone vibrate, so she reached down to bring it out from under the covers, and quickly unlocked it by inputting her PIN. She saw that she had a notification that she had received a message, then swiped down before tapping on it to open the text.

The message was from her older brother, and it read: "Dude, WTF is this? lol". Hilda slightly squinted as she raised a brow, then saw another message pop up. It was a link to a live video on a random person's social media, and the young woman pressed play to see what all the hubbub was about. Her attention was focused on the screen as it displayed shaky, smartphone footage of people screaming while running through car filled streets. The person holding the camera then seemed to climb onto the front hood of a stationary sedan, and aimed the camera down the packed road.

"Hoooly shit! You guys seeing this?!" The cameraman asked with a panicked voice, and Hilda's eyes widened as she took in an incredulous sight: reddish, humanoid creatures with large, bat like wings attacking and flying over the fleeing pedestrians and their motionless vehicles. The redhead's heart began to pound faster and harder, but she nevertheless kept her attention on the live video as it progressed. Hilda's first thought was that this was some sort of high budget stunt for a movie or TV show, as the way people reacted and were flung about just seemed incredibly realistic.

The young woman opened her messenger app, and replied to her brother: "IDK, it's probably for a movie. Looks kinda cool". Hilda then returned to the video, only to see that the cameraman had climbed off the car, and began to swing the camera back as forth as they ran. The sounds of awfully authentic screams filled the otherwise silent hospital room, which caused Hilda's stomach to turn. She was impressed with the level of quality and attention to detail that the producers went through, but started to feel sick from all of the terrified yelling.

Hilda closed the social media app, then took in a deep breath as she closed her eyes. Her mind played back snippets of the video, which began to annoy her, so she grabbed the remote and changed the channel. The redhead watched as a young woman called out letters during a game of Wheel of Fortune, but she was soon disturbed by yet another text.

"Oh my god." Hilda muttered to herself, then unlocked her phone and looked at her notifications.

The redhead proceeded to open her messenger app, and read her brother's reply: "Bro, the video's gone..." The young woman then clicked the link to the social media post, only to be redirected to an error page.

"The fuck?" Hilda quietly swore to herself, then replied to her brother once more: "Weird". She then closed her phone, and began to channel surf once more, until she switched back to the news. Hilda observed more videos and images of the American-Iranian War, then pressed her lips together while her mind pondered the total number of lives that would be lost in the conflict. Her train of thought was suddenly disrupted, as the screen changed into a transitional clip containing "BREAKING NEWS" in bold, red letters, before it displayed a blonde, female news anchor with a grave expression on her face.

The news anchor spoke with a professional tone, "This just in, we've been getting a massive influx of disturbing reports from Seattle, Washington. Our sources tell us that the city is currently being attacked by a large number of..." The reporter paused to clear her throat, then continued, "Excuse me, a large number of hostile, airborne entities. The following footage may be disturbing to some viewers, so please, take a moment to escort any children out of the room."

Hilda could now feel her pulse in her ears, and she took in shallow breaths while she endured a sudden, pit like feeling in her abdomen. The young woman pulled the covers off of her body, then rose up to sit on the edge of the bed, ignoring the TV as it eventually began to display different videos of people fleeing from the same winged creatures in the social media post. Her hands were slightly shaking, and her mind was gripped by a strong sense of dread.

Then, the young woman slapped herself in the face, before wincing and hissing as she confirmed that she wasn't dreaming. The realization simply intensified the fear that she felt, and Hilda brought both hands together while she closed her eyes. Although she wasn't very religious, the redhead felt now was an appropriate time to beseech the divine. None of what was transpiring made any sense, or followed any script described in any holy book whose contents she could recall, so Hilda began to pray.

The redhead prayed for herself, her family and friends, and for the world as a whole. She didn't know if the world was ending, but she sure felt like it was, so she begged the divine to spare the world from destruction. Hilda had no idea if anything that she was saying was actually being heard, though she felt a glimmer of hope that something was listening, given that creatures that looked more or less like demons were now a reality.

All the while, the sounds of horrified screams echoed throughout the room.
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"What are you going to do if it's the end of the world? You better go out having fun instead of stressing about it."
~Kirsten Dunst

Place: Paranormal Affairs Council Site 1543, ███████, Arizona, United States of America, Earth, Universe 4
Time: 1:53 Local Time, December 26th, 2023

Charlie tapped his fingers against the wooden surface of the bar, all while his cigarette slowly burned up between his index and middle fingers. Before him was a small glass of scotch on the rocks, and its condensation slowly dripped down onto the hard plastic coaster that it rested upon. In the background was a discordant mixture of noises: billiard balls colliding, people chortling and conversing, televisions playing all sorts of sports channels, and someone shouting as they lost a game on one of the arcade machines. Such was the average ambiance of a bar within a PAC Site, as leisure time was considered vital to maintaining the mental health of the organization's agents.

The middle aged man ran his empty hand through his receding, dark brown hair, and his dark brown eyes stared at the TV displaying clips of baseball game reruns. He stopped tapping his fingers against the bar, then took a deep drag of his cigarette. However, the special agent's mind kept going back to his latest debriefing. Charlie recalled how he explained that an Earth in a neighboring universe was being invaded by demons, and he slowly exhaled a thick plume of smoke while he reenvisioned the video footage displayed by the scrying screens.

'Fuck my life.' He wearily and pensively thought to himself, before taking another hit. 'I hate first contact missions.'

'Yeah, this one seems like it'll be a bitch.' Another, more feminine voice seemed to speak within his mind.

'What are you doing up?' Charlie asked his mindlinked subordinate as he quietly took a drag, then blew out some smoke.

'Couldn't sleep.' She tersely answered, then amusedly inquired, 'Scotch and cigarettes, huh?'

Charlie grinned, 'Yeah. Just getting shitfaced before we get shipped out.'

'Oh yeah? Why don't you swing by and bring me a drink?' Alice asked.

Charlie scoffed, 'Sorry, but you'll have to get your ass up and over here if you want to want to kiss sobriety goodbye.'

Alice chuckled in his mind, and Charlie could hear the sound of fabrics ruffling about as his subordinate crawled out of bed, 'Anybody else from our team there?'

'Nah, just me.' Charlie answered, then hit his cigarette again.

'Alright, see you in a few.' His subordinate sounded off, before the mindlink ended.

Charlie sighed as brought his free hand to his face, sliding it down from his forehead to his chin.

"Another long night?" The pointy eared, female bartender inquired.

The special agent raised his brows for a second, then nodded, "It's gonna be a hell of a new year for me."

"Ouch." The middle aged bartender then pressed her lips together as she moved her mouth to the side of her face, "Need a refill?"

"Not yet." He replied while gripping the glass, "Gonna pace myself tonight."

"You got it." The bartender nodded, before she resumed her duties.

Charlie brought the edge of the glass to his lips, took a small swig of the odorous potion, and exhaled audibly before setting the glass back onto the coaster. He looked at the nearest TV once more, and softly chuckled as he watched an orc linebacker tackle a bugbear quarterback onto their own in zone, then thought to himself, 'These fuckers are in for a hell of a ride.'

Suddenly, the special agent's field of view was overlaid with the sight of a cubical interior from the perspective of another person. The middle aged brunette's back slightly straightened, and he hummed before putting out his cigarette.

'Graham, there's been a development.' A calm and collected voice spoke into his mind, 'Your team's no longer part of the first contact unit. Rather, you and your team will be extracting an asset from Earth G5X.'

Charlie took a deep breath, then rested himself against the bar and onto his forearms. 'Alright, send me their file.'

The special agent could see the other person's left hand rise up and make an arcane gesture, which caused his overlaid visual to switch from the cubical interior and into a person of interest file. Charlie quickly scanned the basic bits of the file, then began to peruse the fluffier portions. Various phrases quickly stuck out to him: Red Hair. Green Eyes. Class I. Grade 9.

'You've got to be kidding me.' The middle aged man irritatedly thought to his superior. 'We're getting pulled out of the first contact unit to snatch a nuclear ig?'

'Your team's got plenty of experience with these sorts of extractions.' His superior bluntly replied.

Charlie quickly took another swig of his drink. He knew he would soon have to cleanse himself of the toxins in his body, but he wanted to get just a little more drunk before then, 'When do we ship out?'

'At 0300.' The other voice answered.

'Guess I better wake up the rest of my team, then.' He thought back as he set down his glass, and rose off the stool and onto his feet.
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"If you want peace, prepare for war."
~Latin Idiom

Place: Terry Avenue North & Valley Street, Seattle, Washington, United States of America, Earth, Universe 3
Time: 1:33 Local Time, December 26th, 2023

The sound of boots scraping against wet concrete and asphalt filled the air, alongside the sounds of heavy rain, distant wails of emergency response vehicles, random bursts of gunfire, and faint screams. While jets screeched overhead as they zipped about through Seattle's airspace, the platoon composed of members of the 1st Special Forces Group hurriedly made their way from the southeastern side of the intersection, and to the southern parking lot of the Museum of History and Industry. As the soldiers approached the museum, a set of small, airborne drones flew overhead, whirring as they soaked up visual information about the impending battlefield.

The men and women of the platoon steeled themselves as they crossed the road, deftly moving between the abandoned vehicles as they checked their sectors, their sight augmented by near infrared vision. On the other side of the road that they crossed stood the museum, which was being heavily guarded by a flock of fiends situated on damaged vehicles, as well as the roofs of the museum and much smaller Center For Wooden Boats.

Being cleared to engage, the more forward members of the platoon let loose numerous rounds of supersonic metal at the demons situated on the Center For Wooden Boats, which felled the entities and caused them to slide off its sloped roof and onto the hard pavement. This lead to the more distant fiends roaring in an aggressive manner, so as to notify their peers of hostile forces, as well as to intimidate their foes. Having been briefed about their vulnerability to high powered firearms, the soldiers resisted the urge to flee, and simply spread out as they advanced towards the museum. In the distance, near the entrance of the museum itself, a spherical distortion of space and time hovered slightly above the ground, its radius no greater than the average human's height.

"Move up!" The platoon leader commanded their subordinates, who promptly aimed their rifles into their respective sectors as they walked in the direction of the wormhole. Nearby demons leaped off of the museum and ruined vehicles, then charged and dived towards the soldiers while shrieking ferociously. However, they were swiftly dealt with by way of concentrated fire, and their heavy bodies dropped like flies as each was exposed to a barrage of heated, metal rounds. During the assault, various soldiers shouted that they were reloading, and their nearby comrades timed their bursts to prevent any one segment of the platoon from becoming exposed.

"Get some, motherfucker!" One of the female soldiers let out as she riddled an approaching demon's chest with bullet wounds, her bravado on full display as her superior firepower made quick work of her opponent.

Lake Union Park soon became filled with numerous bullet casings, corpses of foolhardy fiends, and the acrid smell of expended smokeless powder. Bullets and infrared laser beams crisscrossed in the air as the platoon gradually made its way towards the spatiotemporal distortion, and its ranks remained as firm as the fortified resolve of its members. It didn't take long for the slew of fiends to be exterminated by the well equipped members of the US Army, which cleared the northern parking lot and separated into two groups. One half of the platoon made their way into the museum, while the other half remained outside to establish a perimeter.

The platoon leader stepped towards the wormhole, and gazed into its reddish, sandy interior as he spoke to his superior officers through his radio, "Echo Romeo Actual, this is Red Platoon Actual. We've secured the target. Over."

"Roger that, Red Platoon Actual. Stand by for further orders. Over." Their superior officer replied with a sense of professionalism, as the sounds of cheering could be heard in the background.
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