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Hello! Welcome!

Before you RP with me, I’d like to let you know of the following things:

1- English isn’t my mother tongue. I will make mistakes. Please forgive me.

2- Go as mature as you like or fade to black. I'll go with it as long as you tell me.

3- I prefer RPing through PM.

4- I will try to give you what you give me, as long as you give me something longer than a paragraph, please? I write ~3000 characters per post, depending on what you give me to respond to. Please also have good grammar and spelling. It's hard for me to get into a RP if there are constant, noticeable errors in your posts.

5- I much, much prefer playing the female and will only usually play male in MxM RPs or double ups. In the case of a double up, please DO NOT put more focus on one character pair and force me to drop my other character because you’ve forgotten about yours.

6- I like romance. I adore it in my RPs. It’s not necessary but I like it. A lot.

7- I'm 25 so I'd prefer someone at least 18 please. Otherwise it's uncomfortable.

Now that that’s over with… Onto my pairing cravings and plots! My ideas are very basic and could do with a lot of improving.

Or you know, come to me with your own plot. What have you got to lose? Send me a PM
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Hey! The opposite sides idea sounds great to me! I have a vivid imagination, and I am interested in being the male thief if that's alright with you! Please, text me back!
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