Woof. Well, to be totally honest I've never had to write one of these before and have no idea how to begin.


Hi everyone! :) I'm coming off a long hiatus and have a LIST of things I'd really like to start. Before I get to that though, let me tell you a bit about myself:
- I'm a female roleplayer with about 12 years of experience (I'm 26) and I like to double with my partners. :) I write OCs and like to do OCxCanon pairings.
- I love some solid romance in my roleplays, but I'm also biiiig on angst. BRING ALL THE DRAMA!
- I don't have many non-no's on my list beyond the usual (vore, toilet play, pedophilia, etc.)
- I tend to match what my partner puts out, but my usual length for replies is 2-5 paragraphs per character.
- I would prefer writing partners that are 21+ for comfort's sake. I'm not usually willing to write with anyone younger. Sorry! :|
- My cat Sushi likes belly rubs, butt scratches and cheddar cheese. She's the shit and I'm a shameless cat mom.

My current RP interests are:
- A Court of Thorns and Roses (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE)
- LOTR / The Hobbit
- Skyrim
- GoT
- Naruto (the nostalgia is REAL)
- Marvel Universe

If you've gotten this far thank you for reading and please shoot me a PM if anything interests you! :)