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About Me ~ Prepare for lengthy introduction

Hey! I’m Moon, and I’m only going to write stories featuring women that love women as leads. I actually don’t care about your gender behind the screen, but you absolutely need to be able to play your character believably. You also need to have a decent grasp of grammar and punctuation, as well as spelling. I don’t mind a typo sprinkled in with your posts though. My posts average around 400 words, but I’m quite happy doing more, and rarely less. I always write in 3rd person usually in the past tense. My ideal partner will match my length without struggling to keep up. I'm talking 3-5 paragraphs per reply, but dialogue heavy scenes will understandably call for less wordiness.

I’m a modern girl, but I also like medieval and Arthurian type environments. Fantasy? Sci-fi? Also my jams. Anime? Um! Love it! I will probably try anything though if the story is there. I love to blend timelines and cultures. If I can, I will always aim to play a person of color, and aim to have a diverse array of characters in our stories. I used to think I liked world building, but I get bored after awhile. If that’s your thing? Perfect! Big fan of aesthetics, imagery, and being treated with your characters’ inner monologue and feelings. Go crazy if you want!

One thing I also love is drama. I’m not here for the cookie cutter romance, or the ease of getting two characters into bed or a relationship just because we can. I’m somewhat of a villainess when it comes to stories, and I’m not one to step aside while your character does all the leading. I am also not interested in playing against any 'timid' or 'good' girl types, either. I want someone on even playing ground, or stronger. :')

However beautiful or delicate my characters might appear, they can wiggle into your lady’s brain and drive her mad, or kiss her lips and grant her wildest wish. They may be a sea siren with a thirst for the hearts of sea captains and gold. How about a once pure hearted mage corrupted by power and beauty, twisting your character's mind to overthrow a kingdom? Alternatively, I am happy to play an average woman protagonist just the same. What truly makes these roles enjoyable is the story and your partner's willingness to expand the journey. The possibilities are endless. You also have an idea of the type of characters I enjoy playing and what I prefer to play against. Just so I know you read this, send me a private message with the title ‘endless possibilities’. Any messages lacking that title will be ignored, and any low quality replies will be ignored!

My preferred role is always in bold or to the right. I may include notes and intend to be specific ^-^


The Last of Us 2: Ellie x Dina

Attack on Titan : OC x OC//Ymir x Historia//Ymir x Mikasa

Sailor Moon: Haruka x Michiru//Seiya x Usagi

Monster Hunter World: OC Master Hunter x OC Handler

Resident Evil: OC Rookie x OC Rookie Jill x Claire//Jill x Sheva//F!Chris x Jill//Sheva

Teen Titans: Raven x Starfire// OC x OC

Inuyasha: OC X OC// Kikyo x Kagome//Sango x Kagome//Kikyo F!Naraku x Kikyo//Kagome

ATLA+LoK: Korra x Asami// OC x Katara// Azula x Katara

Pride and Prejudice

Bridgerton: F!Simon x OC

The Legend of Zelda: OC Champion x OC Champion//Impa x Zelda

The Witcher: OC Witcher x OC Sorceress//F!Geralt x Yennefer
Twilight: F!Edward x Bella or Rosalie/Alice x Rosalie/Bella

Stardew Valley: OC x OC

NaNa: Nana x Hachi

The Hunger Games: OC x OC



Investigator x Murder Witness//Suspect - 40s, Noir, Modern

Corrupt Pirate or Noble Navel Officer x Siren - Fantasy

Client x Therapist

Band member x Band member
Demon x Witch

Sheriff or Bandit x Saloon Owner//Burlesque Dancer


Home for the Holidays: MC is an up and coming wedding planner, while YC is an accomplished entrepreneur in her own right. Five years ago, they made the decision to take their short lived relationship to the next level and become engaged while mine was battling a drug addiction. YC had demons of her own to deal with and their relationship had grown too toxic. Years later they're both two different people and meet again one fateful night. Sparks fly like never before when they lay eyes on each other.

Stars Dance: In a world and time where everybody wants to be somebody, two aspiring celebrities the exact opposite of one another are paired together for the sake of publicity. MC is told this stars' appearance will be a boon to her career and that many more doors would open from the association, and yours something similar. While the two are busy realizing how incompatible they are, behind the cute selfies and interviews, MCs label plots against her to blackmail MC into another horrible contract using info gained from YC.

Electric Heart: MC is an aspiring journalist who one night, breaks into a warehouse where A.I. are produced and shipped out. After allegations of nefarious acts and slave labor, she does a bit of investigative work and somewhere along the way triggers security and runs into your character, an A.I. program that looks no different than the living, breathing humans MC is used to. For reasons unknown, YC assists in MC's getaway, and tags along for the ride. Who is the mysterious A.I.?

Pop Nightmares: MC is an aspiring K-pop IDOL and is accepted into one of those prestigious training programs that only the best of the best can get into. When she arrives, she is stunned by how much competition there is, and after a couple of days training somehow befriends YC too. As the days pass, MC and YC grow closer and uncover secrets about the instructors, students, and the program. What sort of training techniques are these?!
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