Hi there!

I'm BeautifulSnow, please call me Snow ;). I am a female, born in 1993 and I like to RP. I come from the Netherlands and would like to find some new RP's to fill a little time with. I love writing and am also a hobby writer, so I love to put a little detail in situations. I prefer to play the female part, playing a male is okay and I guess I can pull it of but I am not very good at it. I like MxF and FxF ( Not much experience in FxF RPing). My grammar might not always be on point but I do always re-read my posts before posting and do my best to give you good readable answers.
I always try to give 2 - 3 paragraphs. Mature scenes are not a problem but I don't mind fading to black either

So in Short:
I'm 21+ years old
I'm from The Netherlands
I love RPing
I prefer player the Female part
I like MxF or FxF RP's
I might now always react right away but won't leave you hanging
I do my best on my grammar
I give 2 - 3 paragraphs.
I don't mind mature scenes but fading to black is also good
Not into smut or 90% mature scene's

Both in topic or PM's are alright with me but I do prefer in Topic

I might not always answer very fast because I am a mother ánd stepmother of a total of 4 kids and it is summerbreak ATM.. But I'll not leave you hanging and try to answer as quick as possible.

Then my genre favorites: Fantasy ( think elves, wolves, vampires ), Romance ( and maybe a little drama in it ), Slice of Life ( I really like to see the char's struggle with daily life things.. Even if it is just a huge fear of spiders or the dark haha )

Time period I am quite wide in with what I like: Medieval, Modern and even Post-Apocalyptic

What I ask of you?: Watch grammar ( at least a little ), No one liners, respect if I prefer to fade to black because I might not always feel like writing out the mature scenes, give a heads up if you are done with the RP or if you are going away for a while.

I have not much real plot ideas for RP's but I have a few pairings that I like:

Nerd x Jock
Human x Vampire
Human x Werewolf
Werewolf x Werewolf
Elf x Human
Demon x Human
Angel x Human
Rockstar x Shy girl
Princess x Prince ( Maybe arranged marriage idea? )

Shoot me a PM or react down below :)