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Castlevania: Rhapsody of The Moon
This story is mostly set in the 1800s, set in an alternate universe from the original Castlevania timeline, where Richter Belmont broke free from Shaft’s control at a much earlier point, allowing him to aid Alucard in the fight against Dracula. During the battle, Richter discovered that there was another spell cast on him, causing him to age at a much slower rate than usual as well as Maria Renard; Richter spends the next century aiding his descendants and distant relatives while getting stronger himself as a mentor and leader of an organization of Vampire Hunters alongside Maria and Alucard. Our story begins in 1798, two years before the 19th Century, as Richter hunts the remains of Shaft’s forces to prevent Dracula’s Resurrection, at least temporarily. However, due to the spell slowing Richter’s aging significantly, He realizes his battle is far from over. Richter must now play a much larger role in combating Dracula than any Belmont before him.

Canon Characters
Note: If Character info does not specify in the sex and gender category, it means the Character identifies by their assigned sex at birth.

The three starting and recurring protagonists with Canons.

Richter Belmont
Species: Human (Partially Immortal)
Sex and Gender: Male
Age: 25 (1798, and physically this age for most of the story, due to prolonged aging)
Sexuality: Demiromatnic Heterosexual
Personality: Hot-Blooded, Devoted, Honorable, Compassionate, Wise, Insightful, Experienced, Optimistic (tho also realistic.), Brave and Courageous, Determined.

Descendant Of Trevor, Christopher, Soleiu, Simon, and Juste Belmont, Richter is currently the strongest Belmont in the bloodline, Defeating Dracula twice in this universe. The first time with Maria’s help in 1792, and the second time after breaking free from Dracula’s influence, alongside the friend of his sacred ancestor Trevor, Alucard. Richter, though freed earlier than in Symphony of the Night, is therefore dedicated to protecting humanity from the forces of darkness. However, Richter feels immense guilt from falling under Dracula’s influence and intends to right this wrong by fighting the night and training more than his family in Vampire Hunting, No matter the cost. Still hunting the night with Maria and Alucard, Richter has also started taking students and pupils under his wing. This includes but is not limited to the current heirs and members of the Morris Clan and Helsing Clan. Richter knows he has made mistakes and is wiser for them. Richter recruits 2 Vampire Hunters, Cyril, and Alexis, during his travels and becomes their mentor. He also spent a year of extensive research replicating the process of creating the Vampire Killer. Through alchemical means and with Alucard’s help, Richter spent hours of grueling work to forge the Undead Killer, A perfect Copy of the Vampire Killer. A feat that was impossible until that point. Richter also developed the Hunter Whip and Beast Hunter through failed attempts. Though not as powerful as the actual Vampire Killer, these could still get stronger and can constantly be upgraded as Richter intended. But unlike the Vampire Killer, these whips were not completely bound to his bloodline. This was also intended for Richter’s design. Now the next step would be to find worthy Successors for these whips. At the story's start, Richter has four pupils, not including his biological and adopted children. Cyril and Alexis are two of them, while He also joins forces with the Order of Ecclesia. Richter also studied occult knowledge to understand better what he was fighting against and even took the time to explore the Infinite Corridor. It is here where he discovered that there were greater forces at play and found a world where, in 1797, where he permanently destroyed Dracula but also died, causing the Bloodline to die out. He was entrusted with this universe’s version of the Vampire Killer by Aeon, knowing Righter would pass it on to his descendants and aid them in their inevitable battles with the prince of darkness. Though he can see through lies easily from his experiences, He can be deceived if someone acts as if they share his goal to protect Humanity. Something the Shaft is not capable of, even though he may not be entirely fooled and may become more suspicious as deception may become more apparent.

Maria Renard
Species: Human (Partially Immortal)
Age: 18 (1798 and physically for most of the story due to significantly slow aging)
Sex and Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual

Having been exposed to vampire hunting ever since she was rescued and adopted as a sister by Richter in 1792, Maria Renard is a distant relative of the Belmont Clan with extreme talent in magic and the ability to channel familiars. During the events of Alucard and Richter’s fight against Dracula in 1797, She helped free Richter at a much earlier point than in the original universe, as Richter was able to aid Alucard in the fight against Shaft, Death, and even Dracula afterward.

Adrian “Alucard” Fahrenheit Tepes
Age: 342
Gender: Male
Species: Dhampir
Sexuality: Demiromantic Heterosexual
Starting Alignment: Lawful Good

The son of Vlad and Lisa Tepes was distinguished for his kindness, stoic yet reserved disposition, and unnaturally beautiful, majestic outlook. The circumstances that led up to Adrian’s existence were controversial due to their genetic inheritance of two opposing worlds—causing him to steer clear of their immortal brethren and simultaneously put distance between himself and humans (excluding his mother), given their vampiric conditions. Sticking to the shadows of Dracula’s castle, Ardian managed to find sanctuary in the archives, where they indulged in the brilliant knowledge of their parents. In an attempt for companionship, they managed to create a loyal fairy-like familiar named Nephynie, who, to this day, never left their side. Adrian is one of the few dark creatures who can resist, endure, and wield holy forces.

Adrian's highly-educated background made him far superior in intellect, especially in science, medicine, foreign language, and the arcane. He was also a talented sorcerer in the occult and dark arts. His supernatural beauty tends to draw others in, sometimes with disastrous results, which, combined with the physically enhanced traits of vampirism (enhanced strength, speed, senses, durability, regeneration, and endurance), make him a deadly force, especially in combat scenarios. He can levitate/fly, hypnotize, mentally move objects, shift into various animals, elongate his fingernails, and alter the structure/color of his hair and eyes. Though part-human, and a man of faith, Adrian is still a creature of the night. Therefore, he is not immune to certain magic (except holy) or prolonged exposure to sunlight and silver.

In 1475, Lisa was tragically killed by humans. Still, through her dying words, Lisa told Adrian not to hate humans and that if he couldn't live with them, then at least do them. After this, due to Dracula not heading Lisa's words, Adrian vowed to protect humanity from his father and became known as Alucard, opposite to his father, Vlad Dracula Tepes. After aiding Trevor Belmont in destroying Dracula in 1478, Alucard spent the last 300 years in his tomb, sleeping for the entire duration. Upon being awakened in 1797, five years after Richter's First victory over Dracula, Alucard assists the younger Belmont in breaking free and Defeating Dracula again. Alucard discovered that Richter and Maria were cursed with significantly prolonged aging within the Symphony of the Night events, making them partially immortal. Ever since Alucard has dedicated his life to keeping the forces of darkness at bay.