I was wondering if there would be anyone willing to do a roleplay based on ParaWorld? It's a real-time strategy game with prehistoric wildlife, and there are three factions - the Norsemen (basically Viking-like Caucasians with Pleistocene megafauna), the Dustriders (black African-like nomads with dinosaurs) and the Dragon Clan (Asian-like, with a few dinosaur units, and with a lot of vehicles and firepower). This means that I'm looking for only two more players!

You can learn more about the game here. And even more here!

Now, of course, I'm also looking to toss in some character development into these scenarios, so it won't hurt to build some arcs for a couple of main characters.

1. No god-moding: God-moding refers to using unrealistic scenarios to conquer opponents, or exaggerating your characters stamina or durability. Don't do it!
2. No meta-gaming: Meta-gaming refers to a character acting on knowledge that only the player has access to.
(Exp: Tricking Medusa to look at a mirror. The player knows this, but his character has never heard of Medusa and shouldn't be aware of her petrifying stare)
3. No auto-hitting: This is when a role-player performs a move without giving details in what happens.
walks to lake instead of: He heads to the lake slowly, looking around uneasily
cuts off head instead of He swings his sword toward Durin's neck, aiming to cut his head off)
4. Death is final: Once your character dies it cannot return to life.
5. Try not to overuse non-playable characters and focus your attention on the playable ones. The only non-playable characters allowed will be episodic ones(this is to be arranged among a majority of players), as well as wildlife, livestock and random army units.
6. Have a motive to kill playable characters: If you want to kill a character, have a motive. You can't kill anyone for the sake of killing someone as it makes no sense. If one character desires to kill another character, both players must agree that the character will be killed.