Lets start by reiterating (if the title didn't clue you in) that this is going to be a strictly 18+ roleplay. If you aren't of legal age then close this page now.

Now that's out of the way:

In this RP I will be playing the role of a female school president with an icy demeanor. An Honor student who never lets her perfectly constructed frigid mask slip for a moment, earning her the nickname (whispered behind her back) "The Glacier" Cold and Immovable. However this cold-seeming high school girl has a secret. As a way to cope with the pressure of her family and peer's expectations, she has been exploring her sexuality, discovering a deep masochistic streak. Her double life has helped her blow of steam so far, but there is only so many of her fantasies that she can engage in alone. That is where you character comes in. He can be a male classmate or teacher who becomes involved in my honor students lewd adventures, helping her to explore the depths of her kink, and maybe even discover new depths of his own. The details of how exactly their stories become intertwined can be hashed out in DMs. Like wise we can discuss our specific kinks and limits, though some level of interest in Sado-masochism and BDSM is required.

If this is something you're interested in then feel free to reach out through a private message and we'll discuss things.