So my idea for this is Pokemon have taken over making a new world order believing they can take care of things better and have a way to allow humans to finally understand them(like i machine or a psychic Pokemon does something so they can communicate or something else)

They then start adopting trainers to be their children to re raise them in the new world order so they treat them like young kids despite ages.

The Pokemon would change things like letters and numbers so humans would have to re learn things by going to new school maybe one shared with young Pokemon.

I'd like to be a human and for someone to be the Pokemon (1 or more if you want like a married couple or a kid Pokemon who's now the humans older sibling no matter the age)
who adopted them we can discuss stuff like how young they'd treat them and other details like the region and changes to the world

If you want to be a human too they could show up as it goes or I could be a Pokemon for your human character too so we each play a Human and a Pokemon main role that mainly interact with each others character

Was thinking most humans aren't okay with this treatment but can't really fight back and maybe start liking it as it goes and they become more of a family
We can discuss things to add if your interested and have ideas and also the basic details for the RP.

Another idea like this I had was basically a human waking up in a Mystery Dungeon like world and they veiw them as a young kid and adopt them or a Legends version where a character is sent to the past to find Pokemon used to be un charge
If you'd prefer those.
That or a world we make up
So anyone interested?

Also if you want really long replies that's not me just be aware I won't be like doing 5 to 10 sentences.
I'll reply with what I can sometimes it will be short but if there's more going on in the RP I may be able to make it longer it all just depends