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If I had a roleplay with you before well the site went bye-bye I'd love to re-start it with you or we can star something new :)


Through the power of Netflix I have found many Historical Documentaries that further fuel my love for the past. As of right now I am strongly craving a historical type roleplay set in one of these times:

*Victorian London. I am willing to do something involving Jack the Ripper
*Ancients that everyone knows (Egypt, Rome and Greece. I'd love to try something different though in regards to the civilizations from different parts of the world.)
*Wars (World War 2 in particular)
*Pirates (Seriously not Pirates of the Caribbean. Love the movies but no.)
*Manifest Destiny/Oregon Trail
*Exploration of the New World
*Assassins (Non-Assassin's Creed)
*Crusades (I watched a documentary on something about the Crusades today and it was really interesting as a whole because everyone--soldiers and civilians alike--went to war during this time.)


To a lesser extent I am interested in fandoms. If you have a specific fandom idea and I'm not familiar with it I am always willing to learn about it :)

*Assassin's Creed (Recently I got Assassin's Creed 3 and I love it. I am familiar with the wiki pages so I can do any of the games, not just the one I am playing.)
*Harry Potter
*Hetalia (I would really love to do a Hetalia rp with someone~)


I'm not really up for a fantasy based roleplay at the moment but I'm willing to listen to your ideas :)

My Rules:

Yes I have rules. I don't want to limit you in your creativity but I don't want repeats of past roleplays that have gone horribly, horribly wrong. There are somethings though that I will not let up on:

1. I double, I don't expect you to double, unless I ask you, but be aware of the fact that usually my main is a female but I do put equal work into both of my characters. If you ask kindly I will have my main be a male but I will also include a female character even if you whine about it.

2. Now this might sound confusing but I DO expect you to play side characters (those that we both control or they are some how related to the story.) I've been the only one, in most roleplays in the past, to have a multitude of different characters different than my two main ones and it got boring that the other person wasn't doing the same. Call it a pet peeve but it really does irritate me--especially if you are playing one character. They don't have to be present through out the entire roleplay, you can kill them off and do anything with them. They are there to aid in the development of our story.

3. This is your story too, give some ideas. I do like to talk (over PM) about our ideas and it's something that I do on a regular basis with my roleplay partners.

4. No one liners please. They bug me as I do take heavy influences from your post. Trust me we won't get anywhere if I am the only one giving at least a paragraph. There is no maximum really, unless you do five posts in a row for just one character.

5. I am branching out more in terms of what I would like to do in regard to roleplays. I will still fade to black though and ask that you respect my wishes. I will still set the limits on: Rasicm and homophobia. I do play characters that aren't sugar cookie white nor am I sugar cookie white, I do play gay and lesbian characters and I do NOT want you to constantly make comments about it. I will have very big problem if racism and homophobia dominate the roleplay because you are too narrow minded.

6. I'd love to see an evolution of our characters and their relationships, meaning that I'd love for there to be changes in our characters from beginning to end.

7. I am attempting to play characters of ALL BODY SIZES. That meas from super skinny to really, really big. I'm not sorry if my choice in portraying my characters in whatever body type I want to, if offensive to you or you just don't like it. I can understand if you have a medical condition that makes your body a certain way but don't use that as an excuse to get some big boobed Disney-like chick or a sculpted god of perfection character out of me. Also while I'm on this tiny rant I do not like you saying "only use this gallery/image/person" for your characters because that seriously limits my creativity with my character. I will ask on occasion if there is a specific image you'd like me to use but I will approach you about this, not vice versa, alright? If it comes down to it and I can't find an image that I like I will give descriptions, not f's, and's or but's.

8. I'd love to have at a minimum, 3 long term roleplay partners.

9.For fandoms I do give lists of characters that I've played in the past. It helps the both of us more than you'd think.


Now about me:

*I am on only at night, mountain standard time.

*I am a college student although I am taking the semester off. I will be looking for employment soon so I might not be on much.

*As of lately I have head several health issues of my own arise: I've been sick, I've recently (as in less than two weeks ago) broke my toe and it really hurts ;_; and my wisdom teeth have been giving me trouble so I will inform you if I will be unable to reply due to these reasons.

*I give at least one reply a night. Don't expect me to be on all the time; I divide my time with another site as well.

*I am a 20, soon to be 21 year old female (In almost 5 months so...I'm technically closer to being 21).

*I have a wide variety of interests and will often ramble about those as well over pm because they fill my brain with so many ideas and things. It's a curse really, to be curious about the world.
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So I've got some more ideas:

Crusades (again)

Roles: Knights, male characters only.
It really isn't a romance so, no pairings really.

Basic idea: Life while waging a 'holy' war.

^I'd love to try this one.


Queen X King (either married or of opposing countries/kingdoms)
Guard X Royalty
Poor X Rich
Assassin/ Hitman X Civilian
Gods X Goddesses
Cowboy X Cowboy (MxM)
Soldier X Civilian (Historical, set during American Revolution so Loyalist or Patriot characters)

I double, that doesn't mean that you have to either but I still ask you do side characters as well. Oh and either of these, except the cowboy idea (As I'd like to keep it MxM) can go MxM, MxF, or FxF. I'm comfortable with either, and I will still double in some way.
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It's time to update this :)


* Graceling: I've never had a long term roleplay regarding this subject mainly due to many not knowing the book. I have been thinking a bit more about this whole world.
* Fire: Well it's a companion book to Graceling so they are both intertwined. I loved this book as well and would like to try something with it.

I have tried a plot that combined these two but again, my partners did not know the book well enough or I didn't provide enough information. I will love you forever and ever if you'd be willing to try a roleplay based around these books. <3

* Infernal Devices: I loved this series (I am on the 3rd book now) and would like to try roleplaying it. I have not read the Mortal Instruments series but I do know a bit about them.


*The Avengers: I re-watched the Avengers this week so I've been craving a story built around this. I have done very few Avengers roleplays but I am willing to learn and try.

I have played Tony Stark/ Iron Man before~
I am also willing to play any character, male or female, for you.

Please either express intial interest here or shoot me a pm.

These will all be over threads, I have enough PM based roleplays.
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