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Don't bow down to a world of hate from your cradle to the grave.
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You can blame bad luck, but you were asking for it.
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Ain't no reason going on if not with you.
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April 28th, 2017
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This was made when I had a little more free time that has quickly dwindled in the last week.
@DemonMiyu Sure hmu!
@Neurovoid this is harassment im calling the mods
Hi, I'm Dave.

Formal introductions out of the way, let me jump right in and tell you what I'm looking for.

Any pairings are fine with me. MxM? Sure. FxF? Why not? MxF? Let's gooooo!

Most settings are fine with me. I'm willing to come up with one or do one that you have in mind.

Collaboration is key with me. I can pull most of the weight, but communication is going to be important so I know what you're okay with, what your character is okay with, and so that I make sure we're on the same page.

Realism is important with me. To a degree. I'm not saying we can't have transgender asexual elves with three legs, four arms, and two sets of wings as characters, I'm just saying that they have to react in a reasonable way that correlates with their personality traits.
I want balance. Everything cannot be positively peaches and cream all the time, just like everything cannot be negatively thorns and needles all the time.
Comedic relief. Most beings' natural reactions to tragedy is to make a joke out of it so it doesn't seem so bad. Case endpoint.

Plot, plot, plot. Is the role-play slowing down? Let's not get bored and just drop it. Let's either find a way to continue on the plot, or create an ending.

I will include small details. If it seems like I'm throwing something in there for no reason, there's a reason. If I'm repeating something from a previous post, it's either significant, or you didn't acknowledge it in the way I wanted you to.

Currently, I role-play with two other members of the Guild. One is my girlfriend, and one is my mom-friend. I have two active role-plays with my girlfriend and one active role-play with my mom-friend.

I may not be able to get a post in every day. I work full-time and also help my ill mother around the house, as well as occasionally babysitting for my aunt and/or sister. I will definitely try to get one post in every day, at least, but if I can't, I will make sure to talk to you regardless so that you know I'm not just dropping it.

Thanks for reading!
"God. Okay, whatever," he groaned, pulling the collar of his shirt over his face as a kind of nervous habit. It fell, and he blew out a breath. It did nothing to help his nerves. The absolute emotional torture he was going through at the moment. "I'll just- just f-find something to burn my mom, then."
That's when Nicholas felt himself pull back into reality. He turned to Mattie, incredulity spread all over his face. "What?" he asked, voice far from intimidating. It was more scared and childlike. "No. I can't...I can't burn my mom's body. Are you- Are you crazy?!" he looked back at the disfigured corpse and winced, squeezing his eyes shut. A shaky breath rattled his body.

"Let me look for my sister."
In Exurbia | 1x1 22 Nov 2016 18:49 Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
You let out a breath that you didn't know you had been holding. Part of you had been expecting the troll to attack. Then again, if you were in the shape he was in, you don't think you would be attacking either.

Your thought process is interrupted by the sound of retching. You look at Lily, who simply purses her lips at you. It's her birthday, and you're busy taking care of some strange troll that tried to kill you after getting stuck following you into human territory. All you can do is flash her an apologetic smile before darting out of the door.

Hostility and sarcasm is in your nature. But for whatever reason, so is compassion.

You didn't think you'd hurt him that badly. Maybe he has some kind of concussion, though. After all, you socked him square in the nose pretty hard. He didn't wake up for a bit. But you had no idea how to treat concussions, and you weren't about to take him to a human infirmary. Could you? Maybe Lily knew something. Maybe her mom knew something.

"It looks like you still need help," you say sarcastically, instinctively, standing on the porch and looking down at the troll.
In Sburb Omega 4 Nov 2016 22:56 Forum: Casual Roleplay
It was a disgustingly warm autumn day, which was seasonably normal for Arizona. For his entire life, Alex had been living in the hell city of Phoenix with his father. There was one point where he could remember a woman being present, but that was another story. As for his father, the man was usually busy running business-like errands and doing business-like things for his business-esque job, but Alex didn’t complain. That was just the way the cookie crumbled.

The air was wet with humidity when he opened the front door. Almost immediately, he closed it again. There was no way he was going outside to check the mail, even if the raised, red flag was tempting. He was expecting a delivery. A game, as a matter of fact. It was called SBURB, and he and some of his online friends were supposed to be playing it together. His best friend and next door neighbor, Rich, was playing it as well.

In fact, the thought of Rich gave him an idea. Instead of trudging all the way out in the heat to see if the game had come himself, he could just ask his friend if his own copy had come. He quickly dashed back up the staircase to his bedroom, successfully avoiding an encounter with his father.

That concluded that Rich’s copy wasn’t there yet, Alex supposed. That also meant it wasn’t coming today, considering the mail had already been delivered. Maybe his other friend had received her copy already, but talking to her made his heart do weird, uncomfortable flops. He hovered over her handle in his contacts and debated with himself about contacting her, when a slip of the finger clicked on her name against his will.

Oh, shit. That meant she could see he’d started a conversation with her. Panicking, he switched back to the conversation with Rich.

Right. Just say hi. What’s so hard about that? he thought sarcastically to himself, opening the other conversation.

Ouch. This was not going well.

Asking how she was; that was a thing Alex felt like he could do. It didn’t have any kind of other implications or undertones. Not that there needed to be any.

Realizing that he’d completely forgotten about Rich, Alex switched back to his other conversation to check up on him.

Awesome! Alex thought. Now that both of their copies of the game was in, he could work on making sure everyone else had their copy. Then would come actually playing the game. The hype was so real.

That was probably the worst and most awkward sendoff Alex had ever felt leave his mind. That was the most awful to ever say goodbye to anyone that he’d ever had a crush on. He felt like he wanted to just crawl under his desk and never come out; to never speak to her ever again. Of course, he was sure she understood, so he wouldn’t do any of that.

The most important thing was retrieving the mail without having to suffer the consequence of being forced to listen to one of his dad’s long rambles. They usually made no sense and made Alex incredibly uncomfortable. Because of that, he did what he could to avoid encountering his father in the hallways.

Peeking out of his bedroom door, the coast seemed pretty clear, captain. He snuck out on tiptoes, heading for the staircase. Much like himself, his father was a very minimalistic person -- there wasn’t much decor. Sometimes it made the place seem boring and ready to be sold. Sometimes, it was comforting.

As Alex neared the bottom of the staircase, crouched low, he saw his father sitting on the living room couch. Damn it! It looked like he was absorbed in the newspaper, so maybe there wouldn’t be an encounter.

Carefully, Alex pressed himself against the wall and started half-crawling to the front door. The television drowned out the creaking floorboards underneath his feet. His father stirred and made a weird face. Alex held his breath. There was a long moment of silence before the man let out a violent sneeze and seemed to return to reading the newspaper.

Close one.

He dashed out of the house and out to the mailbox. The heat was already making him sweat. Having lived there his entire life, one would think he was used to it by now, but he was not. The mailbox felt like it was a good mile from his front door, even though it was, in reality, only a few feet. But it was a fruitful journey. Opening the mailbox revealed his copy of SBURB amongst a pile of bills and junkmail!

Without further interference, he ran back into the house and up to his bedroom.
In Sburb Omega 4 Nov 2016 22:50 Forum: Casual Roleplay


Name: Alex Simmons

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Color: Light Blue (#8DB3EF)

Age: ~13 years (~6 Alternian Sweeps)

Birthday: July 25th, 2003

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Associations: Photography, blue and green color palettes, rings, skateboarding, gems, lizards.

Element: Frost

Instrument: Trumpet

Strife Specibus: Bladekind

Weapon: Combat Knife x2

Dreamself: Derse

God Tier: Seer of Time

Server Player: -

Client Player: Abbi Yaylon

Entry Item: Key

Kernelsprite: Boxing Salamander

Chumhandle: ratifiedRebel [RR]

Planet: Land of Doom and Glaciers

Symbol: Diamond ring

Typing Quirk: Perfect syntax. He will sometimes abbreviate words and phrases, and fully capitalize words that are emphasized. When referring to something specifically important, even if only to him, he will capitalize the first letter of the word or the first letter of each word in the phrase.

Typing Example: RR: The first thing we do is take The Alchemiter and create The Cruxite Dowels. This is EXTREMELY important.


Weight: 125lb

Height: 5’5”

Features: Mild acne around T area.

Hair: A light ginger-hinted blonde, a bit shaggy and around shoulder length.

Health Concerns: Hemophiliac


Personality: Has a sort of bossy leadership-type attitude, even when he is not the leader. He is often described as a control freak, although he doesn’t do this on purpose, and when it’s brought to his attention he gladly backs off. Seems to be overconcerned with everyone’s wellbeing which can come off as a bit disturbing at first. Can be super emotional, but for the most part tries to keep a strong, stone outward demeanor. He’s very outgoing and does not hesitate to be the communicator of a team or project.

Fear: Heights

Secret: Huge crush on Abbi.

Strength: Hyper-focusing on important tasks (can also, however, be a weakness.)

Weakness: Emotional scenarios.

Health Concerns: Multiple Personality Disorder

Bio: Alex grew up in a middle-class suburban neighborhood in Phoenix, Arizona. He lives with his father, who isn’t around most of the time due to top-secret business-like business. Most of his friends, he met online. However, Rich has been a close friend to him their entire lives, being his next-door neighbor.


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