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Current The world was on fire and no one could save me but you. Strange what desire will make foolish people do.
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Flu shots my ass. Damn thing didn't do me a bit of good. And now I get to miss out on my bro's birthday bash in DC and pay the airline a cancellation fee. Whoopee.
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Why the fuck is the flu virus a thing?
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My reaction to Shadow of War can best be surmised as, "Good shit!" followed by, "WTF is this shit?"
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Maybe I'm just getting old, but it seems like South Park just isn't that funny anymore.


Uh, so I guess I should write something semi-intelligent here, but I can't for the life of me, come up with anything.

I was born, that made a lot of people mad and was largely agreed to have been a really bad idea.

I blame my father for letting me read all those crazy books about cowboys, hobbits, aliens and crazy wizards. Like, those concepts were not in the same set of books, obviously. I mean that I read a bunch of different books which featured those kinds of characters and creatures within their respective fictional universes. Just so we're clear.

As far as RPs go, I like 'em like I like my reading. That is to say, interesting characters, character development and a good storyline. So, it's not surprise that I generally hang out in the advanced section. I have nothing against the other types of RPs on the site, mind you. I just know what I like and I tend to stick with that.

I grew up in the mountains, which was pretty cool I suppose.

Went off to college, turned 21 and my grades saw a corresponding drop, but that's ok.

Graduated college, which was pretty awesome.

And now, here I sit.

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I'd love to play as an Armor officer
Here you go:

Updated CS:

Note: So I kind of resurrected an old character of mine, but made changes so that he would fit this game. As with this character's previous incarnation, the direction I chose with this character was one of a semi-comedic (albeit of the darker kind) nature. That's because I kind of deliberately decided to create a character that was a hearkening back to the days of the old 40K when the franchise was a little more self aware and not afraid to poke a little fun at itself.

Sorry for the double post, anyways my CS is posted
CS is almost done, should have in tonight

EDIT: And sent
Working on a CS right now
I'd be interested.
@MrDidact Hey man, I'm sorry, but I think it's best if I just went ahead and withdrew. Thanks for letting me play. I'm sorry I couldn't stick around.
@Valor Looks good.

Ok guys, so my Grandma is visiting right now, but I have like almost two weeks off coming up here in the next couple of days, so I will be free to sit around in my underwear, drink copious amounts of beer and give you fine people the GM update that you deserve.
The man who ruled these red desert lands swaggered through the crowd with the casual arrogance that only a veteran mech pilot and a born lord could muster. All around him was beauty, light and music. This was a crowd of revelers, already drunk off the medley of fine brews the vendors had to offer ... and off the promise of the coming carnage. In some ways, it seemed human nature didn't change, nothing like the prospect of sanctioned violence to please a crowd. The lord of Falconhold's face twisted into a slight sneer. These same drunken fools wouldn't be so cheerful if it were the NTC's hordes raining hell down on their brightly clothed and painted heads. He made his way past the shouting vendors, the iridescent holograms and the veritable army of street performers without so much as batting an eye.

Blind to the organized chaos around him, his mind's eye filled with the smile and the dark green eyes of a woman long dead. Lost in thoughts of a love deader than his soul, he made his way to the registar's office. In fact, it almost took him by surprise when he looked up and saw the cloth-draped building. He stood there patiently as more old memories came rushing to the fore. It was here he'd entered in his first tournament. Mother had lived long enough to see that one. He hadn't earned his own mech then and so Father had let him borrow his. With Father's oldest, Aaron, at his back, they'd wreaked bloody havoc on other contenders. He'd felt like a god that day ...

He shook himself from his reverie and took in the lines of mechs and pilots waiting patiently to pass before the registrar. The crowd simply wove around the machines and their commanders. Merchants, human and robotic alike, sought to hawk their wares. A veritable legion of what the locals euphemistically referred to as "dancers," clad in little more than flashing holograms and glittering paint, swarmed around anyone that looked like they could afford it. It was anyone's guess which ones were real humans and which ones were machines. More fireworks flared and burst under the desert sun as translucent light danced over the crowded lane and wound its way around the bodies of those present.

The man who ruled Falconhold shrugged mentally, it certainly wasn't the first time he'd seen such pomp and pageantry. He frowned as he wondered just how much this little show was going to eat into his treasury. He was far from a poor lord, but he certainly wasn't able to foot the bill for something like this without sacrifice. Well, such things might have been allowed in his absence, especially with Aaron and Father dead, but now that he was back-

His frown deepened as he spied the main gun barrel of what was undeniably a tank, parked a safe distance from the town and the crowd within its limits. Most mechs were smart enough that they could step around someone without crashing into something else, but a tank was simply too large and had too many blind spots to move through a town like Falconhold ... unless you didn't care about crushing the inhabitants and those they loved. He forced back a memory of an NTC tank column making its way through the blasted rubble of a town much like Falconhold.

He eyed his counterparts for a moment, seemingly lost in thought. All around him were mechs of every lineage and type. Some old, some new. Many were painted in the brightest and flashiest heraldry, seeking to impress the casual viewer with its pilot's wealth and position. Others were seemingly cobbled together from a medley spare parts and carried the scars of old battles. Their pilots eschewing flashy displays as a point of pride or simply out of a lack of funds.

After a moment, the man motioned to his own night-black mech and it knelt with deceptive grace, extending its left arm. With an ease of motion that belied the dull pain of old injuries, he leapt onto his battle machine's weapon mount. At the same time the mech rose to lift its arm, and its master, high into the air. There was a slight pause as its computer accessed the town's systems.

Above the town, the hologram of a dancing woman rippled and then shifted into a facsimile of the Lord of Falcon Keep and his mech.

"Ladies and gentlemen!" his amplified voice boomed out for kilometers, "for those of that don't know me, I am Robert of Falcon Lord, your humble host and the Lord of these fine lands."

He paused, his sardonic grin captured perfectly by the hologram above him. "I invite you to fight, drink and fuck until you can't go on anymore!

"... Provided you pay for the last two and leave a nice tip of course!" He said, his grim chuckle echoing out through the red wasteland.

Robert stood for moment, looking down at the upturned faces of the crowd and other the mech pilots. "Of course, if the last two of my fine hold's pleasures don't appeal, my people have many others ways to keep you entertained and in good spirits. I certainly won't judge you.

"Finally," his holographic double's finger stabbed out towards the crowd of mech pilots in mimicry of his gesture, "I have an invitation."

He waited a moment, hoping to let the tension build. "I know you fine warriors have traveled far and wide to be hear. I would be deeply grieved if you were to sleep out here in the cold of the desert night, with only your mech for company

"So ... every single mech pilot ... and tank commander here for my wargame will allowed the honor of having dinner with me tonight and be given quarters within my own keep."

With that, his mech lowered him down and he made his past the line to enter his name in the lists. That done, he departed to his fortress. If his little spiel didn't stir things up a bit, nothing would.
I have to admit, I also don't exactly think it was keeping with the theme, but I'll stick around for now.

Apologies, I have to withdraw. I'm just not feeling it after catching up with the last IC.

Are you two referring to my IC post? Or another player's? If it's another player's, then I've already addressed it and I hope you'll be able to continue playing.
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