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Current When you really want to do an old roleplay, but the orignal GM hasn't been seen since the old guild and you don't want to steal his idea either.


What up y'all, Ena's back in black! Gonna be hanging round for a long time to come. Uhh I really enjoy a lot of things. Medieval fantasy stuff, sci-fi, military stuff. Usually I have a list of things, but to go on about it would probably take up a lot of my time and yours as well. If you have any questions, or just want someone to talk to I'm pretty active so don't hesitate!

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In her own quarters, Lelila stared at the ceiling as if could fix the current predicament they were in. The news had hit her hard, she could barely even muster herself out of bed. She hadn't changed her clothes and she hardly left her quarters at all. If circumstances had been different, she wouldn't of doubted that she would be dead. But perhaps for her it hadn't hit her as bad, maybe not as bad yet. Sure the jedi order was destroyed, but she lost her master early in the war, and her other master was still alive. This place had been her home since the start of the war, since Geonosis. It was still a hard loss, and it bothered her. But she had to look at it from the optimistic side of things.

She had spent some time thinking about the events that had led to the downfall of the jedi, and she wondered if they would do anything about it. Sure they could fight it, but they wouldn't last long they had an entire army. It doesn't matter if they were a bunch of jedi or not. They could not take on an entire empire and walk out winners. As she started to mull over it more, and more in her head. The more hopeless it seemed, they should probably just set off for the unknown regions. Hiding with a friends would be dangerous, hiding close to the space of the new empire would also be just as bad. The ideals of the empire almost sounded good to her. Justice, security, and more importantly order. But they were going to pursue it their way, and they didn't care who they trampled over jedi included. As she laid there and pondered.

She knew the jedi would never try a coup d'etat, and even if they did. It had to be for a good reason, they wouldn't just attack anyone but Palpatine, had the senate wrapped around his finger. They had applauded as he delivered his speech about the jedi being traitors, the republic being resolved into a galactic empire. The clones she had fought with on Geonosis were gone now. And she could only wonder if they felt regret over their actions, or some had tried to resist their new orders. But as she wondered more about the state of the galaxy at large the intercom crackled to life, breaking the silence that had grasped the ship since they had heard the news. It spoke of a meeting with all of the crew members and there was no doubt in Lelila's mind that they would end up planning on what to next.

As she rose, she thought about Master Azure and wondered how he was taking it. He could probably give them all a bit of guidance, in the times to come. And whatever he had to say, she knew she would listen and try to fulfill his orders to the fullest. As she left her quarters, she tried to fix her clothes from looking so disheveled but it was a vain effort. She walked through the corridors of the ship wondering what was going to happen to those on the Reclamation, would they disband and disappear into the galaxy, or would they attempt to figure out the state of affairs, and where they stood in the galaxy. Whatever they did was set to be the most trying of their lives and she had no doubt some of them wouldn't like the results of either scenario. When she finally entered the room where everyone was meeting, she realized she was one of the last. And they had all been hit just as hard as her, if not some a lot worse. "I apologize for being late Masters." She said, giving a bow to everyone in the room. Before sitting down, her hands folded in her lap. Eager for the meeting to begin, eager to hear what the masters would have to say.
You know me Sep, I'm ere.
The Ultmara Remnant - Terminus System

Orro was returning to his system, when he got the transmission from one of his many captains. "M'lord, a bellator class dropped out of orbit in the terminus system it is requesting aid." The captain said, Moff Orro just sighed. "We are enroute." He turned off his communicator and looked dead ahead. "If it's not one thing it's another." He said, to no one around him. When they finally dropped out of hyperspace, he called forth his body guard, and went to his quarters. Here he reached into his desks drawer and drew his DX-13 pistol, the grip had been replaced with gundark leather. A gift from his old friend Livani, when he first gained his station in the system. He hardly ever used it preffering to stay out of combat, but he knew that it might be needed.

From here the group boarded their shuttles, he gathered as many storm troopers he could they were only a couple hundred, the transport that had crashed into the Bellator carried about a thousand. He would use the crew of the dreadnought for aid. The shuttles departed the hangers and landed in the hangar of the much bigger ship. Awaiting him in the hanger was supposed to be someone of a much higher rank than a captain, but alas there he was. "M'lor-" The captain went to speak, but Orro cut him off.
"where is your commanding officer?" He asked
"Dead sir, he killed himself. I am Steve, I have taken command of the vessel."
"You did a fine job, now I will take command. Have all marines, form up on me, we are going in." Steve nodded, and issued orders.

The gathered troopers, and marines made their way through the ship. Orro knew he was getting close, due to the sounds of combat emanating from the other room. Shouts rose up from the gathered troopers, when reinforcements arrived. Wounded, and dying troopers were being brought up the lifts all around the group. The dead were just left where they lay. "Push forward, for the empire!" Orro shouted.
"For the Empire!" The troopers shouted, and left their positions pushing ahead. Orro followed after but he didn't sprint very far before he was out of breath. He leaned against the wall, and sent his bodyguard forward. "Go on without me, I'll catch up." He said, in between breaths. The troopers just nodded, and went ahead.

When he finally made it to the combat, they were mopping up what was left of the new republic troopers that had tried to take the ship, they had managed to wipe out their fair share of imperials in the attack though. "Whats left of the rebel scum, is held up in a meeting room. All exits are covered, they hijacked one of our E-webs and are using it to cover the entrance. What do we do sir?" One of his troopers asked.
"Have Steve cut gravity to the ship, and bank hard starboard. Then have him turn it back on as soon as possible."
"Yes sir." The trooper, carried out his orders and soon they were weightless, he could already hear the rising alarm in both groups. "Troopers brace for impact!" Orro shouted, but this didn't prepare them for the lurching against the starboard side view port when the gravity kicked back on, the impact took the breath out of him, but none the less the meeting room doors slid open and out fell a e-web crashing against the starboard side, twelve rebels slid out as well. the surprise on their face was palpable, even more so when things went upright and Orro's stormtroopers opened fire. From there they cleared the meeting room from any survivors who didn't fall out of the room.

With victory achieved, Orro and the remaining troopers returned to the bridge of the massive ship. "Steve, welcome to the Ultmara remnant. You will help me achieve peace and order to the galaxy once more, we will bring The Empire back from the ashes, even if it costs us our very lives. Swear your loyalty to me, and we shall forge the empire anew." Orro said, there was a fire in his voice that spoke of even greater plans to be achieved. "I swear it m'lord, The Resurgence is yours to command." Steve said, he bowed before Orro, who just smiled knowingly at the other captain. "Good, lets get my new flagship repaired shall we?" Orro said, and turned to look out the viewport the ship heading for Ultmara space.
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Eric's vision was starting to fade, before she let go. He let out a gasp as he took in each sweet breath, he looked up as she offered her hand but took it away. "Absolutely no hard feelings, as I said no matter what happened, I wouldn't hate you." He said, the smile on his face was genuine, he didn't know what to do so he settled for giving her a reassuring squeeze on the shoulder, and turning from the arena. "Come on, lets go wash those hands before anything else." He speaks in a calm tone, his grin going ear to ear.

When he stepped out of the arena he leaned against the wall, still slightly out of breath. He knew he held back, but he didn't want to hurt anyone. Why would they need to fight anyways, this place was supposed to be safe. If he ever had to fight he didn't think he could hurt or even kill anyone, not anymore at least. He shook his head trying to get himself out of the thoughts moving through his head, he didn't like to linger long on the past. Why worry about the past, when the present is much more important. But Eric thought he was going to like it here, as long as there were more people like Lucky, and less people like the ice queen.
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