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I'm becoming less busy. So I'm looking for one, or two more partners. So I guess it's bump time.
The Glasgow

The Glasgow had kept it's part of the bargain. They had secured a new ship for the fleet, and they aided with evacuations of Aldeeran the ships shuttle craft served as invaluable tools in getting people onto, and off the planet. Even in the worse of it. But still they hadn't saved as many as they had liked, and they kept to their own ship for the speech. Choosing to stay as out of the way as possible in the formation of this new rebellion. They would have no part in it, and they cared little for what happened to these people beyond getting home. The taking of the ships bridge had been a reminder that they should stick to that ideal

One of their own was wounded. A near brush with death served to root all of them that despite this being a different universe this wasn't a game, or some shared dream, or whatever theory was running rampant. As soon as things simmered down, and they were set. They began contacting their agents in various places throughout space. What they described was grim, and sometimes terrifying. But they had adapted well to the climate. Guess it helped to be just another generic human in this galaxy. But still precious intel, was precious intel. He had it decoded into burst transmissions that the others in the fleet could read. Travis settled in for some peace, and quiet. Content the battle was done for now.

It wasn't long however before he was interrupted again. "The other leaders wish to discuss on board The Aegis." His communications officer said, The Alliance captain shook his head. "It's always something..." He sighed.
"Very well. Tell them we are coming."
"Aye, aye sir." His communications officer jumped to listen to his orders, as he summoned his other officers to the hangar. Besides Sarah Wilkes, he took his XO with him so he could contribute to the talks. Once more they left The Glasgow, setting a course for The Aegis.

The Glasgow Officers - Aboard the Immaculate Aegis

The Aegis was an impressive ship, at least to Travis it was. However the aliens on board were more than a little unsettling. As soon as they landed they were not greeted by an attendant. But by a strange avian like alien. "Hey human." It said, getting their attention. "I've got some things we can trade. Nice prime weaponry, standard issue for Kig-Yar. Nice, and cheap because I like you so much." It exclaimed. Looking the group of them over. The humans looked at each other. Sarah, and Adrian probably sharing a private conversation in their helmet radios. Probably whether, or not they'd barter with the creature. "We'll think about it, mind telling me where we're meeting the others?" He asked. The creature nodded eagerly. Seemingly convinced it would have a future sale. It told them the way through the ship.

Without getting stopped further the group made their way through the corridors. It was an odd ship, almost eerie with how silent it was. When they reached the briefing room they were late. But they settled into their chairs, listening to them talk about some sort of super weapon. It was always something in this universe. If it wasn't crazy god-like beings, it was super lasers that could destroy a planet. Both his officers were given permission to speak freely to the others. He did not wish to be the only one speaking.

As things quieted down a bit, Sarah spoke up before either of them "If you know so much about it, then you know probably know where they're making the damn thing, or the plans. Send a team to infiltrate, sneak out, and blow up anything they've made progress on. Put a round between the eyes of anyone associated with it as well. Bing, bang, boom. We're done." She said. She was simple, and always cut through the bullshit that needed to be said. Hopefully it could cut this meeting short by cutting straight to the point.
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Glasgow N7 Crew - Aboard enemy vessel

The turian didn't respond to the healing, but the Asari had managed to stabilize the condition with the help from the republic troopers, and medi-gel. At the mention of kolto, the asari shook her head. "He'll be fine on our ship." She said, knowing full well that the captain wouldn't want his men left in someones hands. With the bridge secure they'd be fine, Sarah ensured the rest of her team was upright, and sent Sparky to help their friend access the ships data, and systems.

The N7 operative looked out the window, at the dying planet. This wasn't her home, and while it reminded her of Earth. They weren't her people. Still she felt a pang of regret for the people who more than likely wouldn't make it off planet. She knew that the assembled crews would try their hardest to evacuate the people, she knew the captain would probably even make what room he could. But they couldn't save all of them, even with this ship in their possession now.

But it meant more lives saved, and in the long run adding this ship to the fleet would also mean more firepower, and perhaps a better capital ship added to their fleet. Turning away from the window. "We should probably cut the feed, or use it to communicate with the galaxy at large. After all we have the attention of the galaxy now." She said.
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Enemy Command Bridge- N7 Crew.

After the Kull troopers had been properly contained, Sarah sent a quick all clear to her geth friend. But the situation changed very quickly. As armored troopers carrying swords stepped off the elevator. Why did the enemies she encountered feel the need to carry swords? She wondered, the phantom program from Cerberus had turned normal men into ninjas on drugs. But at least they had a palm gun that delivered some damage. These ones seemed to be armed with a sword, and blaster. Of course watching one cut a frag grenade out of the air without a sweat startled her a little, but she had seen the phantoms do the same thing. Sometimes she worried that even across universes originality was a little lacking. "Focus fire!" She ordered, doubting that much like the phantoms in their universe. The enemy was able to dodge, or block metal shavings going several times faster than the speed of sound. But it wouldn't be the first time she was surprised.

As they kept their enemy pinned, she focused on the stragglers who slipped their grasp. Trying to let the rest of her team deal with them, and the friendlies from other ships as she focused elsewhere. But she was drawn out of her focus by someone shouting for help. Sheppard. Apparently the two were of similar make. But this Sheppard had an extra P in his name, she wondered if that would be lost to time. After all judging by the technology 'Sheppard' was about 200 years behind. So she didn't buy it. With a quick spring step forward, she brought out her omni-blade. The blade managed to break through store-brand phantoms armor, and cut it's sword arm off. Then she followed up with a biotic slam, slamming the thing into the wall, at forces that would break a normal humans neck. But she was unsure if it was truly dead.

As she freed up Sheppard, she quipped up. "It's almost as if The Glasgow had tailor made armor, and weapons for you. Huh who'd think the great Sheppard, would need our help." She laughed, then shouted to a turian off her to left. "Vexus, get over here The Sheppard needs a gun."
"Aye boss." The Turian soldier rushed over, seemingly a walking armory of folded weapons. "Which one does he want?" He asked, wondering what of his load-out he was going to hand over. "Something that a human could use without breaking their arm."
"Oh, then he better just use the avenger then." The Turian said. Removing the Avenger, from the small of his back, unfolded it. Then handed it, and several thermal clips over to Sheppard. After he handed it over however there was the loud sound of a blaster going off, then Vexus fell over.

The Turian's shields must of been broken, and he didn't say anything. The shot hit him in between the joint between the plate, and the
exposed neck. He was more than likely, most certainly dead, and if not dead he'd probably never walk again. "Man down!" Sarah shouted, then she began to glow blue with biotics usage, using slam on the knock of phantoms neck. Over, and over again. Until it's head had turned a full 180, with a sickening Snap. Even with it's head completely turned around, just to make sure she hooked her boot under the helmet, kicking it off then unloaded a good 20 rounds of shaved metal into the back of it's head. Until there was no head left, just meat chunks that could pass for where the head could be. Satisfied it was dead, she turned, and rejoined her fellow N7 on the firing line, tapping an Asari biotic on her shoulder, and taking her place. The Asari taking her place, checking to make sure Vexus was either death, or if there was anything she could do to stabilize the fallen turian.
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N7 Crew, Aboard enemy capital craft.

As Sarah Wilkes was teleported from her sport in the Glasgow, aboard the enemy bridge. She felt the disorientation first, but she quickly adjusted as her allies began to gun down the crew, and marines around them. She joined in. Her first action was to help her sanghelli ally gun down the unarmored crew. Many would call this a war crime, but when you're in another universe, and when you're special forces. Rules of war didn't really apply to you anyways. Her rounds made mincemeat of much of the unarmored crew members, for those she could reach fast enough she brought them into the air, and slammed them into the floor of the ship in a very gruesome display of her biotics.

Gunfire tore through much of the ship, as the two factions fought. She watched Sparky approach the downed captain bringing up his own barriers to protect the friendly troopers, and the downed man. Then setting up an automated turret which served the function as gunning down those who the geth did not perceive as friendlies, but also recharging the shields of the N7 operatives who got hit in the gunfight. "Sparky stay here, we'll go support the lift team!" Sarah shouted over the chaos, taking the rest of her team with her into the lift hub.

As the team exited, they provided covering fire for the weird animal-humanoid hybrid that accompanied them, and the troopers from The Resurgence. "Lets see how tough these kull troopers really are!" Sarah shouted, she began to glow the element zero usage giving her an blue glow that made her shine radiantly. She lifted all three kull off the ground, leaving them floating helplessly in the air, as if someone turned off the gravity. It would be comical, if they weren't some of the most dangerous beings they'd ever encountered. "Alright, lets show these bad boys, how we do it on Earth!" She shouted. Peppering the floating targets with as much gunfire, and grenade fire as they could muster.
The Glasgow - Orbit around Alderaan.

Travis turned to the clone, and nodded. "Welcome aboard. Our Sanghelli friend here has the just of it. Teleport into the ship, take over the bridge, stop it from calling in back up. So you'll have to move quickly once you show up on the bridge. Once we have the bridge the enemy won't be able to call for reinforcements. Clearing the ship can come after that. But when we reach that bridge I'll leave it in the capable hands of Lieutenant Wilkes, and Sergeant Major Sparky." Travis stated, gesturing to the special forces leader, and the giant robot with what looks to be a minigun. "Sergeant Sparky is a technical genius, so it's possible with a little help, and know how he might be able to slice the systems of the ship. That's what you guys call hacking here right, slicing? Never mind that isn't important. Arm up, as I'm contacting the Daedalus to get you guys on that bridge, Wilkes will send a message when the bridge is secure, and we'll work from there. Godspeed People." He added.

Travis brought up his omni-tool, opening a channel to the Daedalus. "Glasgow to Daedalus. Our men are ready to secure the bridge of the enemy ship. Lock into their signal, and work your magic. Glasgow out." Travis put down his omni-tool, and stepped back from the other crews so they could leave. Sarah Wilkes, and her team began gathering the physical barricades that they had before they were beamed out. "We don't have many physical barriers, as we can generate barriers out of matter. They're tough, they'll hold, and some can be made to have some nifty tricks. It's all good stuff people. Hope you're ready." She said, giving Travis a reaffirming nod as he stepped back.
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