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What happened to all of the sour patch parents?
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Being an adult is mostly just wondering if the stuff in the dishwasher is dirty or clean while eating soup out of a sand castle bucket with a gas station spork.
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My credit score is so bad I've started receiving pre-declined credit card offers.
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Do you ever feel like you're in Season 5 of your life, and the writers are just doing outrageous stuff to keep it interesting?


Dear Reader;

I am Esoteric, an anomally. But that is merely a label, a title I have given myself. You may refer to me as they, them, she, her, he, him, not because I embody these references of my sexual identity, but simply because I do not care and you will not offend me. If you must know then I suppose "she" would be proper here. I do consider myself non-binary, genderless, etcetera. I prefer to be called Eso, but to be honest you can call me whatever. I do have a love for adorable, cutesy nicknames.

When meeting new people I try my best to skip the formalities, and being callously hit on, and rather try to achieve something interesting about the person, traits, likes, or perhaps a story. I'm more than a pair of pretty eyes, you know? Don't let me mislead you though, I'm not like any crazy feminist or something, as I said, non-binary. Can I even identify as a woman? Oh, right, rambling ^//^. So.. interesting things. I'm a switch and coming to terms with my S-types, if you don't know what that means then I probably won't explain it to you. I often refer to my gender as a Transdimensional Butterfly, because I'm fuckin' weird. I'm adorable, cute, and I curse "like a sailor" at times. I'm an enormous pervert, and fancy sleezy dive bars with sex dungeons. If you know what Fetlife is, cool. No, I will not add you. No, you cannot see my pictures. My name is, No, my sign is, No, my number is, No. I'm here to roleplay, I have other outlets for those needs in my life, sorry. It has recently been made known to me that I may be a bit of a pyro. Moving on, shall we? ^_^

Roleplay interests, hm. I definitely enjoy most things fantasy or apocalyptic, oh and some sci fi though it has to be pretty interesting. I have a love for magic, explosions, and super powers. Zombies are the all time best monster ever created and this tiny creature will fight you over that statement, I will run up your arm and scissor kick you in the neck ^-^. Okay so I probably won't do that. I do enjoy 1x1 especially with some delicious lesbian elements *excessive eyebrow waggling*, though I am a pansexual. Probably should have put that tidbit up there but, whatever. You'll probably never interest me in anything slice of life, especially modern. In fact, it's really hard to get me on board with modern roleplays unless the world is ending, and even then there has to be something to spice it up for me. I tend to include darker themes, taboo, and such forth in my roleplays. This isn't Disney, it's akin to a real world so that means bad shit happens. If you have any "triggers" because of past trauma, let me know beforehand because there is very little I leave out. I don't get very detailed, but rather heavily imply things. I do have limits however. I also love Epic Power Scenes, why fight a dragon in the wilderness when it can WREAK HAVOC IN A CITY, TEARING THE EARTH ASUNDER AND-*coughs* I mean, Michael Bay and I would probably be pretty good friends, just sayin.

Did I mention I'm an adorable pervert? ^//^ I will describe curves, use the term breasts, and look at your characterss imaginary booty. I'm also prone to some typos as I type fast, I think fast, and I just flow. My current obsessions are playing real off the wall sharacters, Saying "WAPOW", forever coloring my posts off tones of white, and doing graphic manipulations. The latter being some pretty bad art and poetry, changing a reference image to suit my needs, and I have a graphics shop now. Oh, I always love playing characters that are exotic, like Animal Girls, Nymphs and Sprites, Demon girls with sexy tails, and so forth.

Esoteric, The Coquette

P.S: Wubba Dubba Lub Lub! #FreeRick
P.S.S: I'm super hyper most of the time. I'm like, 10% Sugar, 20% Spice, 15% Caffeinated Ice, 5% Sass, 50% Flirt, and 100% extroverted introvert.

Want some fancy artsy stuff? I can't draw for shit but I can manipulate the ass off some imagery. Check out my shop or send me a PM.

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Prisoner Data Form
Caedence "Nano" Senichi

Aliases: Catie, Cadie / Nano, The Cherry Blossom Killer

Prisoner ID Number: 3254

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Former Faction: The Senichi Family

Physical Description:

Bionic Limbs/Synthetic Organs/Robotic Augmentations:
  • Neural-Thread Network: Woven throughout her body along predefined pathways is an intricate system of cybernetic threading, allowing her to remain impervious to her nanites.
  • Nanites: A completely self sufficient, mechanical ecosystem has been created within Caedence's body. Extremely advanced, microscopic machines that are the basis of her combat abilities.

Weapons of Choice:
  • Epilogue: Nano's only weapon, other than her hands, the name of which is derived from the ideal that death is the final chapter of your life. The sword itself is made from a unique metal, referred to as Grafium Steel, a metal that is incredibly durable yet is able to hold an exquisitely sharp edge. However, the true function of this place is the Light Particle Sheathe it can create, which takes the form of a glowing, neon teal aura around the blade. It may look like magic, but it's actually derived from the energy her nanites utalize. Raw energy is injected into the blade, which runs on a self sustaining looping cycle. This enhances her blade to the point where she can puncture, and cut through materials no normal sword could. Including a wide variety of hard metals, and armoring techniques. The downside being she cannot adjust the amount of power the blade receives, meaning she cannot enhance the blade's power any further. Despite that, this sophisticated weapon gives a literal edge over other swordsmen.
  • Qui Tsu Fei: Not technically a weapon in on itself, Qui Tsu Fei is a martial arts style developed by the Senichi line, based around their heritage and culture which includes many ancient Asian themes and its teachings are virtually unknown to the outside world. This martial practice focuses primarily around non-lethal methods of defensive-offense. To break it down further, the techniques involved revolve around a few core themes of combat; Prediction, Redirection, Speed, and Countering. The user focuses on the speed and precision of their strikes, rather than raw strength, and performs this technique by reading their opponent, redirecting their attacks, and countering with calculated movements which use the opponents own strength and momentum against them; Typically in an attempt to the combatant out by deflecting, and redirecting their force while using minimal effort to do so. However, if confident, the user of Qui Tsu Fei can perform incapacitating strikes when the moment is opportune.
    • Fei Tsu Ken: This is the highest level art among the Senichi Discipline, a master level technique that is taught only to the most proficient, advanced members of the family. Incompetent use of the technique often leaves the user in a fight they cannot win, and is often times a reason of death among aspiring martial arts students. The reason being is that Fei Tsu Ken is meant to teach the disciple to encompass multi-body combat in unison with the Qui Tsu Fei style. This is achieved around the idea that the user must maintain a sphere of influence within the length of their arm, or their weapons reach. This idea also broadens the technique of it's parent style, formatting the single target methods of prediction and reaction to include more than a single body. Along with the teachings of this discipline, there is also a regiment of mediation and awareness training, to teach the body to recognize the subtle nuances that your senses can pick up in an attempt to achieve a state of hyper awareness. This style also teaches the moral boundary of non-lethal fighting.
  • Kinetic Particle Barrier: Because she is in fact more often than not bringing a knife to a gun fight, Nano needs time to close distance. The Particle Barrier is a light shield, as her intertwined cybernetics cannot sustain a heavy system. What this does is create a sort of over-shield that hardens upon projectile impact. Specifically meaning that when impact is sustained, the shield with harden instantaneously to deflect the projectiles, meaning it can stop a single round, or a rapid burst for approximately a full second. Fortunately, this shielding has two layers, being she could virtually be shot twice before it goes down. The shields have a recharge time of approximately two minutes, and do not share power with her Akinetophic field, or particle blade. Explosives will immediately knock out both layers, though she is protected from shrapnel and debris for the hardening duration. This shield does not alter the effect of elements, such as fire or heat, or the cold.
  • Akinetophic Field: The main reason she's a viable swordsman in a firefight is her ability to project what's referred to as an Akinetophic Field, roughly translating to "Without movement or sight." This field performs three key functionalities, neither of which effect Nano herself. The first is that the nanites cause temporary Akinetopsia to anyone caught within the field, a disorder where the individual will process motion as a series of still images rather than continual motion. However, this would only appear to make movement skip, or jump, like a film reel with missing frames. The second ability is to affect individuals within the radius of influence with a form of paralysis, slowing muscular signals to such a rate that the body appears to be moving in substantial slow-motion. The final ability of this technique is that the nanites exponentially slow the rate of molecular movement for non-biological organic matter, such as metal, fabric, and so forth.

    Effectively this appears to stop the progression of moving particles, most notably bullets or optical weapons such as laser. Adding all of these complicated procedures together effectively makes it appear as if Nano can stop time. Because of her Neural-Thread Network, she is immune to the paralyzing effects, the temporary Akinetopsia, and the molecular slow to items she is holding when the field is activated. The field cannot be cast, but rather projects around her in a full, spherical radius of about 20 yards, and expands nearly instantaneously. This field can be sustained for a maximum of twenty seconds. The way that this works is that, at 100% Battery capacity, each seconds takes 5%, which doesn't allow her much time for hesitation. Additionally, this ability has a twenty minute cool down.
  • Nano can use voice activation for her two abilities:
    • "Yamate", meaning "Stop", activates her Akinetophic Field.
    • "Hakiri", meaning "Light", activates her Light Particle Sheathe.

  • Homicide: Premeditated Murder of the first degree, exact figures are unknown.
    • Manslaughter: Involuntary third degree, and voluntary second degree manslaughter, precise statistics unknown.
  • Trespassing: Unlawful breaking and entering.
    • Possession: Concealing a deadly weapon, especially with lethal intent, in restricted areas.
  • Assault: Including aggravated assault, and battery, detailed counts unavailable.

  • Death Rides Wind: The technical name behind her swordsmanship, the term is a reference to the original concept of its foundation, Leaf Rides Wind, a non-lethal phrase depicting how fluidly a leaf dances upon a gentle breeze. Nano's repurposed technique makes her graceful killer on the battle field, chaining her attacks together the same way a handful of leaves swirl within a strong gust. She is more than proficient in the use of her sword, it is an extension of herself, a part of her. It is not a tool in her hands, but an instrument of death. Her movements are swift, and her strikes precise. She a storm, her sword the flicker of lightning, leaving behind only the rattling wails of death.
  • Hand Forces Flow: Another misconstrued term, derived from Hand Parts Water, referencing how flowing water will part and move around the hand. The practice, again meant to be non-lethal, revolves around directly the flow of battle around oneself. Nano, rather, sees this as forcibly changing the flow of battle, and thus she is able to control situations by creating vulnerabilities in her opponents. Though this utilizes the primary teachings of Qui Fei Tsu, and Fei Tsu Ken, her version is less about tiring her opponent and more about reducing their combat effectiveness, if a finishing move isn't readily feasible. She does this by using the same methods of the two teachings, but instead of passively out-sustaining her opponent, she will use these moments to separate joins, break limbs, attack vital areas, and so forth.
  • The Blind Sense: A benefit of the Tsu Fei Ken style, this practice focuses on enhancing the other senses, and relying less on what your eyes see. Meaning, against less experience, noisy opponents, Nano could quite possibly fight with her eyes closed by listening to her opponents breathing, their steps, the ruffle of their clothes, and other telltale sounds. Though not entirely effective on its own, except against aggressors of far lesser skill, its actually a necessary component of the Tsu Fei Ken style, as the eyes cannot see what's behind you. Additionally, this also helps stimulate her mind. She must think ahead, and make snap decisions to react to her opponent, or opponents.
  • The Strength of the Willow: While not entirely strong physically, much of Nano's training has revolved around this concept. She is not the oak that stands tall in the storm, but the willow that stays rooted while bending to the winds. She takes thing as they come, and rolls with the punches. She may lack strength, but she greatly makes up for that with her agility, stamina, and maneuvers. She knows how to work herself out of holds, and even a variety of restraints. However, the key attribute of this teaching is that she understands how to bend in combat, meaning when an attack connects, she moves with it to substantially lessen the impact.
  • Aspect of the Wind: A useful skill, considering how close she must be to her targets. The training revolving around the Aspect of the Wind is literally the art of movement closely resembling to how wind moves. The body is trained to react to obstacles fluidly, with both speed and agility. To break it down, this is a combination of training your reflexes and parkour. She has excellent reaction time and reflexes, and is able to traverse in unorthodox ways smoothly, and with varying amounts of speed depending on exactly what sort of obstacles she must over come. Some of these practices include moving without excessive hindrance through tight holes, up vertical surfaces, understanding maximum gap closing distance, landing safely, and so forth. Many of these skills can also be applied to combative movements.
  • Eye of the Storm: Her training has also included the tailoring of her emotions, the destruction rages around the storm yet the center must remain calm. Meaning she remains cool and collected during what would otherwise be high stress situations. She's both cold, and calculating, and the idea that hesitation equals death has been imprinted in her mind. Nano was already an intelligent woman, and training out reactions based on emotion have only served to enhance these qualities. During the squall of battle, she is steel layered in ice. She is the tempest, and will do what she feels is necessary, without expending energy on trivial actions.
  • Growth of the Sapling: A benefit of the original, intended purpose of her nanites, Nano can recover from the worst of wounds without too much cause for concern. Rather, the nanites are apt at repairing damaged cells and bodily structure, yet this is not an immeidate, or even quick benefit. In actuality it does two things, assists fixing her body and shortening the recovery period in comparison to a normal person, and helps keep her immunized against foreign bodies that could cause illness or disease.

  • Links of the Chain: A drawback of the Death Rides Wind style, if Nano is interrupted while moving through a sequence of attacks she will ultimately fall out of sync with herself. Her mind is already two steps ahead, so breaking one of the links of her chain will scatter her attack completely and leave her vulnerable as she attempts to regain balance and recompose her combat process. This vulnerability is momentary, as she will back off and attempt to guard herself, yet this causes her to also lose the pressing edge of her attack and puts her on guard. A skilled opponent will use this to their advantage.
  • Two-headed Snake: Qui Fei Tsu, and Tsu Fei Ken are styles that require proper use of the arms and legs. Without both arms, Nano's effective attacks are limited to what she can do with her legs, and vice versa. In short, she cannot with a single arm and leg. Especially since most of the techniques involved with these styles involve much use of her arms, and less of her legs. However, like two halves a whole, her can fight adequately with just her legs, she is just severely limited on the number of moves she can perform. However, this situation in reverse is much more difficult, as it is incredibly difficult to fight without her legs, and likely to be ineffective against even a moderately skilled opponent.
  • The Frailty of the Willow: The entire purpose of this technique is to avoid damage, to shave down the power of attacks. Her body is not a thickly corded cage of muscle, but is rather soft and finely tuned. With hand to hand combat, she has trouble with opponents with substantial musculature, or high endurance. She also has trouble sustaining solid hits, lacking much in the endurance and resistance departments.
  • Aspect of the Target: Nobody ever said using a sword in the modern age was a wise decision. Despite how well she can move, a person can only zig-zag so much before taking a few hits. Additionally, a figure running at you is likely to obtain your full attention due to the increasingly rises levels of threat. For every injury, or debilitating effect she sustains, her peak performance goes down and her combat ability declines right with it. She relies on being able to move quickly, and close distance efficiently, since she is almost guaranteed to draw the attention of her targets if she's within their visual range. However, this is less of a problem against other melee oriented opponents.
  • Piercing of the Veil: Everybody is human, and even a cold, calculating combat machine like Nano are subject to that statement. Since genetically, she remains unaltered, she is still prone to human emotions such as acting in anger, hesitation, but most notably she is very prideful. She does her best not to show it, not to react to that particular feelings, but at other times she'll let loose if only to prove herself. She's trained all of her life, and is definitely lacking in departments of praise and compassion. It was never "Good Job", no "I love you", or "I'm proud of you", rather is was always a curt nod, a dismissive hand, a stoic look.
  • Range of the Cactus: Nano is a close quarters combatant, just as she's been trained for the majority of her life. Consequently, she knows about zero when it comes to fire arms. In fact, she has no skill with the weapons period. Her hands shake when she aims, she forgets how to reload, and likely doesn't even know where the safety is. The only, and I mean the absolutely only situation a gun is useful for her is if it's already loaded, the safety is off, and the barrel currently resides between her victim's teeth. Even then, the action is rather pointless since she's a close quarters combatant anyways.
  • Fears of the Flower: Nano has a form of aquaphobia, that surfaces only when she is fully submerged in water. Her methods of training were often times less than desirable, and has left her with the irrational fear of fully body submersion. Caedence does not suffer from aquaphobia, and can swim rather well.
  • Erosion of the Stone: The nanites within Nano's body, as mentioned above, are self sustaining. These molecular robots achieve this by using the natural minerals she ingests and those that her body produces. Despite how incredibly difficult it would be to destroy a molecular machine, it is possible, increasing the amount of resources the nanites consume to replace these machines. Nano has to supplement her diet with powerful multivitamins which she takes once a day normally. During states where the nanites consumption increases due to a decline in their numbers, Nano must increase her dosage, typically needing no more than two or three.
  • The Flash of the Storm: While she is partially protected against such attacks, a large electro-magnetic pulse will disable her nanites. The machines do have protection against burning out completely however. Most notably, a tiny, minimal draw shield that doesn't actually protect the nanites, but senses when an electro-magnetic, or similar pulse is about to hit the nanite. At that point, the nanites automatically perform an immediate shutdown. Information is stored in a black box system, which will automatically reboot the nanites after the pulse has passed and it is safe to do so. This also serves to turn of her nanite given abilities, including her kinetic barrier, particle sword, and prevents her from activating the Akinetophic field.
  • Yin and Yang: As with most intensely trained killers, she's a bit fucked up in the head. Nano suffers from Disassociation Identity Disorder, meaning she has two personalities. The first, is perhaps what she could have been under normal circumstances, and closely reflects a truer, positive nature—Yang. Her other side is the product of her training, the cold, remorseless killer—Yin.
  • Wilting of the Weed: Despite the arguably small medicinal benefits of her nanites, this comes with a drawback. When the nanites are focusing on fixing say, a broken bone, or creating scar tissue, she's very susceptible to foreign bodies and will likely come down with flu-like symptoms. When fighting off foreign bodies, she will feel weak and mimic the symptoms of a fever. Both of these states of illness increase in intensity depending on the amount of effort the nanites must use. Both of these at the same time will cripple her, and render her pretty much useless in a combat situation. I say nearly, because her zombie-like state may terrify lesser beings into fleeing in terror.

Personality:Caedence is the Yang of her two personalities; she is the creative, joyous light. She has a compassionate nature about her, while also being fun and playful, if a bit docile, or submissive at times. She has a warm smile, which she shows often, and kind eyes. She tries to see the best in people, even hardened criminals have good qualities and deserve empathy and understanding. She also tries to remain positive, but sometimes this trait is obscured by her meekness. She knows the world is cruel, and she knows of the stains that blacken her soul. She is also fully aware of her alter ego, and what she does. On a normal day, Caedence likes to ignore these facts. She's also more in tune with her emotions, and tries to keep herself from dangerous situations.

Nano is the Yin side of Caedence, a side that is darker, colder, and stained with blood. She's a start contrast to the sweet, caring Caedence. She can be patronizing, sarcastic, and playfully seductive. She embodies the darker qualities Caedence does not. She more dominant, and aggressive, especially when being flirty or sexually playful. She sees the world for what it really is, a selfish, cruel world that punishes the just, and rewards the corrupt. She's detached from herself, feeling very little in the way of stimulating emotion other than amusement, pleasure, and pride. On a sub-note she's also capable of anger, but when engaged in combat she loses all of this and feels nothing, becoming devoid of limiting emotions, which is to say, all of them. She typically does not feel regret, or sadness, perhaps a sprinkling of loathing and a healthy dash of contempt. Nano will not stray from a fight, especially if her pride is challenged. She is the funnel into which Caedence pushes all of her pain and hurt, all of her dark thoughts and desires, everything negative in her life.

Personal Biography:

Personal Belongings:
  • Nova brand cigarettes, known for their cool, minty feel. Both girls smoke.
  • Silver flip lighter with an embossed figured of an eastern dragon.
  • An airtight packet of cherry blossoms.
  • A tin of breath mints.
  • A pair of black ear buds.

Other: Caedence and Nano were imprisoned for seven years at the age of nineteen.

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IC is green for launch. Let's get those characters done people :)
Taka's face feel into a state of contentment as she listened to the ongoing discussions, mostly Callum explaining the elephant in the room, or rather, the headless elephant. She rolled the salt cube around in her mouth with her tongue, feeling quite pleased with the treat, and herself. So the fed guys had really put a bomb in her head, not that she had ever doubted them—It wouldn't have been the first time Taka had the sanctity of her cranium threatened. She wondered idly if she could get around this one, disable it, but after what had happened last time... she was rather hesitant to try. Maybe if she had like a frog or something, that's what people tested on right?

Callum gave the signal to move out and Taka obliged, fully willing to let somebody else lead. If she was the princess, then Callum had established himself as king, and she had no desire to try to ascend to the throne. Kingly duties weren't her thing anyways, she wasn't one for bossing people around. He could smile once in awhile though, she thoughts as she followed the group back to the hangar. Callum led them through the frigid air to a vehicle that looked appropriate for this type of climate. She climbed in the back, a smile on her face—

"Oh can I drive?! I'm a good driver!" She stated. However, Callum seemed quite clear on his intent to do everything, and failed to respond to Taka. She sat with a huff and pout, crossing her arms over her breasts. "Jerk.." she murmured, setting her back down between her feet.

"Damn feds. They just send us out to some icy asshole of a planet to get fucked over by some mind-control artifact thingy? Like we're some kinda "Self-Destruction Team"? Jesse grumbled, taking a seat as well.

"We're probably the best they got," Taka giggled, stretching her legs out, "And if you die, well, who cares right?"

Jesse looked over to Princess, raising an eyebrow. "Well, I'm sure Call wouldn't be too happy he didn't get to finish me off." He muttered, somewhat disgruntled by the glee with which Taka had made the comment.

Taka shot a glance at Callum's back, "King Callum has it out for you huh?" She asked curiously.

Jesse's gaze shifted amongst the criminals gathered in the transport. "Who doesn't?" He asked, almost thoughtfully, before leaning in closer to Taka. "I don't play well with others." He whispered with a wink.

Taka chewed on the statement for a moment, almost literally as she bit her treat in two, "I think you'd make a fine subject for a princess," She stated, nodding to herself.

"I'm flattered, Bubbles-"

"Princess" Taka corrected.

"-You're just warming up my little heart." Jesse commented, not giving any heed to the correction.

"And his heart grew three sizes that day," She said with a laugh, finally noticing the somber mood of the other passengers.

"That it did..." Jesse murmurred absentmindedly as he looked at his crewmates, eyes narrowly watching their dull expressions. As if snapping from a trance, his eyes widened as he looked to Taka. "Don't these jokers know how to enjoy their job?" He asked almost incredulously.

"Probably worry about 'splodin," Taka explained, tapping the side of her head for emphasis.

"Don't worry about that," Jesse said, tapping the side of his head with his revolver. "Mind games." He reminded the Novahn cryptically, before diverting his attention elsewhere. Taka followed suite, leaning back and closing her eyes. She hummed softly, listening to the howl of the icy winds and the creaking of the vehicle shaking over uneven terrain. Before she knew it they'd arrived at their destination.

"First a temple now a dungeon? I hope I get an epic!" Taka exclaimed, her voice drowned out even to herself by the wailing of the oncoming blizzard. The grouped work their way through flurries of snow towards the mouth of a cave. Taka pushed her goggles up onto her forehead, looking around with clarity in what would be darkness for most of the others. However, it didn't seem there were any hidden loot cashes in the darkened corners. The only things of interest were the lights illuminating the corpses, bright even to makes her eyes water and her vision blur. Other than that there was a strange little pyramid of metal. Taka walked closer to it, reaching her hand up towards it—

"I wonder if this is-" She began before a shrill ringing split through her skull. Her thoughts melted into incoherence, becoming only aware of the pain inside her head. She cried out as the ringing intensified, blinded by the its pulse of light. She fell to the ground, writhing, seeing only a bright white canvas of blindness speckled with flashing spots. The comfort of darkness washed over her, pulling her away from the terrible sound. Into the abyss of her own mind.

An bewildered face was looking down at her, from so high up. Onimani blinked, unaware of how to properly form words but answered with a gurgle of light, childish sound. Next to her a twin pink form sat slumped against the wall, a happy look plastered on her face despite her physical limitations. The larger figure laughed, scooping the children up in both of her arms, "I think we'll see a celebration the likes of which this city hasn't seen in a long time," she said with a laugh. The small pink nohvans mimicked the sound, feeling the joy of it. Onimani blinked—

She was running. Down an alleyway. "Come on Taki!" She cried, looking towards the exit and back to her sister frantically. The other nohvan was shambling along, using a pair of braces connected to her forearm as a crutch to help support her improperly developed legs.

"I'm going," She huffed, "As fast as—I can."

"C'mon Taki, get on!" Oni ordered, kneeling before her sister. The other girl smiled, wrapping her arms around Oni's neck. Oni help the crutches steady, so as not to bang herself up, and took off at a lumbering jog, fueled by her sister's giggles. The duo rounded the corner and emerged into a street already full swing into celebration. A hunter had killed Dhumandi in a legendary act of bravery, or so the elders had told the two small girls. It was being hauled out of the water and the girls were determined not to miss it. Oni laughed with her sister, closing her eyes for just a joyous moment—

It was dark, Oni was afraid, terrified. She crouched, hidden behind a stack of smelly crates full of fish and other sea life. Taki was crying next to her, one of her crutches broken. A pair of boots crept closer, thump.. thump.. thump. Oni pressed her hand over her sister's mouth, "Ssh" she whispered. A wide eyed Taki looked up at her nodding. The two terrified girls huddled together in the silence, ears straining for their assailant.

"Well what do we have here?" A rough voice said, peering over the top of the crates with a sinister sneer. The girls screamed, Oni squeezing her eyes shut with fright—

"Hey you little tramp, get off me!" An angered voice commanded, connecting a boot with Oni's head. She was older now, and attacking one of the members of High Octane.

"YOU DON'T EVER LAY YOUR HANDS ON TAKI AGAIN!" Oni shrieked, throwing herself back at the man, trying to bite him. They were well aware of what her fangs could do, and she found the butt of a gun jammed into her mouth.

"I'll do whatever I fucking please to that sweet little bitch of a sister of yours, you got that you little shit? You're here on my good graces, next time you do your job and you do it well or you'll find yourself in the first whorehouse I can drop you off at. You got that you little bitch?" The man sneered, kicking Oni across the floor once more. Tears streamed down her face, ones of helplessness and despair. She sat up, rubbing her fists against her eyes—

"Hey Oni?" Taki's melodic voice asked, looking up for a workbench littered with hundreds of components, her tool in mid turn against the project she was working on.

"Yea?" Oni replied passively, running a greasing rod through the barrel of her gun.

"I think today is our birthday, that makes us thirteen now, right?" Oni asked a bit sadly, her mind depressed at the thought of what could have been.

"Yea probably," Oni grunted, moving on to cleaning another piece of her weapon.

"I got you something," Taki said, using the joystick of her wheelchair to roll closer to Oni. She tapped the side compartment, build into the wheel. Oni quirked an eyebrow, but opened it for her. Inside was a small container, wrapped in dirty red cloth and tied with a bit of colorful wire to make an impromptu bow. Oni smiled, she only ever smiled around her sister now, Taki was the only one who could make her smile anyways.

"Oh sis.." Oni said, unwrapping the gift and pulling out a small pastry cake, "How did you?"

"It wasn't a lot, I promise, besides we may not need to save money anymore," Taki explained, rushing forward before her sister could question her too much, "I think I can turn them off, I promise I'll be safe about it okay?" She pulled at the metal collar around her neck for emphasis, her sister nodded, trusting Taki's judgement. Oni smiled, tearing the treat in two and sharing it with her sister. A hopeful laugh sounded from both of them, Oni's eyes closing with a pleasure she hadn't felt in a long time—

Oni fixed the goggles over her face, a simple piece of headgear with darker lens to help combat her sensitivity to the lights on the ship. Behind her the quiet hum of Taki's chair rolled behind her. Oni held up a fist, signaling her sister to stop. Around the next corner a door opened, footsteps echoed on the metal tiles coming from the hangar. A tall, thin man walked around the corner, a clipboard tucked beneath his arm.

"Were you going huh sprite?" He asked, stopping in the two girl's path.

"Ship needs some color, and a tag change," Oni explained with her best poker face.

"Both of you?"

"Does she look like she can paint you moron?" Oni growled impatiently, anxiety building in the pit of her stomach.

"And your dumb as rocks, got it, get on with it then before you get a spanking kid," The man replied with a laugh, walking around them.

Oni grit her teeth, motioning her sister to follow. Once in the hangar she gave the same story two more times, before helping put Taki up in the cockpit, second seat, where she would pretend to do the tag changes on a computer pad. Oni hopped down, approaching a pair of workers fixing up another space craft.

"Where's the paint she asked?"

One of the men turned to answer her, and found a barrel in his face, "What the FU-" the resounding bang echoed off the walls, splattering the insides of his head across the ships hull, and his coworker. The other man whirled, fumbling for something large to hit her with—Oni squeezed the trigger a second time, hitting him in the shoulder. A third time, his chest, twice more she shot him, the final round embedding itself into his head. The hangar's alarms sounded, causing Oni to let out a curse she barely understood the meaning of. She ran for the ship, where Taki was already engaging the thrusters.

A man coming around the back of the ship leveled his weapon at Oni.

"Drop it kid, the boss would hate to lose the money he could mak-Hey what the fuck you little shit," He cursed, Oni had pulled the trigger to her gun halfway through, but it only let out an empty click. The much larger man stalked forward, a sneer on his face as she backhanded her. Oni fell to the floor, tasting blood. But it was Taki's startled cry that shot adrenaline through her, overshadowing it with determined rage. Her attacker's food was raised, ready to deliver a kick to her head. She rolled around it, moving with the nimbleness only a kid could have. She sank her teeth into his ankle, holding on for dear life as he tried to shake her off. A few moments later and he collapsed to the ground, his paralyzed form failing to scream anymore vulgarities at her.

The girls laughed with relief as Oni fired the heavy blasters, blowing open a hole in the hangar. The vaccuum of space rushed in, sucking out tools and the responding High Octane personnel. The thrusters engaged and the two sisters blasted their way out of the station.

"I can't believe.." Taki wheezed, her lungs failing to supply enough oxygen throughout all of the excitement.

"Neither can I," Oni laughed, hugging her sister from the seat next to her. The girls didn't say anything else for a few minutes, they just laughed and cried together, the swirl of emotions refusing to pick a steady course. The jubilant sounds of triumph were only disturbed by a quiet beeping. The girls fell silent, Oni's eyes widening with terror.

"Oh my god.. Taki!" Oni yelled, she tried to get back to the controls. Tried to turn around, to take it all back. But her body froze and stiffened as Taki's collar detonated. The splash of wet plops sent chills down her spine, she didn't want to turn around, but she did, and the dead of space was only broken by her constant, continuous wails.

Taka huddled on the ground, curled into a ball as the scene continued to replay in her mind. The bang, the plopping sounds, the noises. Every single detail painted in perfect clarity. She body shook as it was wracked with the power of her sobs.

"Taki.." She cried, pulling herself to her knees. She stared at the ground through the wall of disheveled hair hanging in front of her face. "Taki.. please don't leave me,"

"I won't Oni, I won't," a haunting voice chimed, airy and melodic. Taka looked up towards the voice, her wails only increasing as the visage of her sister hovered just at the edge of the light. A pink skinned nohvan, with pale hair and coral colored eyes. The visage smiled at her, her eyes staring into Taka's soul. "I won't leave you again, I promise."
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