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3 yrs ago
Current My-oh-my, this Status tumble. Shame on you kids. >:C... Sending me through a r'oight giggle, you did's!
3 yrs ago
I just realized how stark the difference between my OoC demeanor and my avatar's atmosphere is. Spooky.
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3 yrs ago
Bacon!... That is all. :3


I'm known as Fable, a roleplay and worldbuild hobbyist! I've been doing this since I was eleven, so about six years now, soon to be seven. Back then, I was so mediocre and new that there was no denying it, "Yep, it's a kid on the other side." But I've come a long way from then, as roleplaying awakened a desire to learn and improve myself that I may better do, well, roleplay! It was also through roleplay that I learned of the wondrous world of... le gasp, Worldbuilding! Nothing gets my gears working like the prospect of creating an entire universe from mere creative thought. And within that came a desire to improve my knowledge so that I might elevate the quality of worlds I could produce. Most of the people I speak to in reality think I'm some kind of sad nerd, in regards to the fact I roleplay and worldbuild. But it's those two subjects that saved my education, as before I came across them, I was lazier than a rock towards learning. So it is so good to meet kindred spirits, be it to both WB and/or RP.

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