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Current When you buy a new video game and the cashier spoiles the ending for you. >:-[
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Okay, when I said I'd get replies up today, I didn't anticipate working a 10 hour shift. Sorry, posts won't come tonight.
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Just got back in town today, expect replies either late tonight or tomorrow. I'm beat.
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Step 1: Hear a loud crash elsewhere in the house. Step 2: Run full-tilt down the hallway, fearing someone may be hurt. Step 3: Clip shoulder on the corner. Step 4: Wheeze in pain for 30 minutes.
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Incredibly bored today.
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My name is Gimple. I am a male in his 20s and a highly experienced roleplayer who has been in the game since around 2008-2009. I work from home and use roleplaying as writing practice to keep the good ol' typing fingers limber. As it stands, I favor 1x1 fantasy roleplays. Usually I lean toward generic or dark high fantasy, although this is subject to change from time to time. I do not, however, do fandoms or canon characters of any sort. I'm sorry, it's just not my thing.

Currently, I am seeking roleplays!

However! Before you contact me regarding roleplaying, I request you read on. Unfortunately, I am a bit nitpicky when it comes to choosing my partners, and my requirements are listed below.



As I said before, I focus in on fantasy fiction with dark themes. Overall, I like to keep things toward medieval fantasy. That being said, I have been experimenting in other fantasy possibilities such as: Steampunk, Greco-Roman, Feudalistic Asia, to name a few, and I'm open to suggestions. One can't go wrong with generic fantasy, however, if such a thing strikes your fancy.

From time to time I may be inclined to branch out even further in regards to settings. From time to time I enjoy trying new things, and have been known to dip my toes into sci-fi. If you have a genre that you wish to explore, there's no harm in asking if I'm willing to partake, if the idea is interesting enough, there's a good chance I will say yes. That being said, I do tend to stray away from anything set in the modern day. I will go for Victorian, Early 1900s, or even 1800s, but pretty much anything set in a world after 1950 is iffy for me. Keep that in mind when pitching a new idea.

Genre and Themes

I'm an action and adventure writer all the way! I love expansive plots, so the more in-depth things can go, the better. Often I like to start out with one character and, as the world builds upon itself, I'll add more, expanding my reach so that, at times, I have characters that are on completely different sides of the world. I love to toy with rudimentary politics, warfare, and societal destruction scenarios. What this boils down to is: I'm a sucker for a big baddy with a vendetta against the world.

One big thing, however, is the fact that I don't do smut at all. End of story. I will not budge on this, ever.


Aside from the standard requirements of no mary-sues or marty-sues, I'm pretty lax when it comes to characters. If you play guy characters, be my guest. If you play female characters, also be my guest. If you play a combo of both, well then you just might be my favorite person.

I, personally, play a combination of both, although I lean more toward writing male characters.

When it comes to the types of characters I play, it greatly varies. In spite of the fact that I write in the fantasy genre, I try to ground my characters in some measure of reality (or slightly augmented reality). If you're approaching me for a roleplay, it is greatly preferable that you do the same. I hate characters that are god-modding or overpowered. I don't write them, and I don't like to play with them. Personality wise, I can play a plethora of characters, ranging from the jaded knight to the noble archer and everything in between. Furthermore, if we are to RP together, it is best if our characters mesh in some way. This doesn't have to be in a romantic sense, but it can manifest itself in companionship or even begrudging respect (meshing doesn't mean they need to compliment one another, dissonance can, at times, be fun).

I know I said earlier that I prefer adventure plots, but this does not mean your character has to be a fighter. I have, to great success, done roleplays where my character fought all the baddies, protecting the character of my partner. This, obviously, can be reversed.


I rarely, if ever, have plots on hand. I like to make things up on the spot, and continue to make them up as the roleplay progresses. This being said, I am a massive advocate for OOC chat. I love to discuss with my partner various directions, plot twists, and character development points that can/will happen in the story. Overall, I feel this leads to a cleaner and more interesting game.


As I said before, I am an advanced roleplayer and I frequently muster posts that are multi-paragraph. I don't always expect you to match my length, but I at least need a decently done paragraph from you. If your post doesn't move the story forward in any meaningful way, then you may be asked to fix some things.

Proper spelling and grammar is a must.

Final Notes

I am a working man, and I often only muster a post or two a day, depending on how things go. If I have to vanish for a week, I will try to let you know. That being said, I understand sometimes emergencies happen that leave people without the computer for an indefinite period of time. It's happened to me, and I know the feeling of not being able to alert RP partners when it does. Furthermore, I understand there is life outside of the RP. I also understand that people sometimes lose interest in a plot.

All I ask is for my partners to do their best to keep in contact and keep me updated on things that will affect the flow of the roleplay. I will put forth an effort to do the same.

With that, I feel as if I have said all I need to say. This is going to be a constant work in progress, so I may update things at a later time. Until then, feel free to PM me if you have an idea and would like to try out a roleplay with me.

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Blood seeped from the wound in his leg. Arter pushed himself up and dragged his way toward the tree. He leaned against its base and examined the arrow protruding from his thigh. Even the slightest touch upon the shaft sent waves of pain through his body. He gritted his teeth, knowing he could not remain there for long.

The forest was filled with noise as animals fled the oncoming violence. Footsteps echoed in the foliage around the blacksmith. It would be now or never, thought he. With one hand still clinging to his sword, he gripped the shaft of the arrow with the other. Pain coursed through him. He took a breath, held it, and pulled with all his might.

Just as the arrow was wrenched free of his flesh, he heard shouting in the distance. He froze, holding the red stained arrow aloft, allowing it to drip onto the dirt. The footsteps paused. Arter felt his breath stop, attributing to the silence of the forest that surrounded him.


Meanwhile, one of the archers took pause. His fallen comrade lay at his feet with an arrow protruding from his neck. The man clenched his fist, notched an arrow, and held it in the direction of the source — the woman that stood before him. Through gritted teeth he called to his men.

“Find the smith and kill him,” he said, glaring down at his adversary. “I will remain behind and deal with the meddler.”

With those words, he let an arrow fly. No sooner had the fletchings brushed against his knuckles did the man reach for another arrow. He knew in his heart this would be the end of this. If it meant the success of the mission, however, death was a small, impermanent, price to pay.

“I embrace death,” he said, his second arrow at the ready. “Do your worst.”


Arter heard the footsteps begin again, this time faster. They approached him on all sides. He swore and threw down the arrow he held in his hand. Bracing himself against the tree, the blacksmith struggled to push himself to his feet. Just as he stood, however, an archer burst through the foliage and shot an arrow in his direction.

Be it fate or luck, Arter moved just in time to avoid death — the arrow sunk itself into the wood of the tree just an inch from his throat. His enemy drew another arrow. With nothing else to do, the blacksmith hurled his blade at the man, catching him with the blunt end of the weapon and knocking him down. Then, he dove for the forest once more. He held one hand over the wound in his thigh while he hobbled between trees and around bushes.

The oncoming footsteps surrounded him again. He knew well that he wouldn’t survive another encounter.
Arter awoke to the sound of birds chirping just outside his window, harkening the first day of spring. The thought made him smile as he sat up and stretched. A few warm beams of light, like strings to a harp, streamed through the cracks between the wooden blinds at the window. The smell of morning dew wafted about the room with a cooling breeze.

As Arter dressed himself, taking care to button each button of his shirt, he thought that today would be a grand day. He imagined the projects he had in store for him as he grabbed a loaf of bread from the cabinet and a slice of cheese to go with it. All the doors and shutters to the house were thrown open to allow the forest air to permeate through the cottage. With one hand, the young smith ate his breakfast, sliced bread and cheddar, while with the other he hauled open the portal that separated his smithy from his home.

The coals in the forge were still warm, and it took but a few pumps of the blower to wake the fire once again. Arter finished off the last of his meal and donned his apron. He threw a hunk of metal into the coals and listened to the sizzle of heat on steel as he opened his shop to the outside. Water-glazed, green grass and full trees met his gaze while he looked about the small clearing that contained his cottage. The man stood just outside of his home and drew in several breaths of fresh air as it swept in from the mountains to the west.

Sunlight, flickering between the clouds above, caused the shadows of leaves to dance along the ground. Arter entered his smithy and, with the light of the forge at his back, began to work. He hummed between strokes of his hammer, and thought of the crackle of the fire as added percussion to his one-man symphony while he, both the strings and the bass drum, worked away on the anvil.

Arter continued this trend for several hours. Soon, the morning waned and the smith had turned several hunks of metal into the shape of blades — albeit ones that still required shining, sharpening, and hilts. Even so, the man, proud of his work, found it time for a break. It was around noon when he paused for lunch. As he stood from his seat at the anvil, the sound of twigs snapping met his ears, and he froze in place, his head jerking to look in the direction of the unusual noise. All at once, the forest seemed to fall into silence.

What sort of creature would be large enough to make such a sound, thought he. No bears or wolves came near his cottage, and squirrels certainly did not carry the weight to snap a branch in that manner. Arter could only assume that someone had come to his home seeking his employ. But, if that were the case, why would they not use the road? Out of the corner of his eye, Arter spied his sword resting against a leg of his workstation. He pondered calling out first, in hopes of startling the stranger in the woods into coming forth. The smith even tried to convince himself that he were imagining things. In the end, however, fear got the better of the smith and he reached for his sword.

No sooner did he move his arm, but there was a loud thwick, like the snapping of a bowstring, and an arrow soared from the darkness between the trees and planted itself deep in the wooden surface of Arter’s work table.

At first, the smith froze. A misunderstanding perhaps? No. Adrenalin pumped through his veins and he seized his sword before turning and heading for his home. Two more arrows followed him and stuck in the doorway to his living room just moments after he passed it. Home was no longer safe, thought he. Arter bolted from his house and ran for the forest.

Trees passed him in a blur. Heavy footsteps followed him. The archer that sought him was not alone, though it was impossible to tell exactly how many pursued him. The sounds they made echoed off the trees as they shouted between one another.

“Cut him off!”

“On your left!”

“Aim for his legs!”

“Between those trees!”

Arter did not dare look over his shoulder. Any pause in his pace could spell the end for him. Even still, his legs already ached from running, and his breath soon grew ragged. Sweat collected in his palms and made it difficult to grasp his sword — not that it would be much help anyhow. An arrow whizzed by his head. Arter heard the archer that fired it swear loudly. He could hear his own blood pumping in his ears.

Just a little further, thought he. Then, an arrow landed. It sunk itself into his thigh and the sudden pain caused the blacksmith to trip and collapse into the underbrush, skidding to a stop at the foot of a great oak tree. Arter gripped his sword as he listened for approaching footsteps.

So this is to be the end.
Name: Arter
Age: 27
Race: Human
Sex: Male

Physical Appearance: Arter stands around 5’10”, has pale skin, dark brown hair, and a slender figure. His eyes are deep blue, and he has a youthful face that betrays his skill as a blacksmith.
Clothing: Typically, Arter wears nothing more than his smithing garb — a white button up, black slacks, boots, gloves, and a darkly colored apron.
Equipment: Nothing. All of his smithing gear is kept at his home.
Weaponry: Arter carries a copper short sword that he has never had to use.

Backstory: Arter grew up in the city and learned the smithing trade from his father when he was quite young. His love of the forge grew until he was old enough to take over the business. A few years later, Arter’s father fell ill and passed away, and he decided the city life was no longer to his taste. From then on, with his mother’s blessing, Arter moved out to live in the forest alone, where he would practice his craft alone, only ever making the trip to the city when it was time to sell his wares.

Magic has faded, and the forests are fighting back. Folk who once lived among the trees have fled toward the mountains, leaving the ruins of their once proud cities to be overcome by the rapidly encroaching wood. Now, rather than brave the dangers of walking on foot, airships have taken to the sky, and there are cities that float among the clouds, traveling over vast distances from mountain to mountain like great vessels.

Even still, there are some who cling to the old ways — refusing to believe that the ancient magics to be dead. These sorcerers harness their power through unnatural means, drawing from the blood of others and themselves to fuel crude and misshapen magic. Though it cannot compare to the magic that stemmed from the nature of the world, it remains a decent substitute for those who see no harm in tapping into the horrors of the dark arcane.

For a time, these folk were seen as loons to the masses — until war struck and rulers sought them out as tools for battle. Now, in the wake of a conflict that razed cities and brought floating castles crashing to the ground, these false magicians have found favor among the elites, and enjoy lives of luxury with ample time to study further their twisted arts.

However, with favor comes expectation, and these sorcerers and their benefactors have become disenchanted with the limits of their power. Though great, they know well they will never be as great as the mages of old. It has come time to seek to renew the magic of the forests, and already there are those who have sensed the flicker of an old flame — one that has the potential to become a raging fire once again.

In the hunt for the spark of ancient magic, no one expected the source to be a mere man; a blacksmith living alone among the forest, who has no idea the power that rests within his very being.

He whistles as he works, unaware of the claws lurking in the darkness, waiting to snatch him from his quiet life.
In the kingdom of Aevotor, prince Kristopher is the youngest of two brothers in the royal family. Unlike his older brother, Kristopher did not partake in activities such as horseback riding, marksmanship, dueling, or jousting. Instead, the prince spent his time gazing out the window of his room at the forests that lay just outside the city walls and wondering what it might be like to walk freely among the trees. But that would never happen, for Kristopher, born with frail bones, must remain safely indoors, surrounded by guards at all times.

During his youth, Kristopher had no one except for his brother, Klaus, his sister, Mara, and his tutor, a bright man named Gabriel. For years, these three people kept Kristopher’s loneliness at bay and helped to foster his love of reading — a pastime that would later prevent him from feeling greater despair at his situation. However, as time wore on, Kristopher outgrew his need for a tutor, and Klaus became busy preparing to take the throne as their father became too old to rule.

A few years later, when Kristopher reached the age of 26, Klaus assumed the throne and the prince was left with only his younger sister to keep him company. Even still, she often went absent as she visited her friends outside of the palace. Kristopher had no one. Then, war threatened the doorstep of Aevotor when opposing kingdoms believed the new ruler to be weaker than his father. Klaus, put in an unfortunate position, was then forced to seek alliances with other kingdoms in order to ensure the safety of his people.

Eventually, a prospective alliance arose with a powerful empire named Vipia, and Klaus lept at the opportunity to empower his kingdom. However, to ensure the alliance was secure, Kristopher would have to marry the princess of Vipia, combining the two ruling families forever. In spite of never meeting the princess, Kristopher had no objections. He hoped marriage would rid him of his loneliness. Unfortunately, in an act of good faith, Klaus promised the emperor of Vipia that Kristopher would be the one to make the journey for the wedding.

Knowing there would be many kingdoms who sought to sabotage the alliance, Klaus put together a royal guard comprising of his finest soldiers in the hopes of ensuring the safety of his frail brother. Then, a few days before the party was about to disembark, a battalion of soldiers from Vipia arrived, led by an incredibly powerful battle-sorceress hand picked by the emperor to escort Kristopher across the lands.

A day before the journey, Kristopher sat at the windowsill in his room when Klaus entered and expressed his fears for the coming trial. The king then went on to explain that the woman who will guide Kristopher through the lands is immensely qualified. Kristopher wondered aloud when he will first meet his prospective guardian when someone knocked on the door. Klaus turned to look at the great oaken door and smiled.

“That must be her now,” he said.


I am looking for another roleplayer (Female, 18+ only, please) who can play the powerful leader of the guard for me whilst I play Kristopher. I seek someone who can match the quality of the post above and consistently deliver at least 1-2 paragraphs per post. I will be the one to host the roleplay and the world, delivering conflicts that must be overcome over the course of the journey. This is, by no means, an infinite roleplay, and there will be an end (presumably once Kristopher reaches Vipia). Furthermore, I am not opposed to talking about plot points and lore via OOC.

If you are interested, send me a message with your character sheet (no strict format, I’m gonna leave it up to you, just make sure you have the basics of name, age, history etc.). If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Seeking females for an idea I have currently involving a Victorian/medieval fantasy setting. PM if interested.

Bonus points if you have a discord and are willing to RP there.
Where'd everyone go?
It definitely sounds good to me.

My only question: in the last paragraph, the "they"is the AI, correct?
He past testing laboratories and wandered into a server room, yeah.
Exactly. Also, I realized as I was writing out my post that I hadn't figured nearly anything out (who the government leader/general is, what the Gula looks like, or anything like that) so most of the details are scarce. That stuff, however, will come with time, I'm sure.
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