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Oh I like this. I like this a lot. Colour me interested.
Update: Added a few new fandoms to the pile, though I'm still open for whatever I've listed. It's just taken me this long to remember media I like.
Hi there!

On the lookout to broaden my roleplaying horizons a little bit.

About Me:

- I'm an adult, fortunate enough to work remotely, so I'm usually semi-about during the week. I'd be looking for an RP partner over 18, less because of the content and more because it feels a tad weird otherwise.

- Romance isn't necessary, though I am down. My characters are primarily female, though their orientation varies. FxF is kinda my jam rn, though I'm not necessarily limited to that. I'm not really wild on idealized romance, if characters get together I find it more interesting to explore a potentially imperfect relationship than have becoming a couple be some panacea to everyone's issues.

- The length of my posts can vary as I'm more concerned with getting the message across than necessarily producing a set amount of content. I can ramble on and on if I'm fired up over something, but I like taking the Hemingway approach at times and not clutter up my message too much if I know what I want to say. I've done this a while, I'll give you something to work with, I promise.

- Kind of an edgelord. I shamelessly love stuff that's dark, weird, or a cynical satire. Worlds that are terrible are just a guilty pleasure.

- I'm not really about the smut, less out of any kind of discomfort with the subject matter and more out of apathy towards smut scenes. I have no issue with characters potentially engaging in that kind of relationship if it adds to the overall story, I'm just disinterested when it comes to the act itself. No shame if that's your speed, but you probably won't find it with me.

-I'm kinda easy on the format, though I'm a little cautious about sharing my Discord.

About My RP:

I vibe with the following genres:

-Medieval Fantasy
-Modern Fantasy/Urban Fantasy
-Superhero (If we approach it in a more cynical fashion.)
-Fairytale adaptations. (I have a dark steampunky fairytale setting that is the absolute worst and I love it.)
- Sci-fi, some of. (I adore most things with sci-fi leanings but I do struggle with heavy space opera stuff. I did enjoy Firefly, but never got into Star Trek, and that reflects in my genre choices.)
-Dystopia (Aw yeah the world sucks.)

-Dark Souls
-Elden Ring (Past or present, probably one of the few things I feel comfortable doing canon characters for.)
-Cyberpunk (Edgerunners destroyed me emotionally.)
-SCP Foundation-related.

I don't tend to shoot for the 'pairing' style of setup because I tend to be too interested in pursuing some plot to really figure centring something around a dynamic exclusively.

I also have plots for a few of these, but I'm pretty willing to chat and brainstorm something both parties vibe with.

If this sounds like you kind of thing, drop me message or post on the thread. I'm hopefully pretty approachable.
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