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Double post.
I am interested, since I want to get back into writing roleplays.
I got two questions. What does P.D.C. mean, and do we have to have a picture? And I will try to get my profile up as soon as possible too. I am in the process of writing it out.
This seem interesting, so I'm game.
None that I can think of right now.
Ahhhh, okay. Makes sense.
I just have one question. What does it mean by some even looks different?
If there is room, I wouldn't mind joining. There's a character I haven't used in a while.
I will try to have a post up. Can't give you any promises.
Let's go with the whip. Since I thought that the collar means turns into a dog, the hourglass is room once again fills up again with sand, and whip is the back k breaking work or something like that.
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