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26-year old student living in Holland. I've been roleplaying on and off for at least ten years now, and discovered the old guild about 6/7 years ago. I only really RP 1x1 and never really got into group RPs. I'm pretty particular about plot and post quality and post length, but less so about response times. If we are building a interesting story together, I don't mind long breaks. Notice is preferred, but not necessary.

I'm always up for FxF with a nice plot hook, so if you have an idea for one of those please drop me a message.

As for stories: I like my worlds detailed, plot open-ended and characters complex. I take joy in brainstorming about world- and/or character building and working out simple concepts into complex situations. I'm a fan of including either major or minor supernatural/fantasy/scifi elements into my stories, but other than that I'm fine with different time periods.

If any of that sounds good to you or you find your curiosity piqued, feel free to send me a PM. ^_^

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"Hmm," Zach hums non-commitedly around a bite of food, pretending to think about the art classes the priest had obviously thought of just for him. He could probably make a bit more of an effort to act happy about it, but he was still kind of bummed out by the renewed sense of priestly distance Kiel had managed to conjure in the few hours they'd been apart. At least Sarah was warming up to him, as he'd smugly noticed when she was more afraid of some soft-faced human nun than him. At least he could still charm some humans into his good graces.

"It could be fun?" he eventually said, feeling like he should probably throw the priest a bone. Being around the man the entire time didn't seem to be helping, so perhaps it would be good to get out of the house from time to time.

"Are those free centres a church thing?"
I just found out that name changes are possible, and if it is all right I would like to change my name to 'Merula'. Thanks!
Syll smiled when the kid jumped out the window rather than taking the stairs. It was a good sign: if one wanted to work with dragons, after all, one could hardly be squeamish of hights.

"Nice to meet you Zee, my name is Syll," she gave a little bow in return, a smile on her face and in her voice.

"And no, it's not time quite yet- but it will be in couple of hours! We'll head to the village for now, the biggest group will be gathering there to head over to the Pool of Tears." She gestured for Zee to follow her and started on her way.

"The largest group of hopefuls will come from the village, but there's always a few people coming in from outside as well, either new or returning recruits. We might even bump into some on the way there." She smiled as they walked, keeping the conversation light and airy. This whole thing was probably quite exciting for the kid, but since this was her first time there wouldn't be too much pressure yet. Most trainees really started to feel it after one year in training, when half the allotted time had already passed. In Syll's opinion, most people didn't really prepare themselves for the probability they wouldn't get matched with a dragon. Of course everyone knew the statistics, but in Syll's experience everyone secretly thought they were going to be one of the few chosen ones.

"Are you excited for the ritual?"

Does this help: color=00a99d?
I'm fine with people knowing Syll. She is always happy to help people or just hang out, and it is common knowledge she is not very invested in becoming a good fighter.
That could be fun! What sort of personality does she have? Nilah likes to hang around with other dragons, and can be a bit of a smartass/prankster sometimes, especially towards humans.

Syll Cainmere

The sun was slowly rising higher in the sky, with not a cloud in sight so far. A perfect start to an exiting day, at least as far as the inhabitants of the Village and the surrounding keep were concerned. From her perch on a stair leading to one of the higher terraces, Syll had a great view on the hustle and bustle of the city. There was a constant stream of people coming in through the gate, some of them possible recruits, but most of them probably just people looking for a chance to have a party in these stressful times. The day of the choosing ritual always drew mixed reactions from the trainees: on the one hand it was what most of them were working towards and looking forward to, on the other hand it would inevitably be a disappointment for most of them. After all, there were many more hopefuls hoping for a match than were actually chosen by the pond. To th common folk, however, every new winged defender was a cause (and at times, an excuse) for celebration. From what Syll had seen during previous choosings, the festivities would start up long before the new riders had been announced.

She took a bite of the bread and cheese she'd carried up here for breakfast, and let her eye wander to the cluster of building that made up the Village. She was going to miss this place. Sure, she never really cared for any of the combat training, and the spectre of competition was always hanging over everything the trainees did, but it had undoubtedly been her home for the past two years. That feeling had been what had pushed her over the edge in regards to attention the ritual. Sure, she could have dropped out, but the moment she did she would never truly be one of them any more. Even without dragons, the trainees stuck together. So if one day of hubbub and ceremony was the price she had to pay to keep the family she found in this community, so be it.

Speaking of hubbub and ceremony, though, she should probably be on her way. She stuffed that last bits of bread and cheese in her mouth, brushed the crumbs off her clothes and reached into her pocket for the crumpled piece of paper one of the head attendants had handed her that morning. With the address written on there in mind, she went on her way.

After only a few false turns, she managed to navigate the twisted alleyways of the keep to the place she needed to go. It was a nondescript building, a little shabby but obviously we'll cared for. If you didn't know to look for it, it was easy to miss the sign that said 'orphanage'. Of course, usually there were very few people who needed to find it that did not live or work there.

Syll was just about to knock on the door, when she noticed a pair of legs dangling from a window above. She took a few steps back until she could see fully the figure lounging there, and when she did her face broke out in a wide smile.

She knew that girl! They'd met when she'd tried to talk her way into the Village library a few months ago. It was usually only open to trainees, but Syll had vouched for her and they'd spent a couple of hours reading about dragons together. They hadn't met before or since, but Syll had recognised in her the star eyed eagerness to learn everything about dragons that she could, and she'd decided a little white lie that she was considered as a possible recruit couldn't hurt. Now it seemed that lie might actually have some truth to it.

"Hey kid!" she yelled, waving up to the window from her position on the ground.

"Are you by any chance waiting on someone to help you get to the Right?"
Are you still accepting new characters? If not, feel free to ignore this!

If Autharyx is honest, Viltez' day sounds dreadfully boring. Hearing him talk about it, however, is not, so he just hums and nods at what he hopes are appropriate places as he get the dining area ready for their dinner. He turns around just in time to catch Viltez' smile and blush, and surprises himself with how... endearing that small action seems to him.

"As I see it, you are doing great," he cocks his head, curious to see if the compliments will make him blush even more. "Far better than I ever made for myself, that's for sure." He pauses a bit, then quirks his mouth in a slow smile.

"Or perhaps it is just the company that is far more pleasurable in this instance."

The ritual of sitting down together to eat is becoming familiar by now, and Autharyx finds himself genuinely enjoying it. So much so that he doesn't even really get nervous from having to come up with a plausible answer to the question about his past occupation.

"I took care of the shrine, as my family has done for generations. But where people used to come with the seasons to give praise and leave offerings to the protector of the lake, it has fallen into disrepair in the recent years. I am not even sure how long ago it was that anyone other than a fisherman sharing part of their catch has come to the shrine. I figured that I might as well get out a little and see beyond the lake and its river, though I do plan on returning there eventually."
Zach does his best not to wince at the mention of bible studies, but he does allow himself to share a dubious look with Sarah over the idea. A simple bible will do nothing to hurt him, of course, but he doubts he can get away without at the very least an annoying itch with Kiel reading passages and talking about god in that earnest way of his.

"I think I'll stay to finish my drawing," he says, aware that he's not being terribly subtle about his avoidance. "I'd love some company, Sarah, but I understand it if you'd rather head over to bible studies with Kiel," he adds with a smile, offering the girl an out if she wants it.

"After all, isn't it the best kind of piety to witness and enjoy the creation, in all it's forms?" He adds with a little wink at the priest. Zach doesn't spend much time thinking about the big guy upstairs, but when he does it's to wonder why he would make the world with such pleasures and then tell the humans to lock themselves up in cold churches and enjoy precisely none of those pleasures. Either something got lost in translation, or the G-man is a sadistic bastard.
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