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8 days ago
Current Whilst I rarely watch TV I find it most annoying when family members decide to watch it with 100% volume every goddamn day.
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18 days ago
19 days ago
"I'm in love with the memory we never had.."
20 days ago
Just watched Thor Ragnarok, kinda love it kinda don't, guess my love as a Norwegian for what I've been told about northern mythology in school is interfering with how I see the plot of this movie.
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1 mo ago
Welcome to my reality
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Here to have fun!

\_ヘ(ω・`)Hi stranger..

Mischievous Minds✨


Just your average 22 yr old mythology junkie living in the northern part of Norway.
My interests involve- of course, roleplaying and I've been doing so since around 2007, I never stopped and my love for writing has only grown over the past few years. It is such an inspiration, such a fantastic outlet for releasing pent up aggression and other emotions that one would not know how to express otherwise, that is why roleplaying/writing is so important to me, it's one of greatest loves in this life and something that's always able to brighten my day.

Whilst I adore everything in written form I prefer certain subjects, like norse mythology, egyptian mythology, greek mythology, ww1, ww2 and the early 1700 to the late 1900's, also I'm a major Star Trek, Marvel, Star Wars, Riverdale, Harry Potter and LOTR fan.


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\_ヘ(ω・`)Hi stranger..

Why hello there, I'm Nidavellir and I wish you a very warm welcome to the guild!
I'm fairly certain that you'll enjoy your stay here, and I'm sure that you have a lot to bring in terms of creativity and wonderfully crafted ideas!

Have a wonderful stay!~ <3

Hello there, welcome.
Hello, and welcome to the guild.
Well hello and welcome! I hope you have a pleasant stay. :)

Probably offer some healing, you want mein übercharge, ja?
@Ophidian I'd be interested in rp'ing with you in the SW universe if you'd ever be interested in it.
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