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1 yr ago
Current Time to build this whole place up, I suppose.


25 years old, obsessed with creating stories, and art.

I've been doing text-based stories and roleplays for about a decade now, which has transitioned into acting, voice acting, and script writing in my adult life. Was hoping to get back to my roots, and have fun messing around with fandoms, settings, and overall just creating interesting, compelling stories, and have fun while I do it.

Hope we have some good times here.

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Everybody's had a wild night or two, right? A party that you don't quite remember all the details of, or a kinky experience with a partner, friend or fling that involved blindfolds? Of course, though not everybody has to face up to that history later on, let alone have it posted on a heavily visited porn website!

What happens if your co-workers find out? Neighbors? Enemies? That's what this plot will be centered on.

This plot is going to explore your character having an old, anonymous porn video leak out into the internet. Her face is blurred, but that's about it, any notable features, birth marks, ect below the jaw are fair game as people flock to find out who this "Ms. X" girl is, and if she's still doing porn. How will she navigate this? How will she work to keep her secret safe when people close to her put the pieces together? That's for us to find out.

If this idea interests you, feel free to send me a message, or chat! I'd be happy to discuss possibilities, as I value collaboration, and mutual fun overall.

Kinks to be discussed in private due to guidelines.
Hello, this idea is super unique. I'm interested!
Definitely interested! Don't think I've ever seen someone post for Action Taimanin, and that's awesome.
Super interested, Fandoms: Naruto, Devil May Cry, and Power Rangers.
Very interested in the Superheroine | Super villain pairing.
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