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There we go my friends
And so, the group had gathered up with some new recruits, something Elrithos was perplexed about. Yes, an extra hand for what was to come was a welcoming sight, but it meant they were at risk of confronting whatever these other people would attract towards them. It was already something Elrithos considered to be a great threat to his own and the others’ lives. He wasn’t one to stay were this kind of trouble would arise, but it seemed that these folk would probably need his presence. Why? Age and experience, which he has over most of these people… Rudolf seemed to have control over his own life and his emotions, but the rest of the group had their problems. Notably, Aaerynn with her rot and Tirian with his past of blood and violence. The twins and Vordan certainly had their own problems, but they could be helped easily, or so the Aavikkanian thought.

Vordan, on his side, was more than happy to hear that there was a healer within the group, although he did wonder in what terms she meant healer. Was it simple medicine and knowledge of the humanoid body, or did it extend beyond that? Something told him it went beyond what he understood from it. Not only that, but she said to have been able to speak multiple languages… Which struck him as odd. She seemed so young to have such knowledge. Even himself, he did learn ancient and forgotten languages, but ti took him at least a good 8 to 9 years to sort through the lot of them and figure out the Maker’s language. She had a background in something that went beyond what she wanted to say… And it worried him.

The other lady that joined them, Lillith, was more or so a mystery than a worry. She was, by what he had heard of her introduction, from the other continent, like Tirian, but another region. It meant she had crossed not too long ago if she was here. Plus, the word Electus rang a bell, although he couldn’t exactly remember. Knowledge of the other continent was hard to get by in the northern region as they were not in direct trade with them. It was to say, he would be wondering why he knows that word without associating something to it… It had to do with magic, or he wouldn’t even remember. But what? He would have to take some time to know.

For the time being though, he was leaning onto one side of the cart, a single feather in his hand and the new book with locks open. Contrary to when he wrote in his prototype notebook, he wasn’t just scribbling away. He was talking his time, looking up for long minutes and sometimes towards the front before writing even a few words. But, he had a smile on his face the whole time… And if one would look closer. He actually had five notebooks in total. The two one he hadn’t pulled out yet seemed a more worn out than the others, showing that they were probably older. What they had inside? Only Vordan knew.
The group was moving along, but Elrithos had noticed Tirian’s less than good condition. He didn’t think much of ti at first, thinking it might just be the morning was harsh on him… But then, as they went along, he had not improved from his previous condition. The young man had kept going in this slow pace, clearly not in great shape. Yes, he was holding a solid expression, letting it seem it wasn’t bothering him. Elrithos know better. He had seen many humans and even elves he has fought alongside with try to push through when they had the chance to relax… It was a question of pride, which something that killed skilled warriors by the hundreds.

Turning around on the saddle of his horse, the Aavikkanian looked towards the back where Tirian was. Serna had joined up with him and Elrithos wanted to see where that would go. She seemed to have somewhat lighten his mood, but he was still pressing on. He couldn’t let this go on… He would be in danger if anything would happen to the group. With a swift push of his arms, he hoped of the back of his horse who just kept going as normal. He slowly walked up to the both of them, walking backwards to make sure they kept moving.

“Tirian. It would be wise if you took a place in the cart. You clearly are not well… You shouldn’t be making your day harder than it is.”

Elrithos tone was unusual. He didn’t have that glint of kindness he typically had… He seemed to be serious about his words and worried about the condition of the young man.

~~ Things continued to move, slowly, for the soldier. It wasn't until the desert elf Elrithos spoke did the red-haired warrior break his thoughts. His words weren't wrong by any sense, and Tirian knew this. His pride could be easily shelved, his mother did well enough to teach him to be humble when the situation called for it. Tirian drew in a breath of fresh air, allowing his muscles to relax and ease themselves back into a comfortable and painless position.

"Wise is an understatement my good friend. Perhaps I will take that advice and rest myself. I appreciate your eye."

Tirian nodded to the kind elf, turning and nodding to Serna as well before pushing forward and climbing to the rear cart and taking a well-deserved rest. His eyes remained open, observing the rear of the caravan. His eyes looked upwards to the sky and then closed. Tirian allowed himself to rest, taking in the air around him as well as nature itself. ~~

- Serna nodded back to Tirian and watched as he took the Desert Elf's advice and pushed up to rest on the final cart. The Syndarean girl looked up to Elrithos and smiled happily as she bowed her head. "Th-Thank you Sir Elrithos...if I knew it was th-that easy to have him rest, I should have t-tried it myself. Y-You're very kind." –

The young red-headed warrior complied with his advice, which was more than what Elrithos thought he would receive from him. It at least proved that Tirian wasn’t the kind of soldier to waste away at his body because he needed to stay ‘tough’. It was a good thing; it meant he knew the difference between foolish pride and determination. He watched him go along to the back of the last cart, and then turned to Serna. Elrithos still didn’t put smile on his face, but answer back in a softer tone than before.

“There is no need to thank me… I would have done regardless of the conditions. When you are in a state weaker than normal, a warrior must never push through when he has the chance to rest… With what I have seen with the war, I hate seeing a fellow killing themselves when they are not fighting.”

With that, he walked back towards his horse and hoped back on, staying near the front of the caravan.
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