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Current Back up and running, finally. Expect faster replies. I've been having trouble getting out of bed, haha.
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Looking for interested people


Hey there, my name's Ryona Zako. You can call me Ryo, Zako, Zak... I like Ryo.

I'm just going to play it straight- I'm here for NSFW stuff. I float from forum to forum, and I've tried to keep myself to the more adult oriented places but either they are dead sites or the people that are there are creepy and weird. Not that I'm much better myself. This site has caught my interest for a long time. I've tried some of the bigger ones but this one, I like. Especially the color scheme, very easy on the eyes.

Speaking of easy on the eyes...are you into women who are easy on the eyes? Because, so am I. FxF in particular. And it doesn't matter who you are in real life, as long as you like beautiful women, you and me are a-ok. Any gender, any orientation, most kinks in the world.

My kink in particular is a- particular one. Very particular, very niche, and most people would reasonably assume it to be problematic.

I mean, I'm named after it. Ryona, in particular, of the FxF variety. Action oriented erotica. BDSM, but with more punching and fighting. Nonconsensual. Somnophilia, sleeplove. Whether it be a deep sleep, or...the big sleep. Like I said- problematic.

If that makes you uncomfortable, I get it. Trust me, it made me uncomfortable for a long time, too. But that's in the past now, and I am down to clown 24/7. If you share my interests, I implore you to send me a DM. I'm in lockdown, with a lot of free time on my hands. We can work out the plot and kink details to any of your desires. It can be 100% smut, or more story oriented. Honestly, I'm down for just some straight up story telling to be done, as long as everyone in the story is sexy. And a woman, haha.

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I went ahead and closed some of the stories I'm not interested in, and added a new one about vampires and androids that has been inspired by one of one of my partners. It's been a little bit, but I'm finally opening this sucker up for some more sexy times.

Just looking for a person or two that shares the same interests that I do. Sleeplove, deathlove. If this sounds like, morally wrong, feel free to move along. If this interests you in anyway, please please please send me a PM. Remember that if you have any ideas at all in mind of your own, send them over to me. My stories are very loosey goosey and more for starting points rather than actual set worlds, with the exception of the Oracle.
I've added a new very contrived XCOM inspired story!

Remember this is an interest check for a very specific and very offensive niche. One of the weird ones, that only people have to write rules about how they don't want it. So just keep that in mind and make sure you understand what I'm saying. I've gotten a few replies from people who don't quite understand what I'm going for when I say "sleeplove" and "death".
Action oriented erotica. If you like how that sounds, read on. We can make it as light or as heavy as you want. I am extremely flexible. Just know that there are themes of nonconsent and violence below and within, and I want it to be that way. Peril awaits!

If anything I say catches your attention, just shoot me a PM. Even a little bit. An itty witty bit. Do it, coward, I dare you. On the other hand, if what I have to say makes your tummy hurt then feel free to leave, I don't blame you. But this is a shame free zone, I say we are who we are.

We are who we are is my motto. Everyone is beautiful, but unfortunately for me the only thing that gets me going are conventionally attractive women, be they real or of a cartoonish variety. So, FxF it is. It doesn't matter who you are, clicking and clacking away on your keyboard, I welcome everyone, as long as they are comfortable with writing hot woman loving.

I like this hider system, so I'm going to try it out. I have some very specific and non-vanilla fetishes, and I don't expect to get a huge response, so if ANYTHING I say catches your interest, send me a PM. Not everything I say needs to be included in the RP, and you can bring your own beautiful ideas to the table. I'm extremely open minded. I'm a desperate degenerate over here, so help a girl out, would ya?

Please don't write in the comments, just send me a PM. Makes everything easier and more private.

Here are the basic rules. Just roleplaying rules in general, not the limits of the kinky stuff.

One last thing- and this is important. I do not condone violence in real life in any way. My fantasies are just that- a fantasy. Acting upon these fantasies would be a disgusting crime, and something I would never, ever, do, and neither should you. Whatever happens to these fictional characters, it's of the upmost importance to remember that they are not real, and are the creation of two consenting adults. With that out of the way, we can continue.

Before we get into my list of my many, many do's, let's start off with my dont's.

With that out of the way, let's get into the Do's.

Warning: Themes of violence and lack of consent.

Okay, with that all out of the way, let's get down into some plot ideas. If you had anything, anything, ANYTHING in mind, a story or fandom you prefer, toss it at me.

We've got two types of plots. Ones where you play a solo protagonist and I control NPC's, and one where you and I write characters in romance with more shared world control. Hell, you can even be my dungeon master, if you want. If you have a world you want to test out, please tell me! Or you can like one of my own ideas so much you want to be in control and do your own thing and run me through it. I...doubt that'll happen, but it could! So I'm writing it in here anyway.

With that settled...if you are interested, send me a PM with what story and kinks you prefer the most, and any ideas you had. We can work on the specifics, like character sheets, over time as we get to know the story we want to tell. Thanks for reading and considering writing a perilous story with me.

Aw, thank you very much!

Don't worry about me, I use self-depricating humor because in real life my ego is immense and my confidence is unlimited. Just beast mode seven days a week.
Thanks! Happy to be here. Like I said, don't worry, I'm not trouble.
I'm just the type of person that gives roleplay forums a bad name.

But I'm gonna keep it on the down-low and hopefully none of you intelligent, talented, beautiful people will ever see me again, unless you really want too.
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