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Hannei Baizō/Aina Baizō

Hannei clenched her fists and bounced up and down triumphanty as her diplomatic skills resulted in the magical forest child's help. "Yes! I did it!" She hissed proudly through her clenched teeth. She exhaled as everything seemed to calm down. Thankfully, the cave doors sealed shut behind them. "Luckyyy!" She shouted, throwing her arms up in the air. Aina let herself down off Marcus's back. Hannei rushed over, bouncing quickly along, to assist her.

With a huff Aina landed on her behind, propping herself up against boulder. Exhausted and out of energy, her adrenaline faded and she gave into her attack. Hannei sat down and cuddled up next to her sister as Aina went limp and closed her eyes, her head falling in the nook of Hannei's shoulder.

"Freya got stabbed. I'm tired. Aina's tired. I need a break, my legs feel like they are about to fall off. Lesson learned, no more helping out other kids. We have to look out for ourselves." Hannei declared. She pointed a finger at the cave child. "That goes for you too, lady. You better not betray us." She lowered her finger and curled her knees against her chest, clutching her legs with her arms.

Hannei Baizō/Aina Baizō

Aina's adrenaline was helping her push through the attack for now, though it felt like her body was tearing apart at the seams because of it. With the help of her twin sister and Aubrey, she managed to make progress down the tunnel. Thankfully it was Marcus who came to their aid the most, and Hannei nodded quickly. Aina was now on Marcus' back, and Hannei was angrily fretting behind her, frustrated at this entire mess. Many of these people, Hannei thought, were just dumb kids. None of them were cut out for this. None of this would have happened if they had just left that stupid kid in the pond alone! Hannei would never trust a creature in these magical forests ever again.

Aina was helpless on Marcus' back, staring dully at the panic around them.

Hannei saw Freya be tackled and bloodied by the creature, and while her twin sister might have aided Freya, Hannei would not. She felt she was too smart to do such a thing, but perhaps she was just too cowardly. Hannei didn't want to be eaten by a goblin If Freya couldn't handle the goblin, then Hannei couldn't either. The japanese girl hesitated at the sight before staring angrily at the little girl with the bow and arrow. Losing rationality, Hannei thought it best to somehow convince the child to help them.

She stormed over to the forest child. "SHOOT THE MONSTERS! You better help us! Save her! Now!" Hannei demanded in her entitled frenzy. She pointed frantically at Freya and stomped the stoney floor of the cave. Her mascara was running slightly down her face, and the terror and fury was plain to see on her face. Her hands curled so tightly into fists her knuckles were white. Her entire body was trembling with helpless rage. Hannei had never been in a situation as dire as this one, but her fiery temper had been cranked up to an irrational eleven.
@LuckyBlackCat No nothing bad. I will try to get a post up tonight, if not tomorrow. :)
Sorry I have not been able to get a post up as of late. I will try to get a post up by the weekend.
Alright I'll try to get a post up by the weekend if that's okay.
I was waiting for someone else to post but I guess I should go? Seems like not many people are still participating.
Hannei Baizō/Aina Baizō

Hannei's eyes were wide as she weakly tried to help Aina escape. Her teeth were grit. "Come on!" Aina raised a trembling hand to her face as she desperately struggled against the condition that had plagued her since she was a child, feeling humiliated and stupid. Her legs continued to give out as cataplexy stole the control over her muscles that most people took for granted. She felt like she was trying to control a marionette puppet.

"Gaaah...kusho..." She swore so quietly no one could hear her.

Hannei guided her stumbling sister into the cave with the others, her eyes wide with panic. "Stupid! Stupid idiot! Why'd you go in the pond? Stupid!" Hannei seemed intent on chastising the other twin to death. She could hardly focus on anyone else other than her sister, Aina's arm draped over her shoulder. Hannei's adrenaline seemed to help, and with her legs no longer being submerged in scummy swamp water she could move at a decent enough pace. Aina's survival instinct was on overload, though every couple of seconds she dropped to her knees and Hannei had to pick her up, but she continued to kick forward anyway.

Brenton had let go, which upset Hannei even though he had to do other important things like guiding them all into the cave. The unathletic twin was breathing heavily, her face flushing red and her gasps ragged. Aina slammed a hand into her own head as hard as she could, trying to use pain to force herself awake. Normally not a healthy coping action, but she was desperate and death's equine chompers was only a few tens of feet away.
Ideally I'll have a reply today or tomorrow.
Okay, thank you
I think I might have misread the world post. I assumed that when Brenton slashed the horse with it's knife, the horse backed off. Like a 'whinny' where they rear their legs into the air? I realise that the intention might have been for Aina to get bit first or something, or have to avoid the bite.

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