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4 mos ago
Current I want summer to be over so bad, the heat was intense, the sun was toooo much for me to handle, and I long for autumn and winter once again.
7 mos ago
Summer is on the way, and my nordic ass can't handle it, I'm melting- I'm dying- help-
10 mos ago
"Shall I compare thee to a summer´s day?"
10 mos ago
To boldly go where no man has gone before
10 mos ago
A happy weekend to all of you in the guild!


About me

Age: 23

Country: Norway

Languages: Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, English, German (Intermediate). Dutch (Beginner)

Roleplaying is my greatest hobby and greatest passion next to doing art, as I am an art student, I have been roleplaying since 2007 and have had many a great experience doing so (My main reason for being interested in roleplaying to begin with is my burning passion for history, so I'm a sucker for historical Rp's), I´ve met many people, and improved greatly during my time on the internet. I sincerely believe that as long as one love roleplaying, one should be able to do so, without judgement, talent and improvement will come in time. To roleplay is to have fun, to use ones imagination, to explore one self and ones feelings. I mostly spend my days doing exactly just that, doing art or figuring out new ideas for future roleplays. I am a lover of both old school music and newer songs/artists, my taste is rather varied and I'd say I love at least one song in almost every genre there is, I'm also pretty relaxed and friendly/laid back so don't be afraid to pop on into my Dm's and say hello! I´m always up for talking.

Fandoms:Harry Potter, GOT, Star Wars, POTC, Steven Universe, Naruto and Star Trek.

Series:Steven Universe, ST:Discovery, ST:TNG, ST:TOS, Star Wars: Rebels, Star Wars: Clone Wars. WW2 in color

A proud lover of history, especially anything related to: WW1-WW2, The cold war, the 1900's-1940's, also a sucker when it comes to french and british history around the 1600's-1700's.

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1000 points

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Hello, and welcome to the guild~
Hello and welcome to the guild ^^!
Welcome to the guild.
In Heyyy 2 yrs ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Velkommen til guildet! Welcome!
I might be interested, kinda busy atm but I'll let you know.
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