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Name: Molydian Nirfourd

Nickname: Molly

Age: 18


Occupation: Student, third year, member of the monster hunting club

Class: Lightning Hunter
Like traditional hunters, lightning hunters prioritize agility and critical strikes, capable of dealing high burst damage and ending battles quickly. They use their lightning to supplement both their offense and defense, allowing for significant flexibility in case the initial plan falls through.

Active Skills

  • Bolt - Drawing energy to a part of her body, Molly can discharge the energy at a target, dealing moderate lightning damage and stuns briefly. It takes 8 seconds to charge to a sufficient level, and can be charged up to 12 seconds for increased damage. Molly usually discharges the bolt from her hands, though any exposed skin can be used.
  • Imbue - Molly directs an electric charge into an object or ally she is in contact with. If the target is an object, it will become electrified for a short time and will immediately begin discharging sparks into its surroundings. If the target is an ally, they will experience a minor shock, but feel their energy somewhat restored. Under normal circumstances, Molly remains in contact for at most 3 seconds and an object electrified this way remains charged for up to 5 seconds.
  • Vital strike - Molly makes a precise strike at the target's vital organs, with a high chance to inflict bleeding. This requires that she knows where the vital organs are, though she can make an educated guess based on similar monsters.
  • Defensive strike - Molly leaps backwards and slashes with her spear.

Passive Skills

  • Lightning Aura - Molly has the ability to generate and store electrical energy in her body. However, her ability to store the energy isn't perfect and for better or worse, some of the electricity tends to leak. While this effect is normally small, similar to getting a static shock, when she is at full power, it can serve as a weak counterattack.
  • Lightning Resistance - Despite having the ability to store electrical energy, Molly is unable to efficiently absorb electricity from external sources. Nonetheless, her power gives her a moderate resistance to electrical attacks and stuns. Thus, a taser would still incapacitate her temporarily, but she would be able to recover much faster than ordinarily possible.
  • Spear Mastery - Unlike most hunters, Molly's choice of weapons is the spear. Having several years of practice with it, she can handle it was some skill.
  • Hunter’s Training - Molly's training as a hunter has kept her physically fit and left her with an endurance to match her tenacity.

Tablet Power: Galvanize
Similar to imbue, Molly directs an electric charge to herself or an ally she is in contact with, increasing the target’s physical and reaction speed. It takes 15 seconds to power up fully, though she can choose to only use a partial charge. A full charge remains effective for 2 minutes, though the target’s speed begins declining around 90 seconds. This is quite a damaging ability, even if the target possesses lightning resistance, and leaves the target, at best, exhausted. As such, this ability is one of last resort.
For classes/characters with paranormal abilities, when do they manifest? Do they have it at birth, or is it something learned? Asking because I haven't yet decided why Molly has her lightning aura.
Numbers on abilities can be changed to balance as needed as I have no clue what is fair.

Sorry, been busy this week. I'll have my character up today though.
Interested, if you're still accepting people.
I'd still be interested in this.
Interested in this.
Interested in this.
Interested in this.
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