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Furniture warriors are amazing! <3
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Hi, I'm Lily! I've been here for a while, but took a break for a bit. I am back now! Yay!

I like drinking coffee, being at the beach, and reading a good book... If I can do all three at once, that is my idea of heaven!

I can RP in just about any genre, I don't really have favorites or hate its. I can write anywhere from one sentence, up to multiple paragraphs, it just depends on the day or how I am feeling that day!

PM me if you have an idea that you would like to try, I am on summer break from school, so I have plenty of time!

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Packing up her fudge, Ele placed it back in the bag then stood up,

"Well then let's get going! We're burning daylight and there's a lot to do here!"

She said enthusiastically, tugging on Tyler's hand to get him to move quicker.
Breaking off a piece of the caramel, Ele handed that to Tyler before taking a bite of the bacon fudge. Nodding at the flavor, she smiled,

"That is good! But I'm totally about this caramel!"

She said, taking a piece and letting it melt in her mouth.

"So bike around the island to the sites, then take a carriage ride before going to dinner? Sound like a plan?"
Putting her legs over Tyler's lap and pulling out her salted caramel, Ele nodded,

"Will the fudge be okay being swung on a bike handle?"
Ele moved backwards until when they got to the counter, reluctantly letting go of Tyler to take the bag of fudge from the woman while Tyler paid. Walking out to the sidewalk and out of the way of more people going into the store Ele paused,

"We can totally go to dinner at the jazz place! That sounds like it would be so fun! I like that we're making plans to stay here until later!"
Closing her eyes happily when Tyler kissed her forehead, Ele felt a bubble of happiness come over her, and she giggled when she opened her eyes,

"I finally banked enough brownie points and good karma to get a reward? Well, I think I won the best lottery in the world!"

The line moved behind Ele, who took a step backwards rather than letting go of Tyler. She was enjoying this outing as a couple, it was very different from their usual dates that typically involved cars or the resort.
"Well, let's get a salted caramel, a Mackinac, and the bacon fudge, that way we can have a good range of yumminess!"

Getting in line for the fudge, Ele smiled and turned to Tyler, wrapping her arms around his middle,

"What did I do to deserve such a fantastic boyfriend like you?"

She asked, smiling up at him.
Nodding, Ele turned her head to find the display case with the different types of fudge available.

"When we take a trip back to the city, I'll take you to Ghirardelli Square and the salt water taffy store. It's amazing."

Taking Tyler's hand, Ele went over to the case to pick out their fudge flavors.
Following Tyler into the shop, Ele moved so she was in front of him where she could see what was happening.

"Wait! I want to see this!"

She exclaimed, watching with fascination as the chef and his assistant poured the fudge into a long rectangle shape on the table.

"I've tried making fudge before, but it always came out wrong! I wonder how they do it,"

Leaning back against Tyler, Ele watched the workers with intent eyes as they began pushing and pulling the fudge into shape.
Nodding and skipping over to the fudge shop, Ele grabbed a tourist pamphlet from a stand and opened it to a map of the island. Looking over it for a minute, she pointed to a couple things she found interesting,

"We should get some fudge, then hop on a carriage tour! We could also see the fort and the haunted theater!"

Pointing around the map excitedly, Ele looked up at Tyler hopefully,

"Will there be enough time for that?"
Cuddling up to Tyler on the ride over to the island, Ele stayed close and dozed happily until they arrived. Once they were in the main area of the little town, Ele's eyes went wide with wonder as she looked around like a small child at a theme park.

"This is amazing!"

Holding tight to Tyler's hand, Ele watched as a horse drawn carriage rolled past them, and people on bikes zipped by. There was a romantic feeling in the air, and Ele loved it.

"It's so perfect!"
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