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Furniture warriors are amazing! <3
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Hi, I'm Lily! I've been here for a while, but took a break for a bit. I am back now! Yay!

I like drinking coffee, being at the beach, and reading a good book... If I can do all three at once, that is my idea of heaven!

I can RP in just about any genre, I don't really have favorites or hate its. I can write anywhere from one sentence, up to multiple paragraphs, it just depends on the day or how I am feeling that day!

PM me if you have an idea that you would like to try, I am on summer break from school, so I have plenty of time!

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Hey, sorry I haven't posted. I'm right in the middle of writing three papers, so I haven't had much time to reply to anyone. Sorry!
Yawning, Ele didn't want to move from Tyler's warm embrace but the people around them were moving so she got up and stretched before joining the herd of people moving from the boat to the dock. Holding on to Tyler's hand, Ele spoke over her shoulder,

"I think I could manage another tour. Do they sell coffee anywhere?"
Ele yawned and nodded her head against Tyler's chest,

"I would like to go fishing again, that was such a cool experience."

She said quietly,

"But for now we definitely should get home and snuggle up in bed. It's cold back here."
"On the pontoon,"

Ele sang gently,

"Makin' waves and catchin' rays up on the roof... Jumpin' off the back, don't act like you don't want to!"

Smiling, Ele nodded and closed her eyes, their bike ride and walking starting to catch up to her tired body,

"That sounds nice. I could kick everyone's butt at fishing again."
Following Tyler back, Ele smiled as she sat in his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck and nuzzling him there,

"You probably wouldn't want to light up what some people have managed to do back here."

She said, curling up so her head rested on Tyler's chest,

"But you and I should take the boat out and light it up ourselves!"
Relaxing, Ele smiled,

"We could also start moving stuff into the shop?"

She said, her voice muffled as she spoke against Tyler's chest,

"I could also start looking for lights and other things to start setting up the gallery."
"Snow and rain makes me sad, and it makes me even more dangerous on the roads... But you already know that."

Sticking her tongue out at Tyler, Ele turned her head to watch the ferry come closer,

"I don't want to go!"

Ele said, nuzzling her face against Tyler's chest,

"So what are our plans for tomorrow?"
Cuddling closer to Tyler, Ele nuzzled her face into his chest,

"It should be 80 degrees and sunny all the time."

She mumbled, closing her eyes and relaxing into Tyler,

"I'm gonna sleep so well tonight! This trip has been amazing, but so tiring!"
Nodding in agreement, Ele stood up and they went around the shops, Ele buying a keychain to put on her keys later. As the evening drew to a close, Ele started to shiver as the temperature dropped,

"Oh I hope the boat has some heating! Or I'm crawling inside your shirt!"

She said, hugging her arms around herself and shifting from foot to foot.
"Oh bummer!"

Ele said, looking disappointed, but the idea of spending a weekend on the island made her smile and nod in agreement,

"Definitely! How pretty would this place look in the spring time?"

Gasping and sitting forward, Ele excitedly clapped her hands quietly,

"And we could stay at the hotel!"
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