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Hi, I'm Lily! I've been here for a while, but took a break for a bit. I am back now! Yay!

I like drinking coffee, being at the beach, and reading a good book... If I can do all three at once, that is my idea of heaven!

I can RP in just about any genre, I don't really have favorites or hate its. I can write anywhere from one sentence, up to multiple paragraphs, it just depends on the day or how I am feeling that day!

PM me if you have an idea that you would like to try, I am on summer break from school, so I have plenty of time!

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Reaching over, Ele put her hand on Tyler's thigh and smiled, loving him enthusiasm and excitement for getting to the car.

"Do we paint the kit separate to the car itself?"

Ele asked, calling over the sound of the wind as they sped down the road.

Ele perked up and moved as fast as she could to the bedroom. She pulled on a pair of shorts and put on her tennis shoes then put her hair in a ponytail. This look seemed to be the norm for her now, versus her usual polished appearance,

Packing more of her clothes and things, Ele brought out a duffel bag with her,

"Ready babe?"
"I hurt everywhere!"

She groaned, leaning on the counter and stretching her legs.
Rolling out of bed, Ele groaned as she pulled on a tank top before wandering out to the kitchen. Every part of her hurt, but especially her legs,

"Morning babe."
Holding Tyler around his waist, Ele smiled up and him and nodded in agreement,

"Tomorrow I'll probably be rolling every where, but for right now I feel great. But let's get to bed!"

Going to the bedroom, Ele undressed, but didn't bother with finding pajamas. She was exhausted and crawled into bed to snuggle under the covers.
"Okie dokie!"

Smiling, Ele gave Vale and Terri hugs, then waved to Amber inside the bar. She loved this feeling, having friends to hang out with, a boyfriend to go home with, and having a night she would never forget. All of it made her wonder why she had fought so hard against it,
"Technicality means nothing, but of you would like to indulge more be my guest, I would just like to preserve this night,"

Ele tapped her temple with her finger,

"Right here, and I know that the more I drink the less I will remember."
"Suite, definitely. Any more drinks and you'll have to carry me,back."

Smirking before rising up to kiss Tyler and gently nibbling on his bottom lip, Ele said in a quiet voice,

"On second thought, getting carried by you sounds fantastic. Like a prince carrying his princess."
Cuddling up to Tyler, Ele watched the owl closely, wishing she could read its mind.
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