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Current I'm definitely solar powered.
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Furniture warriors are amazing! <3
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I need a nap.
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I need coffee... Bring me coffee.


Hi, I'm Lily! I've been here for a while, but took a break for a bit. I am back now! Yay!

I like drinking coffee, being at the beach, and reading a good book... If I can do all three at once, that is my idea of heaven!

I can RP in just about any genre, I don't really have favorites or hate its. I can write anywhere from one sentence, up to multiple paragraphs, it just depends on the day or how I am feeling that day!

PM me if you have an idea that you would like to try, I am on summer break from school, so I have plenty of time!

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"Well, since you have this covered, and there is shrimp going into it, maybe I can make some chili chicken?"

She offered, putting her arm around Amelia then looking around and smiling, imagining their future there.
Nodding her head, Ele repeated the name,


Giving her a shy smile, Ele started towards Tyler in the kitchen but slowed as she passed Laura,

"If it's okay, I'll start with Laura. My experience with a mom is pretty rotten."
"Is there something else I can refer to you as?"

Ele asked, chancing a glance at the woman,

"You know, other than 'Tyler's mom'?"
"Well, I was going to offer, but okay."

Ele shrugged and stood up, carefully collecting her paints and brushes. Once everything was put away, Ele looked at Tyler's mother shyly. She was only able to keep eye contact for a moment before she looked at the floor,

"You raised a wonderful man. Thank you."

She said quietly, her voice shaking.
The girls meanwhile had finished their models and were giggling on the floor, devolving into fits of giggles every so often. When Tyler announced that he was done, Ele looked up at him and smiled softly,

"We're done too, and I was thinking it was tie to make dinner?"
Ele had found a place to sit on the floor, and the girls had sat in front of her, the three of them arranging the rainbow of paints in the middle of them so they could reach easily. Showing the girls how to mix their paints on plastic trays, and wiping the brushes instead of using water so they didn't dilute the paint, Ele found herself smiling and feeling comfortable as they chatted about school and friends.
Looking through the models, Ele claimed a larger pickup as her mind thought through the various options she could do to it. When it was set out, Ele went back to the bedroom and pulled out her acrylic paints and the airbrush kit. Carrying the things into the spare room, Ele set everything out for them all to use.
Nodding, Ele smiled at Tyler,

"Sure! I have my airbrush kit too so we can do some fun stuff!"
Part of Ele wanted to close up and go hide in the bedroom for the rest of the night, but the look on the girls' faces made Ele smile softly and nod,

"I'll paint too. What models are we painting?"
Like a whirlwind, Mike and Stacy came in then left and Ele was spinning with confusion. Sighing and leaning against Tyler, Ele closed her eyes,

"I'll get used to it."

She said quietly, her hand going on Tyler's thigh.
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