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26 Aug 2016 1:19
Current Got me a UNSC plush blanket from Hot Topic today.
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20 Aug 2016 2:51
17 Aug 2016 22:34
Got me a job again. Fine to pay- and I'm getting myself a SNES. Supermetroid, baby!
17 Aug 2016 2:45
My stormtrooper, for the Stormtroopers Tale rp. OHFUCK AM I READY. I have never been so psyched for a rp. (Check out my trooper, strangers..)
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14 Aug 2016 20:48
Finally serious for roleplaying. Huh, would you look at that.
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You know.. I got a Darth Vader comic. Called "Darth Vader: and the Ninth Assassin".

In the comic there was a cult of mutated warlocks that praised a stone gem at the center of their temple. Which erected this light of energy that soared straight into space and sliced several Star Destroyers in HALF.

Darth Vader and a couple Imperial Guards had to go figure out how to stop it.

but it took quite a few Destroyers before Vader vanquished the erratic cult.

I nominate something like this instead of a saboteur.
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