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10 hour customer service shift yesterday kicked mY ASS
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Hey guys! I'm AnaSilan Sunja, you can call me Sun or Silan! I suck at bio's but here we go.

I was a member of Roleplayerguild before that crash or whatever where all our stuff was erased. I've been RPing since I was like...I think about 14 or so.

I love roleplays about Powers or fantasy, as well as Lore and Myth...

Yeah I got nothing, maybe I'll fix this eventually.

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*dog lover awkwardly hides in the corner*
Shtu-yot is hebrew slang for 'non-sense', or 'stupid things'.

Also: putting flashback!Logan on the spotted with lil Danny >:p
Decky Boaz - 2006

Decky's head whipped around so fast that it took his whole body with the motion. "Who the fuck do you think you're talking to Rivers," he growled, balling his hand into a fist and stalking racing towards the other boy. "Don't you ever-"

"Decky, no!" His little brother cut him off, wrapping both arms around his waist and putting all his weight into bringing Decky to a full stop. The older boy was surprised, and allowed Danny to drag him back a few feet, putting more distance between the brothers and Logan. The bell rang and Danny turned Decky around and forced him to stare into his eyes. "Go to next class, Decky," he demanded, pulling out the puppy eyes when it looked like the older Boaz was going to protest. "Please."

Decky sighed and with one last glare to Logan, took off around the corner, jogging down the hall to reach the autoshop class before Mr. Garnere threw a fit.

With his big brother gone, Danny turned to Logan, a frown on his face. "Why do you do that? He's recovering, throwing things in his face isn't going to help that," He tilted his head. "What did Decky do to you that made you wanna hurt him physically and mentally."

Danny, though not as "popular" as his older brother, was well known for his innocent intelligence. He tended to ask people questions that are often untouched upon, and sometimes would go too in depth with them for people's comfort. It came from all his time in therapy, where he had to become comfortable with the uncomfortable. Unfortunately, he never really drew the line between the small office and the rest of the day, making him well liked in class and by teachers, but in the halls students tended to hope the young boy would not catch a troubled look on their face and start asking questions.

Aisik Shomer

Aisik gave Brinlee a small smile in apology after having felt her tense at his touch, feeling slightly stupid given his own reaction to being touched just minutes prior. He didn't bring any attention to it, of course, not wanting to embarrass her.

He shook his head in exasperation at Nick's comment on Brinlee's appearance and her subsequent response before the other man turned his attention back to the crowd.

He gave a genuine laugh at her stuttering. "Yeah, well, giving up acting meant I was allowed to have hair again," He joked, thinking back to how everyone was either waxed or plucked in one way or the other, apparently for the sake of making them just that little bit more attractive to their fanbase. He never quite understood how lack of hair factored into looks, but gave in when the make-up and beauty departments started getting passive aggressive with him over it.

His previous comment about the cast parties registered with the other two men, who threw in their two scents. He nodded his head in agreement with Vincent's observation before laughing at Brinlee's response.

"I think I always left before they got that bad, I'm not one for...uh,Shtu-yot" he admitted, ending the sentence in hebrew when he was at a loss for the polite english way to say it. "Y'know I was always trying my best not to follow in my character's footsteps when it came to the party scene."

Looks like my turns up. I'll try to have something by tonight

@Sailorsadie happy early birthday!
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