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Hey guys! I'm AnaSilan Sunja, you can call me Sun or Silan! I suck at bio's but here we go.

I was a member of Roleplayerguild before that crash or whatever where all our stuff was erased. I've been RPing since I was like...I think about 14 or so.

I love roleplays about Powers or fantasy, as well as Lore and Myth...

Yeah I got nothing, maybe I'll fix this eventually.

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Collab with @Dirty Pretty Lies
Mordechai Boaz - 2017

Mordechai frowned upon hearing himself being lumped in with Kaitlin. It may seem like a small or petty thing, but he was well aware of just how much Lanie loathed the girl; being put into the same category as her really stung, despite how much he was sure he deserved it.

Trying to ignore the tugging in his mind telling him that he should intervene like he did back in highschool when the two got their claws out, he pushed off the gym wall and made to move further away from the group, hoping that Kaitlin, whose back was to him, didn't try to use him as a pawn again in her game against Lanie.


Decky Boaz and Lanie Lancaster - 2006

“Lanie, seriously, give it a fuckin’ break,” Decky huffed, pulling his girlfriend to the other side of the hall when he noticed her giving Kaitlin O’Connor a glare that could pierce steel. “I know what she did at Sundance pissed you off, but in case you forgot, I didn't screw her,” He pried her nails- more like claws-out of his leather jacket, hoping beyond hope that she didn't tear any holes, and jerked his arm out of her death grip. “I've kinda gotten used to not having bruises from people that are supposed to care about me so if you could jus-”

Decky’s mouth snapped shut and his eyes took on a vacant sheen as he realized what he'd just said. It was true, he's been out of his parents clutches for about 3 and a half months now. He'd gotten his apartment about a month ago and even during his and Lanie’s blowouts, neither of them so much as raised their hands above their waists.

His breath shuddered as he tried to take it in. He reached for the crook of his elbow absentmindedly; fuck, if he’s been clean since entering Mr. Beau’s home and he's still craving a hit? Decky doesn't know how the hell he’ll ever function properly as an adult. At least he’ll have Danny and Lanie with him.

He readjusted his stance and continued, “If you'd just chill.”

“You might have not screwed her, but you didn’t fucking tell me about it, either.” Elaine replied nastily, moving her hard scowl towards Decky now and crossing her hands in front of her chest.

The Sundance fiasco was a day Lanie was trying desperately to forget. A trip that was supposed to be filled with fun ended up in a fierce brawl with her arch enemy after finding out that the little devious snake had tried to slither her way into Mordechai’s pants. It wasn’t just the fact that Kaitlin had attempted to sleep with her boyfriend that had angered Lanie, it was the fact that Decky had kept quiet about it and she’d only found out because of one of Kait’s snarky comments.

“Because nothing happened,” Decky growled. “And in case you don't remember, I didn't have a chance to tell you before you went all Mean Girls on the skank.”

Even in her anger, Lanie couldn’t help but crack a small smile at Decky’s reference to her favorite movie. “Hey, the reason everyone knew not to mess with Regina was because she knew how to put people in their place. And that’s what I did with that snake: put her in her place. And if that makes me a ‘Mean Girl’, then I’ll gladly take on the Regina George role.”

Decky rolled his eyes, crossing his arms defensively at his next words. “If it was just you being manipulative like her it would be different, but I'm talking about you pulling her out into the snow by her fuckin’ hair.” Decky purposely ignored the thoughts that were reminding him that his parents used to do the same thing to him. He hadn't let on back at Sundance about how triggering seeing his girlfriend doing the same thing had been for him, and he certainly wasn't going to tell her now.

“Have you forgotten all the times I specifically held back from beating the shit out of a guy that hit on you because you told me to chill? Double standard much?” He sniffed derisively, letting his eyes roam around the crowded hallway. “Besides, I hate Regina's character, I don't want you, my girlfriend, to be like her.”

The memory of pulling Kaitlin by the hair onto the snow was one that brought another smile to Lanie’s face. Ah, the satisfaction she’d felt after finally letting loose all the negative energy she’d been feeling against her nemesis had been one beyond compare. Granted, there were still visible scratch marks on her hands from when Kaitlin had tried to claw out of her grip, but apart from that Lanie had remained unscatched (thank God for the coat and winter wear she’d had on). Of course, her moment of reminiscence was interrupted by Decky reminding her of times he’d held back at her request from going after guys that hit on her. Lanie let out a loud, frustrated breath. Decky was wrong, and he knew it, so he was trying to mix one unrelated thing with the other.

“It’s not double standard, Mordechai,” Lanie said through gritted teeth, visibly upset now. It wasn’t a pretty sight. “It’s one thing to have a guy telling me I have a nice ass or rack or whatever, but it’s a completely different one when the girl I hate is literally telling you that she’d love for you to ‘come play with her’ because she’s 'feeling lonely’ and ‘wants to see what you’re capable of’.” Just quoting the messages out loud was enough to want Lanie to go back and repeat the Sundance incident all over again.

“And I told her what I was capable of,” Decky growled, shoving off the locker he’d been leaning against and leaning closer to Lanie’s face, hands stuffed into his pockets. “She was blocking the door, talking about how I always looked more fun when I was high. So I pulled out my knife and told her to move before she found out how capable I was.”

Looking down at his scuffed up boots, Decky weighed his next words. “You know, it ain’t exactly comfortable for me to be hit on by chicks I don’t like, so if you could get off my back about it every once and awhile, that’d be great.” Ok, so apparently he didn’t weigh his words enough, because he really had intended to keep sarcasm out of the conversation.

Decky’s words sent a wave of anger down Lanie. She raised her eyebrow haughtily at him, putting her face even closer to his. Even when he spoke about pulling a knife on a girl, this didn’t make Lanie hold back. She wasn’t afraid of Decky, much less intimidated by him even if he had plenty of inches and pounds on her. If there was anyone in the world capable of breaking Decky besides his brother, it was Lanie. Even if that would break her in the process.

“You want me to get off your back? Okay, fine. I’ll get off your back. Just watch me.” And with that Lanie spun on her heel, her ponytail swinging in the air, and stormed off in the opposite direction. If Mordechai didn’t appreciate her, then she might as well not waste any more of her time on him.

Decky stared at her back for all of two seconds before reaching out and lightly but firmly catching her wrist in his hand; they were not about to break up, again, over something so stupid. "I can't believe you are being so..." He trailed off with a quick glance to the corridor Kaitlin and Callahan had gone down a few minutes ago. "...fucking ridiculous, both of you. Come on." he tugged Lanie along behind him, pushing swarming classmates out of the way and marching the two of them down the corridor, stopping right in front of Kaitlin and Callahan.

"Sorry to interrupt your moment, Callahan, but these two obviously need to sort some shit out," Decky glared as though daring the increasingly violent boy to deny it. "Something needs to happen between you two-" he pointed roughly at each girl- "because I sure as hell didn't screw anyone, but I'm still getting screwed right now."
@BrutalBx@Starwinter So me and DPL are working on a flashback collab and were thinking of dragging Kait and Roddy into it for added drama. DPL said we should ask you two about it though given how chaotic it might get trying to have 4 people weigh in on the same conversation. It would shorten me and DPL's collab and allow a quicker post on our part, but if you were planning ahead for your Flashback posts between Kait and Roddy, it would interrupt it, so we wanted to check in.
I'll link you to the new one in a pm, DPL
@Dirty Pretty Lies considering he had just heard his name called and now feels like anew eavesdropper? Lol yeah. Not to mention the well, shit moment of realizing your ex just basically subconsciously grouped you together with her highschool arch nemesis.

I'm hinkjg of doing a flashback back and forth with Decky and Lanie like how brutal and star are doing, you up for it or do you wanna keep your writing in the present?
“Indeed, I was, actually! And no, he hasn’t. It just seems like dark times are the ones that bring the eavesdropping snakes out of their hiding places. Wouldn’t you say so, Kaitlin?”

*clenches shirt, right above heart* well damn I know that wasn't technically directed to call Decky a snake too but damn is he gonna feel that Sucker punch
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