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2 Apr 2017 17:16
Current I never used to believe in fairy tale endings. Now I do. Thank you Mortimer for making me the happiest in my life. And thank you RPGuild for bringing me my very own Prince Charming.
30 Mar 2017 6:24
why did the chicken cross the playground? to get to the other slide.
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28 Mar 2017 11:42
Don't have any time to Roleplay this week sorry guys.
26 Mar 2017 20:03
I'd rather be one person's bitch than just a bitch in a long line of bitches. The biggest bitch. XD
24 Mar 2017 22:02
Inigo Montoya: "You seem a decent fellow. I hate to kill you." The Man in Black: "You seem a decent fellow. I hate to die."


~Angel Vicky~

Been a member of the old Roleplayer Guild since 2012 - I tend to do more Advanced. My favourite lore is Angelic (you probably couldnt tell by my name!) and Norse mythology. My fave writing genre is sci-fi and fantasy but I like drama, comedy, suspense with a little bit of romance thrown in!

Other things I'm into are video gaming and COSPLAY. My main cosplay being Aerith Gainsborough from FF7 and a Demon Hunter - Vala from HotS apparently... (thanks Mortimer! ><) - from Diablo 3. Will also be trying out a few Marvel chars such as Rogue or Lady Sif from Thor in the future, along with other Final Fantasy girls.

I'm a media graduate and have written and filmed for tv documentary, however I am first and foremost a role-player and have been for over ten years now.

I also love to write poetry, ballroom and Latino dancing, singing, freestyle dancing, badminton, sight-seeing, travel, culture, movies, music. I can sort of play the piano, just out of practice!

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Really sorry for the delay! Been a lot busier than expected ^_^

I hope my post length makes up for the wait?
Alex's moustache twitched at the corner of his mouth when Duncan insisted on calling him Sir or Mr. He eventually relented with a hand going up and then wavering slightly. "Alright if you insist Mr Moran." He actually liked that this boy had polite manners.

He chuckled at the comment he made at his mother having to chase the poor man away. "Well we do enjoy our tea, us Brits." He admitted. "And my daughter makes a fine pot of tea indeed!" He beamed with pride, she had her UNrebellious moments...

"I surely look forward to greeting your folks if they do decide to show up. It's actually Victoria's birthday next month so I'll be throwing a big garden party for the whole town. It's a rather special event." Nothing was too good or expensive for his little girl. His princess. She was all he had left in the world. Of course he was going to spoil her.


In the kitchen, Tia hummed as she stirred the stew pot atop the stove. "This sauce is coming along nicely, dontcha think Miss Vixy!" She had always called her nicknames affectionately. Victoria ventured over from slicing some fruit for dessert to taste test the sauce. With a delicate hand she took the wooden spoon, held her hand underneath to catch any drips and sipped the hot broth. "Mmhh. Yeah. I do declare Miss Tia you have done it again!" She playfully teased her friend. Tia shook her head. "It was your idea to put the thyme and rosemary in." she pointed out as she wiped her hands on her apron.

Victoria chuckled. "I do declare Miss Vixy has done it again!" She pointed an index finger in the air as she smiled brightly. The girls did have some fun. Much to Alex's and Belle's disapproval. Tia's dad didn't seem to much mind though. Speaking of Miss Belle....the door was heard opening and shutting as heeled footsteps were heard. Belle ventured into the room and greeted the ladies and took off her pale yellow hat. Adoring in a long black cloak over a long black dress, her hat was the only thing colourful. She used to dress in such bright colours in her youth but all she seemed to wear these days was black.

"My word! The market was busy today!" She exclaimed and handed Victoria a bag of some sorts. "Here, I got you some more of those bows you like for your hair. And Lord! What happened to your dress!" She pointed toward her dirty skirt from where she had ventured out into the field to rescue the calf.

"We had an emergency. In faaact...let me introduce you to our hero of the day." she removed her apron and led Belle into the lounge by her hand. She found Alex and Duncan chatting between themselves as she presented Belle. "Duncan, may I present Miss Belle, my au pair." She then directed Belle to Duncan. "This is our neighbour Mr Moran."

"O-oh...pleasure!" She glanced at Alex, who winked back at her, you could see they were formulating an idea into their heads already....
Oh? That's good at least ^^
Sorry for the delay, been really ill. Should have a post for tomorrow.
2 years ago before stress made me rougher

I have that same pendant! :D
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