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15 Jan 2017 16:00
Current Got the game "Trove" but I have to wait for Battlefield to go from 91 to 100. :T
11 Jan 2017 22:48 It's all clear what will you do now?
31 Dec 2016 20:44
Here's to a year that I'm sure as hell not gonna miss!
30 Dec 2016 21:13
We've lost many people in 2016, artists, actors and guildmates. And yeah it sucks but the fact that this year has taken it's toll doesn't mean it will last, we're the human race. We've suffered worse.
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30 Dec 2016 18:33
I haven't been here in a while because I didn't have internet. I am sorry for people that know me that I couldn't say hi over Christmas. I'll try and catch up posts when I can.
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Hello my friend.

I have quite a few nicknames on this website: "Blizzy", "Scrollbar", "Little Shit", "Blizz-Senpai" , "Lil' dude" and "Magnificent Bastard" but my actual name is Blizz. Things I like to do are to Write, to read, draw, game and role play. You can find poems by me in the gallery section scattered about if you like to read as well, something I think I should mention is that I am one of the people in the world who respect different people, if you are gay, I'm cool with it, if you are bi, I'm cool with it, if you are pan, I'm cool with it. Same goes for gender, if you're non-binary, I'm cool with it, if you're gender fluid, I'm cool with it. So don't be afraid to share your true colors around me as I won't berate you in anyway, otherwise I wouldn't call my best friend my best friend in real life. Nice talking with you!

Note: I am going to warn you right now so listen. Jokes about suicide are the best way to piss me off. I don't care if I just walked in 5 seconds ago. I see a suicide joke and I will go off on you. I don't care if you're Clint Eastwood, if you make the joke, you're getting called out. I don't care if you're Lord Ramses, if you make the joke, you're getting called out. And if you have a problem with me calling you out on a joke you thought was "funny" then that's far to bad because I don't like your sense of humor anymore than you like being called out for it. So if I see it you might as well deal with it. Like it or not.

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We all have shadows in our past, but some of us have darker ones than others.

Name : Linus Gerrand

Alias : Cesserint, meaning "Flames of War"

Age : 21

Appearance : Linus is 5 feet and 9 inches tall. His skin is not to pale or dark, but a bit of both. His short but ragged hair being a shade of brown similar to mud has a few strands of grey to white in it that are easily located, his eyes are the color of a lake, pale blue with a small hint of green in them and also the first thing someone might notice about Linus. He usually wears a dark grey cloth button up shirt and pants, wears boots darker than his hair and an old, red-orange soldier coat.

Yes, the coat looks strange, get over it.

Magic : Linus has great understanding over the dangerous element that is fire. Years of learning have given him mastery over fire magic, he has the power to create devastating fireballs in his hand that can melt steel and make weapons out of thin air. When Linus makes fire, no matter how hot it does not change color and is always a bright reddish gold color.

As much as I regret it, I can do such things...

Personality : Linus isn't the most open person ever, he will certainly trust people with some things if he can trust them at all, but there are some things he wouldn't are speak of no matter how much he were to trust someone. If they ask him why he won't tell anyone, you're lucky if he says so much as "Because I said so." before leaving. Linus is typically a quiet person who treats other people with respect mostly, he sometimes seems a bit detached from the world, but doesn't make much notice of it if someone asks. When someone is threated that Linus cares about, he will do everything in his power - magic or not - to get them out of danger.

There's a reason why I keep some things secret, just...just trust me.
Name: Damon "Draco" Wright

Age: 16

Appearance: Damon's hair is in a mess, a dark shade of brown that never seems to be right. His skin is about as pale as a piece of paper as can be seen, he still looks human, just very close to white. The feature people notice about him the most is that his right eye is silver. His left eye is a common shade of light blue but his left is a silvery grey.

Powers: Draconodermic Physiology - Damon has the power to change his skin into a rough, hide like material colored like dark stone. This "Dragonhide" is extremely strong and can withstand most conventional bullets at it's weakest. The more Damon focuses this power, the stronger it becomes, at it's weakest, Damon's skin simply turns into Dragonhide, but gradually, dark red bone like spikes will emerge and the Dragonhide will thicken and grow, these spikes can be razor sharp and can cleave through concrete, however, they are not invincible, at weaker stages, the spikes are brittle. The Dragonhide can become rather cumbersome and weigh Damon down.

Attitude: Damon is a relatively calm and smart person, but is capable of violent anger. In most situations, Damon refuses to take sides unless something horrible happens, in which case he will do what he can to resolve the conflict. Damon is forgiving for most things but remembers certain things such as assaulting others leading to mortal wounds. This has given Damon a sort of Judgement complex. He may come off to some as the guy to settle an argument but in reality he simply doesn't want the situation to be any worse than it already has to be.

Class: Patient, borderline Solitary.
@SpookySquid What exactly is darkest dungeon?
"May the force be with you, Mr. Bowie." Said Voldemort as he bowed and turned on his heel to face the Tardis. A magical toy that Megaman should have used in place of a pew pew'ing toy. As Voldemort stepped into the Tardis he sat the spear chain on the bench, it annoyed him that he was compelled to yell "GET OVER HERE" every time her used it, but it was useful. Voldemort sat in the massive throne that resembled a mass of swords as he uttered the magic phrase.

"Beam me up ya filthy animal."

"YOU SHALL INDEED PASS, BUT ONLY FOR A SNICKERS" rumbled an old man who seemed to be the shits in the tardis. Voldemort groaned as he flipped on his pipboy and dropped a snickers. Not long after, a crab came out of nowhere and stole it, then disappeared with a laugh. The Tardis was turned to dust as Voldemort appeared somewhere else.

"Hey, listen!" Squeaked a tiny, agitating voice behind Voldemort.

"Oh no..."

The battle music roared to life as a large frozen sword appeared near Voldemort.

"OBJECTION" roared a new voice as a table was thrown at the tiny light who spoke before


"Well fuck we can't use that"

"Just use the zombie dogs infect with the Tbo-I mean T-virus. That's legal right?"

Hm, and I had Buddha pinned as a shitposting prick.
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