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22 Apr 2017 1:17
Current I came home and the thing greeting me on the computer screen was something that I was not prepared for. Holy shit...
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21 Apr 2017 10:58
... are you okay?
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16 Apr 2017 19:05
Dear Moms who tell at me for lightly pushing their child out of the way: I don't care. Your child threw 6 RAW fucking eggs on the ground, get out of ma way. Eggs are fucking expensive
15 Apr 2017 2:41
*when you get 12 notifications, freak out, and then figure out they're all likes and laughs from the same person* Please... don't? That seriously stressed me out.
14 Apr 2017 0:41
*tries participating in friendship stuff* *friends now hate me* This is why I don't have friends


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Well, she's certainly going to be reprimanded by Natasha.
In Iris Halo 20 Apr 2017 0:55 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Laura just went berserk, man.
In Iris Halo 19 Apr 2017 20:35 Forum: Casual Roleplay

I jinxed myself... ):

Dude. Don't be impatient, these things take a bit. You can't expect me to put ever ounce of my focus into my online life. Real life is a thing, and for me, exams are approaching. I have a life beyond this forum.
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