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Profile grading is an ongoing process; simply submitting a profile does not mean that said profile is accepted. The people running the event will let you know when your profile has been graded and whether or not it's accepted or in need of revisions. If you haven't heard anything, that means that they haven't graded your profile yet, more likely than not.
AVAILABILITY:: CST timezone; work is from 11pm to 7 am, I sleep from 7 am to 3pm and go to the gym from 4pm to 5pm, my days off are Wednesday and Thursday. My optimal availability times are Wednesday and Thursday from 6 pm to 6 am. While I intend to try and post outside of my strictly stated availabilities (e.g. Wed and Thurs at the aforementioned hours), I cannot guarantee it because of the nature of my job, which sometimes requires me to stay late or go in early. The stated days and hours are just the times when I know I can post.

EDIT:: Sleep times may change in the future. I'll know where my hours lay closer to the event.

[hider=P R O F I C I E N C I E S]

Proficiencies are graded on a scale from Untrained to Grandmaster; the former represents the lowest level of proficiency while the latter represents the greatest. The grades are as follows: Untrained [U], Basic Proficiency [BP], Standard Proficiency [SP], Moderate Proficiency [MP], Advanced Proficiency [AP], Master [M], and Grandmaster [GM].

Pistols [GM]
Rifles [AP]
Shotguns [BP]
Explosives [BP]
Swords [MP]
Daggers [AP]
Bludgeons [SP]
Axes [U]
Staves [SP]
Spears [SP]
Hand to Hand [AP]/[M]
Throwing Weapons [M]

[Specialization] Gunslinger
Caius has trained extensively in the use of pistols. His accuracy while firing on the move or from the hip is exceptional, and he can perform numerous trickshots and a variety of feats [rapid reload, dual-wielding, gun kata, hyperprecise aim, etc] with his weapons of choice.

[Specialization] Telekinetic Combat
Caius's gunslinging abilities are complemented by his ability to fight utilize telekinetic power to bolster his melee combat or to control multiple weapons at once -- particularly throwing daggers that are designed specifically for telekinetic use.

I haven't fought in about.. six years now. I guess I'll dust off the boots for this tournament, though, since I've been getting a bit of the itch in the past few months.

I also joined the Discord with 2swole2control as my tag, although I don't know how active I'll be there.
In Arena Chat Thread 19 Nov 2016 17:43 Forum: Arena Roleplay
I've played across the whole spectrum of character power and I've generally found low levels of power (what people often call "mild powers") to be the most challenging and the most enjoyable. This is by and large for the simple reason that limitations breed creativity, much as necessity is the mother of invention. If I tell you to draw a line from point A to point B and give you a blank piece of paper, you'll draw a straight line. If I give you the same instructions but with a maze -- that is, limitations of where and how you can draw your line -- now there's a challenge involved. The same largely applies in roleplay combat. It's why it takes less effort to shift a character up in power than it does to shift them down: down-shifting requires applying harder, more concrete limitations.

That being said, I did enjoy high powered combat when I played it, especially with the DBZ approach of just "fuck it, laser beams for everyone!" There's nothing wrong with it. From a competitive angle and ensuring that characters can be placed on as level a playing field as possible in tournaments and similar events, I prefer mild powers. I (as Melon knows) even prefer the additional limitation of making fights non-fatal to force people to really think about their posts by removing the option of going right for the throat, both literally and figuratively. Puts people on their heads.

Also, if you want to read about superhero regulation or lack thereof, read Ennis's The Boys. Mostly because Ennis is hilarious.
As @MelonHead said, this is something we used to (and still somewhat) do on Gaia. We treat Gaia as a multiverse (referred to as the "Gaia Mainstream") where characters from any given setting can pop up. We have people who run events -- whether fighting tournaments or DMed mini-campaigns -- and these events are very condensed in terms of time, usually. Less so for tournaments, but even then we try to use a very clear timeframe for our events, and I think this aids a lot in promoting activity.

For example, a long-since-departed player named opaj used to run events; he basically developed the idea for those of us on Gaia who play in the Mainstream and he coined the term Gaia Mainstream. His method was something like this: Develop a campaign or event and tap a few people to DM it with him. They would then DM according to a specific schedule, and during those scheduled times people were meant to post as much as possible, within reason.

So, for instance, during one event he might say "The DM team will be rolling the story forward Thursday through Sunday. We will NOT DM NPCs or advance the plot on Mon-Wed. This event will last two weeks, and will conclude on the second Sunday." Basically, he would use specific timeframes to encourage people to post by saying "here's our active period, post then to be part of the plot's advancement" while having off-days where it would be less DMing and more general roleplaying to grease the wheels of the story. During this period, they might still DM casually, but more for interaction than for pushing the story to its conclusion.

All of opaj's events were ran on very particular, very condensed timeframes. I can't remember his events ever being longer than two weeks, and I think he ran one in a single weekend of constant posting. Admittedly, this is back when most of us were in high school or college, so we had more time, but I think the approach still has a lot of merit because a) as adults, we have some control over our schedules and b) it gives us an impetus to roleplay because we know we're working within a very specific timeframe, instead of a more lackadaisacal "it'll finish when it finishes" approach.

opaj-style events have fallen by the wayside on Gaia at the moment, but as someone who participated in one, I can tell you: they were immensely enjoyable, especially because you had this atmosphere of frenetic activity where everyone was just rolling along at a good, steady clip of roleplaying. No waiting for days or weeks, no hemming and hawing. Just people jumping in and playing and getting shit done.
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