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July 29th, 2371
Royal Family ETA: 36 Hours

@Lady Amalthea "I'm glad to hear that. You're definitely saving me quite a few headaches." Flo reached around to grab the small handbag she had slung over a shoulder and from its depths pulled out a thick roll of physical bills held together with a bright pink rubber band. From the roll she counted off several slips, her expression held stiffly in the throes of basic arithmetic. After about a minute's time she placed a rather significant stack of cash on top of the counter.

"I believe this covers the entirety of the up-front asking cost. Now if you'll excuse me, I must be going. You know where to call me if you need me." Florina gave Sunie a small wave before she left the shop, the jingle of the door and stack of cash the only indicators she had even been there in the first place. Flo's number had been in the system for years and she was pretty good about answering any messages left, 24 hours generally being the latest the shop would receive a return call from her. And on the matter of the cash on the counter, upon counting herself, Sunie would find that Flo had grossly miscalculated and paid nearly three-quarters of the adjusted asking price. Whoops.

@Nallore"Alright, I need you to look into somebody for me. I think I have a picture saved on my phone." Leonard looked to have gained a couple years of youth back (or rather he avoided losing a few more years to stress) with Anthony's acceptance of his offer. He took his phone out of his pocket and began pressing some buttons. Suddenly his eyes widened and his fingers pressed on the phone very quickly. He looked around to see if anybody was looking his way and made a few more presses before both his hands and face calmed down to a more normal pace/expression.

Several minutes passed with seemingly no progress made on finding whatever picture(s) was supposedly on the mobile device. At that point, Leonard was slowly scrolling through whatever it was he was viewing on his phone in stark contrast to his initial hurried actions. Occasionally he chuckled at something Anthony couldn't see.

Location: Zoie's House

Mali was taking her time with discovering each of the foods she wasn't familiar with. It was all so quaint. Frying tomatoes? Never would have crossed her mind, but turned out pretty tasty. Not something she'd have a strong desire for later, but if she had a chance to have them later, she wouldn't necessarily turn them down. The fried ball things turned out to just be more cornbread, which was both disappointing and came off as bafflingly redundant given the fact that normal cornbread was there as well. The greens turned out to be her favorite of the bunch. They were a hell of a lot better than the spinach she oftentimes cooked for herself, but something told her that it was likely that either there was a lot of things here that weren't healthy, or the comparative superiority of these greens was just her lack of proficiency in cooking at work.

But then Mali's meal was interrupted by the conversation's turn from simple bickering to the real matter at hand. Relic didn't seem all that up to the task of explaining why they were even here, so that task fell to her. Mali finished her current mouthful of chicken and sighed before chiming in.

[color=D5FF00]"I'm not sure you know how much you know, but judging by that reaction, I'll hazard that it's more than me. I'll just start from the beginning to make explaining as simple as possible. I first met your brother about a week or so getting beat up by some punks, and saved him from that mess. Since then he's let me in on a lot more info than I warrant for whatever reason. We've been poking into this whole conspiracy today, and I suggested that we look into the murder of Danica Graves rather than try to dig up stuff that my have already been found for us. That's when he suggested talking to you. Since then we took a trip to the asylum to talk to a certain doctor, and the patient she was interviewing at the time said that Valentine was coming for her. Now we're here. I'm not sure what he expects you to do, but here we are anyway.""
@Lady Amalthea Is the continued use of the eyeball scooping gif really necessary?
I have quite literally nothing for Thomas.
Save for perhaps another filler post to fill up meditation time as he prepares his spells.

Maybe I should do a poem or something.
Anyone have any requests/suggestions on themes?

Diss track on a rival school of mages
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