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I understand, thanks for the heads up.
Carla Lobo

Location: Outside

Much like everything else that had transpired tofay, this 'meeting' was quite disappointing. Here she was expecting to learn something useful only to sit through an attempt to cow the crew into subservience. It's true that Carla was a tool to be used for murder, but she was not a dog that could be swayed by some menacing barking. All the blathering about her forceful tactics amounted to very little when it came from a captain who just crashed her own ship and had one of her crew break orders when the chance presented it.

"Why? Why should any of us bother sticking around and do what you say once we've cleared the Reavers?" It was a simple question, but one well worth asking and one asked with a tone of geniune curiosity rather than the verbal finger-pointing the words would normally used with. Sure Foy and Carla could probably kill every one of the Browncoats here and have Lieutenant Harper take the ship back to an Alliance Headquarters. Or once they had arrived at a spaceport they could just report the location of the ship and what happened to make it easy for the ship to be tracked down and brought to justice. But either of these things would be shutting off a potentially beneficial proceeding. For as little as she thought of the woman proclaiming herself monarch of the ship, she thought equally little of the Alliance. She had no great love for it, nor did she technically work for them. Work was work, and this did provide an opportunity to see a lot more action than she'd been getting insofar.
@The Fated Fallen How's progress on that character?

@UraharaSteph Are you still on board?

Location: Justice Asylum

"...So who's Thana? Some girl you have a crush on or something?" Contrasting her teasing words, Mali didn't take her eyes off of Tinder as he made his way back across the street. She even managed to spot him after he entered the coffee shop, with... Riley Ridgeway? There was a chance she was mistaken, but if that was indeed Riley, the coincidence of it all was setting off her conspiracy alarm. They needed to get out of here right now. Unfortunately they would remain sitting ducks until a taxi would get over here.

Impending doom aside, there certainly a lot to chew on from that conversation between Relic and Tinder. Some of it reassuring, some of it offputing, but all of it raised more questions about just who this kid (and now his family) was (were). Still, Mali felt like she was starting to get a clearer understanding of the situation around Boston Heights and its place within the bigger picture. But perhaps it would do her nerves better remain as ignorant as possible, lest she end up as jittery as Relic.
Cyne & Nor

Location: Salarn
Interacting with:Keystone & Ntaj

"Undead and greenskins, eh?" Nor asked, feeling quite ignored by most of the people still outside of the tavern. Of course he had managed to catch the adventurers at the most inopportune of times: not when they were cheery and optimistic at the start of a quest or when they returned triumphant, jubilant and weighted down with coin, but during the middle of their quest when they were all sulking and serious. Just his bloody luck. Still, if he was to make something of this pit stop, he'd need to be more persistent than the novice blacksmith who throws away his first sword at the first sign of trouble. Nor hitched his wagon by the much larger Orc wagon and made his way into the Crossed Swords tavern, in the process almost getting bowled by Keystone (the fuck's his problem?). What he found inside looked like the start of what could be a massive bar fight. Maybe this pit stop wouldn't be complete boredom and business.

Cyneburg did as she usually did, sitting back and watching (although she really should have gone into the Tavern with the rest of the group). How disappointing, she had gotten excited during the last day of the trip at the prospect of visiting a real settlement of people, not some adventuring group or military post, but they were all cowed by the threat of the undead. She probably wouldn't even be able to pick up a replacement veil. Oh well.

"Where are you going?" Cyne asked Keystone as he left the tavern, walking with purpose somewhere. He was still carrying Sana, but at this point, she wouldn't be surprised if Keystone would take a piss without putting her down first. The druid would merely follow behind and hope that she would get a complete answer from the cook.
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