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7 Nov 2016 22:40
Current When you manage to trigger a Congress room twice
5 Nov 2016 9:06
Off to San Angelo for got a debate tournament
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17 Oct 2016 2:01
Managed to claim 3rd in CX with my partner at a debate tournament. I feel pretty good considering it was my first time doing CX.
15 Oct 2016 11:14
Off to a debate tournament. Wish me luck.
10 Oct 2016 5:43
As per the usual, sleep is something that escapes me


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If there's room, I am down.

A little bit more left then I used to be.
Would like to make a Tribal, sort of Germanic country, one what continent would I start?

(BTW, I've never used the website before, and this will be my first RP on it, lol)

I have am already planning on running a Germanic Nation, two would be a bit redundant. Apologies.
So I guess that makes my religion, whatever it should be, thr biggest in the xivilised world... Interesting..

No it doesn't.
Sorry for the delay guys. Been pretty busy with debate tournament prep for a debate tournament tomorrow. Khan your app is good and I am making you Co-GM while I am busy. Doubt it will happen but if there is at least 5 apps done and accepted before I get back, go ahead and start without me.
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