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8 Mar 2017 15:24
Current Stress-induces sickness is the best sickness
7 Nov 2016 22:40
When you manage to trigger a Congress room twice
5 Nov 2016 9:06
Off to San Angelo for got a debate tournament
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17 Oct 2016 2:01
Managed to claim 3rd in CX with my partner at a debate tournament. I feel pretty good considering it was my first time doing CX.
15 Oct 2016 11:14
Off to a debate tournament. Wish me luck.


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In Orbit of Gaia above the New Berlin landing site
The low hum of conservation filled the landing bay of the colony ship as the colonists awoke from sleep and arrived in the area, standing in front of a large stage. The ship had arrived above Gaia but a few hours ago in the designated location, and as per orders, was to maintain orbit preparation for the landing onto Gaia. The room fell silent as a figure stepped onto the stage, who was none other than the colony’s sponsor and elected Chancellor, Erich Burkhartsmeier.

Erich had a long history with politics. His father before him had been responsible for forging the treaty and necessary political alliances to unite Germany and Austria once more, and he himself had been actively involved in advocating for the United Federal Republic to launch a mission to Gaia and settle it. Erich himself was also massively popular among the people, and as such was chosen to lead the mission.

Unlike the stereotypical image of people of Germanic descent, Erich had hair that was the color of charcoal, and deep green eyes to go with it. Like the other colonists he wore a simple plain grey jumpsuit with the symbol of the UFR on it, but his had the addition of a pin to indicate his position as the Chancellor. Erich tapped a small black object on his neck, before he began to speak.

“Today marks one of the most important events in the history of our United Federal Republic.” boomed Erich’s voice across the room. “We have all suffered many hardships on the quickly failing system that is Earth, but we have been presented with a new opportunity. Gaia could be the chance for our people and the human race to start anew, be granted the chance to build a civilization free of the past ills that plagued the growth of modern civilization. We must however proceed forward with caution, or we could so easily fall play to the same fate that is currently befalling Earth. Let us now begin the procedure, and march forth into this new era!”

A cheer erupted from the crowd as Erich concluded his speech. He motioned to one of the ship’s crew who spoke into a similar black object. The ship’s engines roared to life and began descending forth onto the planet. Minutes later the colony ship had finally landed into the grassy green fields chosen as the landing location, as the thousands of colonists poured out from the landing bay.
I will, just going to try to pick up from where I last left off.

What date is it? Also I need to talk to @Vilageidiotx about Serbia-Spain stuff.
Holy fuck this is still here.

*attempts to quietly slide back into Serbia*
Sorry for my leave of absence, I was dealing with family issues. I will be posting soon(TM).
@Lady Selune
I am assuming since its Jump-In I am already good to go? Also how many colonists/resources/other things do we have to start with?

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