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26 Nov 2016 16:21
Current Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, we gain strength. Through strength, we gain power. Through power, we will win. Through victory, our chains are broken. The Force shall free us.
31 Oct 2016 21:53
Coruscant Sacked: Aftermath. Its back!
29 Sep 2016 6:54
Stabbing is a perfectly acceptable form of greeting.
29 Aug 2016 7:18
Our grammar perfectionist seems to be annoyed at people messing up e and a in words... "independant/independent", "alter/altar", etc...
23 Jul 2016 7:52
if in doubt, add mad science.
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~| The Sacking of Coruscant |~
~| Day 1, 11th hour |~

To most who had never before visited to the Jedi temple, its myriad of corridors, rooms and halls would be a maze, inscrutable and confounding. To Nimm, it was neither. In the days preceding the mission, she had studied all available information about its layout, its construction and its security systems. Most people would assume that such knowledge would be unavailable in the empire. They could not be more wrong. In fact, the Sith knew more about the Jedi temple than most of the people living in it did.

Though Nimm had not been privy to the planning of the sacking, she knew well that they had accounted for every minutiae of the plan, right down to the density of the support structure holding up the pillars of the temple entry hall. Nothing had been left to chance. Thus, she knew exactly where to go to find the Jedi Archives, and the holocron vaults within them. None who stood in her way stood there for long. It did not matter if he, she or it was a droid, temple guard or jedi. All fell before her saber.

Once she had the holocrons, she would see about her secondary mission, that of capturing a Jedi or three. Though she did not shy from combat, she did not seek it out either. There was no doubt that other Sith would seek the vaults in the names of their masters too, but they would not have her skills, and they would be too late. She knew it.


All was silent when Nimm entered the archives. She had made good time, entering via the archive entrance closest to the vaults. She was a bit disappointed, really. Not a single trap to avoid nor any foe had tried to stop her. She had hoped for at least some minor opposition on her way, if only for old time’s sake. But no, not even a single Jedi in her way.

There was no need to hide her entry, but even so, she did not flaunt her entrance. She kept to a direct route to the side wall of the vaults. While vaulting over one of the banks of library terminals, she spotted a pair of droids, but dismissed them immediately, as they were clearly not equipped or designed for combat. Doing a quick somersault mid-air, she landed nimbly on her feet.

“All too easy...” she muttered to herself as she pulled her lightsaber and started to cut through the vault wall, right where the schematics said they were at their thinnest.
The journey is the goal, not the ending. At least for us.

Granted, that doesn't mean a story shouldn't finish. After all, a journey isn't complete until you've been there and come back again.
Indeed it does.
it does rather seem like Formaroth attracts irregular bouts of frequent posts broken up by long periods of silence...
Would Thanatos lead a mob like that?
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