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26 Nov 2016 16:21
Current Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, we gain strength. Through strength, we gain power. Through power, we will win. Through victory, our chains are broken. The Force shall free us.
31 Oct 2016 21:53
Coruscant Sacked: Aftermath. Its back!
29 Sep 2016 6:54
Stabbing is a perfectly acceptable form of greeting.
29 Aug 2016 7:18
Our grammar perfectionist seems to be annoyed at people messing up e and a in words... "independant/independent", "alter/altar", etc...
23 Jul 2016 7:52
if in doubt, add mad science.
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no specific plans yet. we've had extra D&D work recently, as we DM'd on sunday.
we have no clear preference. Some characters are old, some are young, some are in between. It all depends on what purpose the character is supposed to fulfill. Some characters get their age set by how they might relate to another character. Others by the amount of experience we want them to have from life.
though some RPs in advanced use such lengths, not all do. In the RP we're running there, we generally don't care how much someone writes in a post (within reason), but rather what they do with it. Also, Aftermath (our RP) uses collabs heavily, which naturally tends towards far longer posts.

Give it time, and you will learn to write more too, @Rockerman403. Especially if you find the right GM that doesn't mind having someone around who posts shorter than the rest do.

  • Tip #1: Find a GM that will let you participate even if you can't post the same lengths as all others can.
  • Tip #2: Collabs with people who typically write longer. Though a 30-para collab can seem massive, remember that only half of that comes from each player, and that it is helped along by the other participant.
  • Tip #3: Take your time. While some advanced RPs can have posts thrown in pretty quickly, most move at a slower pace than casual. Not all can throw up a long post in an hour. Some might write the post over several days, if not longer. Most reasonable GMs accept that posts may not come as quickly from all players.
  • Tip #4: Have fun and make sure your character has sufficient depth. We've seen in the past how some characters sort of "overrule" their players in what they will/won't do. Those types of characters can easily let you churn out more than you otherwise would.

any questions?
The dislike doesn't have to be personal, after all...

The church is notorious for blaming mages for pretty much everything that goes wrong. Just look at that pesky habit of burning mages alive found among rural villagers and the generally uneducated masses.

also, if someone doesn't set something up to barricade @sundered Echo's machinations, Lana will end up ruling all of Formaroth in a backseat driver sort of manner, mind you.

here are the two reviews you've been waiting for.

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