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31 May 2015 20:10
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I may have an interest in this. What's currently the status of House Tully so far in this RP?
Is it bad if I'm posting here just so I can get that green dash next to this thread? Oh, and my character sheet is coming along rather well, though I still have quite a bit left to go.
In From Sleep Awake 29 Jan 2017 16:32 Forum: Nation Roleplay
Depends on who we all have left and whether or not it's worthwhile to continue forward.
In From Sleep Awake 15 Jan 2017 0:17 Forum: Nation Roleplay
@Willy Vereb @Gowi @ethanjory Come on peeps, let's get going! Could someone at least acknowledge my existence and answer a few questions I had for you? It's kind of required in order for me to finish my NS.

Should have gotten back to you earlier. I'm willing to bite, though I'm admittedly a bit behind when it comes to my own NS completion.
Sorry, I was just really looking forward to that ramen shop is all. All kidding aside, I wouldn't be posting if I wasn't actually interested in joining; I'm not that obnoxious.
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