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Also for those who are wondering when the IC will be up. Tuesday on May will be the release date. Around the time exams should be ending for most.

An interesting character that, I leave it up to Dead how much like the blood kiss his coven is. Nice to see he has some loyal Exarch's though. My only grip is the De'Bois Family Armor would allow some normal spells before turning outward to draw on the winds of creation.

Aside from that, it looks like it's going in the right direction, I shall await finishing touches.

Also to everyone else let me know if you have finished your character and I can add you to the accepted characters list.
@GreivousKhan This looks to be very enthralling. I would like to join this, but I am not sure as how to proceed with character creation or claims. I see that there are three Archon's thus far that have land claims depicted in the attached political map in the first post. To my understanding of the written information provided, The Mother Night is the top of the power pyramid, followed by Archons, and then Exarchs. If the Empire is fully claimed, and the other regions not fully explained (i.e. Republic of Lesmiana, Atar, Hollow Moors, etc) what would you suggest is the best course of action to follow in the area of character creation? Is there no more room for Archons (Not sure if there is only a set amount), should I steer towards an Exarch then? Look forward to the privilege of being able to partake in your creation, and hope I didn't miss anything important.

Hello, Abefroeman! You're more than welcome to join. As for character creation, all three Archon slots were atm filled. There is no limit to Exarch spots, however, and as an Exarch you can decide which Archon you will directly serve in the hierarchy when deciding where to put your hold on the map in Empire land.


Just a kick shout-out to those who showed interest in the Int check.
Still open?

We are indeed.
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