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So would a vampire lesser generation be an alright background for a char? I have an interesting idea I want to try out.

Sorry I did not get my post up this weekend. Got distracted by Tyranny. Good news is that it is half finshed.
I think the important matter concernin our storms is that it was at least two weeks ago for the hulk. Sand storms like most don't usually have long life cycles.

So another thing I want to ask. Does anyone need or want an assassin for anything? I could always make my own side thing but the advantages of a Co story is aid from other writers so if anyone is interested let me know.
Was I the only one who bothered to look at the map sign posted in the chat? I am on my phone so I can't grab it bit the hulk is in the west between me and the union. Smack in the center down there.

Edit: nvm sign beat me to it.
Have you ever seen what raiders wear in Fallout 4? They might as well have raider printed on their armor. lol

That's discrimination, and you know it! Don't let me call the SJW on you! Snowflakes! Snowflakes where you at!

Though I kind of imagined most bandits being more techno-barbarians than what would pop up from a 21st-century post-apocalypse world. Though that does give me a wicked idea for a NPC raider faction. I shall add it to the pile!

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