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9 Feb 2017 14:30
Current No longer sick. Back to business as usual.
6 Feb 2017 20:24
I am sick. Lessened activity is to be expected.
9 Jan 2017 0:32
And that's a new avatar. How long was I Thaddius again?
6 Jan 2017 11:36
A new interest check enters the fray! It's my... second or third as far as I can remember. I hope I've learned how to do them by now.
12 Aug 2016 15:29
And that's all the Finns out of the International. Oh team Liquid, why did you have to choke so?


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The door through which Derrick led his group opened into a dark room, in which seeing with ordinary eyes was rather difficult. He had noticed the keys in the dying light of the lantern before it had abandoned him, but now the darkness enveloped the room to a great degree. However, some light filtered in from under something that could only be presumed to be a curtain on the left side of the room. The light was blueish, as if daylight was shining through tinted glass.

Otherwise all they could see was what was illuminated by the light coming in from the doorway, two small gargoyle like sculptures laid on their side and face respectively on the floor at the back of the room and there was an old rug on the floor. Dust was nearly everywhere in sight, with the exception of a few large pawprints right next to the door: Wolfwing must have been using those keys recently. It only made sense, didn't it?

@Dusksong@LChris314@Lord of Evil
@The Harbinger of Ferocity
There is a reason why it has not come up yet, that being that I had thought not to include it in our game. Sure, Inspiration is a fine addition to the ruleset and I use it in my in-person games, but here in the forum medium I believe it might lead to more elaborate writers receiving it more easily, thus lending itself to favoritism which I would like to avoid.

I see how Orchid would be deserving, given the "never give up" attitude with the dragon and the sheer determination to slay it, but since I would not like to use the rule, I'll have to say no.
@Lord of EvilVery well. Expect me to have a reply up in the next 24 hours. It's too late to be writing now though.
@Lord of Evil
Check. Left or right? After all, the door opens to a T-junction. For reference, the keys were on the right.
I'm asking about the fact that the cell block did extend further down and had a corner at that end in addition due to having the door in the other. Thus I'll need to know which direction you pick, especially given the lack of external light sources.
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