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9 Jan 2017 0:32
Current And that's a new avatar. How long was I Thaddius again?
6 Jan 2017 11:36
A new interest check enters the fray! It's my... second or third as far as I can remember. I hope I've learned how to do them by now.
12 Aug 2016 15:29
And that's all the Finns out of the International. Oh team Liquid, why did you have to choke so?
10 Jul 2016 23:09
Now that convention is behind me, I'll need to get my costume ready for the next one. Guns of Icarus Engineer, here we go!
8 Jul 2016 13:22
I'll be at a convention this weekend. I will probably not be able to post until Sunday evening.
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@Lucius Cypher
I would like to point out that you may not have the luxury of gaining more HP from short resting. Well, saying I'd like to do it may be an exaggeration, but it's something I'll do. You see, healing on short rest expends the amount of hit dice you used and since you are 1st level (and thus have but one hit die) and have already taken a heal on short rest, you hit dice are expended. You get an amount equal to half of your level (at least one, rounded down I believe) of them back on a long rest, which also fully heals a character.
If I have downtime beyond taking a short rest, I would like to know if Orchid could somehow work that dragonhide onto his shield, and if so what sort of benefits it'd give him.

He would be able to. However, while Ambush Drakes indeed belong into the subgroup of dragons, their scales are much too "normal" to provide any real added resistance to his shield. It sure could look nice though.
A quick inspection of the chain shows obvious wear on few of the links, the two biggest groups being one around halfway between Mistletoe's arm and the wall, the other being on the wrap itself. While this thing had no lock on it, undoing the mess created by the captor could take some time. It would probably still be quicker than trying the pulling method.

When it came to the contents of the other cell, the best thing Derrick could find (if he chose to search) was an old plate shattered to three big pieces on a mouldy wooden tray, so nothing that could be of help in this situation. While this was going on, heavy footsteps could be heard approaching the door nearest to their cells.
I chose to advance the story slightly faster than I had originally intended, since I was not sure if you would rather describe your downtime quickly or rather go into detail with a couple of posts. Do tell me if you'd rather have it handled differently so I'll know at least in the future to do it right.

Before Ramando had had the time to go away, he could hear a familiar voice: "I am fine, and you would do well to stop worrying about me so much." It was Brother Waladra responding to their earlier question. The monk had found himself a place to sit comfortably on, with a seat seemingly built from discarded rags and some clothes from other monks. "It is not broken, so I'll be up again by tomorrow. But I've heard that you have joined an effort to help the citizens. Just like Brother Leosin would have wanted", he continued as he shifted his injured leg on his seat.

"So indeed, rest now so that you can help them later. They need all they can have. We'll begin the more extensive search tomorrow if we have not found him by then, or at least that is what we've discussed while you were down there", he relayed the rest of his knowledge to the shining example of selflessness Brother Brightwood was in his eyes. Having said what he had to say, he leaned back and closed his eyes, muttering: "I should do the same..."

For the next hour or two, nothing that remarkable happened. A few souls sought the music they could hear coming from somewhere nearby and a few even found the source, but none dared bother the bard. Orchid and Ramando had their naps, the storyteller and the human warrior did what they thought was best. The peace was broken eventually by the biggest uproar they had heard within the keep thus far. The message was travelling from one man to another and eventually it reached all of our heroes: The dragon had chosen to attack and all able bodies were expected to report on the battlements. NOW.
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