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19 Apr 2017 10:17
I'm feeling feverish. Hopefully it's nothing.
14 Apr 2017 9:55
Something is horribly wrong with my phone keyboard. If words that in no conceivable way should be there sneak into my OOC replies, that is probably the culprit.
10 Apr 2017 22:25
Busy packing, will catch up with RP's tomorrow
27 Mar 2017 22:49
Wife's got pneumonia and I need to take care of her, activity may suffer as a result.
20 Mar 2017 1:08
You would not believe how hard it is to balance a two headed Ogre PC for two players in D&D 5E. I'm close to making it work though!


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@Dusksong@Lord of Evil

The hunters went through a hushed discussion on whether it would be a smart move to head into the seemingly abandoned library, but decided it would not be worth the risk with the spiders involved... yet. Having to forgo the chance of getting outside that way for now, at least one of the group approached the door on the other side of the hallway and pressed their ear against it, listening for any sounds from within. However their check was met with nothing but silence.
Multiple doors out there in the hallway, but yes, there is one across from the library door. Just making sure now that you know there's many doors in the dark hallway that you want to check that one in particular.
@Dusksong@Lord of Evil
Yeah, the hall has many doors, most were simply closed. Was there a specific door Kenza listened at or did she just pick one at random?
Honestly I think the roleplay thread made me lose interest rather than become more involved after reading it.

Unfortunately so. Applies to me as well.
I cannot comment on whether the module holds any spots where it would be natural, maybe even beneficial to take the time to "piece Torus together", but I can tell that I am in no way rigidly enforcing you to stay on the beaten path. However, since the story is heading into a certain direction, too big of a diversion may end up making things monumentally harder in the future. Hopefully I will be able to establish a certain sense of urgency even within IC, so that your characters can naturally choose to pursue "the main quest" over the side mission of helping their friend when the game would call for it.

And of course, if all else fails, I still have the DM staple of asking "Are you sure?"
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