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21 Apr 2017 14:52
Current Hello, metal husband!
21 Apr 2017 14:13
Tip to toe, this is a Bart.
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20 Apr 2017 23:54
"A tall dirty chai latte with soy milk, please."
19 Apr 2017 21:14
'I feel the color in my cheeks rising again. I must be the color of The Communist Manifesto.' -- E. L. James
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19 Apr 2017 20:58
The real commies were the friends we made along the way :)




You can call me Jacobite, J, or Jax. I'm a free-wheeling biromantic, which isn't quite as catchy as plain old bisexual, but the jist of it is the same: I like lads as well as ladies, and anything in between. Most of the characters I make are queer. Usually they are not monosexual, because at its core roleplaying is a self-indulgent hobby limiting them to one romantic option stifles my enjoyment. Don't be too surprised if they are gender non-conforming, too. That's really the only area in which my personal life infringes upon my writing - except perhaps a few Scotticisms you might find here and there. Is it any surprise I come from Tumblr?

"You can call me pretentious, and believe me, many have tried."

But in the end, I'm not here to further my goals of turning the world into a multi-culti matriarchy or to endlessly shitpost in the status bar about the misunderstanding of futhorc and futhark runes in mainstream culture. No, I'm here to roleplay. I've seen Free, I've seen Casual, and I've seen Advanced, and I think I'm going to stick with the safe middle because the people there are way more chill. People who nitpick over non-standard grammar and questionable spelling annoy me, because even forum roleplaying (to me) is not about writing, it's about socialising. Put down the thesaurus and the red marker! Find a friend!

(But so help me god, if I see one more example of meta-gaming or OOC salt being dragged into the IC - or vice versa - I'm going to scream, and it won't be pretty. My voice will break.)


Mass Effect: Andromeda
Life is Strange
13 Reasons Why
The Expanse
Game of Thrones
Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Skulduggery Pleasant
Harry Potter
Glass Mask
A Streetcar Named Desire


The Coalition
Roll the Bones
Chasing the Dragon

Overwatch: A New Era
The Misadventures of Finn and Sunny
Dragonfall - The Leviathans are Coming
The Real World: Welcome to Miami
Hollywood University

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@fishguy That's fine - I can extend it til Friday of next week, if you'd like? @nightmare eyes has also asked for an extension.

I'll be posting tomorrow. I might take some liberties in moving your characters out of the way, if it turns out to be necessary (and if you'll allow it, though it'll be nothing intrusive.) I'll check with you first, though, before I do anything - no matter how small.
@Grim Fandango


Tentatively interested.

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