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struggling to stay interested.
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I'm irritated by seeing the names of people who have 'lose interest' or "too busy" to post. What is wrong with me that I can't keep people interested?
4 Mar 2017 16:07
I wish I understood why I keep losing partners.


Hello Everyone. Welcome to my page. Feel free to call me Ms. Winters Or Major Winters. Most people do. I have been with the guild over three years now. I have many RPs and 1x1s. Feel free to take a look. I am 38 (Yes I know I am older than most). I am an online college student going for my masters in marriage and family counseling. I have been happily married for 16 years. I have two gremlins. I love to read. Feel free to connect with me visa facebook I like chatting with Guild friends although I don't turn it on often anymore. Not enough time.
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In Camp Castaway 24 Apr 2017 0:25 Forum: Free Roleplay
@Mistiel opps... dorry. I forgot Lin. I knew I forgot something. Do you want me to edit. Also unless you tales to @LiegeLord you sort of godmodded.
In Gemstone Warriors 24 Apr 2017 0:23 Forum: Free Roleplay

Roxy stood in the shadow of an alley on the rough side of her hometown. She spent most of her time in the shadows hiding from her father and his men. She rubbed at the odd stone that had appeared on her collarbone. A day after it appeared she had received a letter stating that the stone gave her powers if only she could learn to use them. She just had to figure out how to get there. Anywhere was better then here. She made her way to the bus station.

In Camp Castaway 23 Apr 2017 23:30 Forum: Free Roleplay
@DriveEMOut @LiegeLord @Mangrale @LiegeLord @Vampy @Mistiel @Framing A Moose @Dealdric @CajunRobinHood
Kyle started climbing down the cliff. He was probably going to get into get into trouble but he had to get down to Ivy. She wasn't acting like herself. He had to find out what was wrong. While his sister's nonstop energy was hard to deal with he knew that her being still was dangerous. She was like a volcano. He was more worried about the kids with her then Ivy. He couldn't let that happen. She was his responsibility. He couldn't let her hurt others accidentally.

The female councelor headed down after Kyle. It was against policy to leave kids unsupervised. Her brother headed down from the fourth level. He needed to be with the kids on the third floor.

Ivy was staring at the butterfly trying to decide how to climb to it when she heard a voice in her head. She shook her head. She wasn't used to hearing voiced in her head. She looked around. Had anyone else heard that? She didn't think so. She looked from the butterfly to where she heard the voice.
I am going to give @Hidden Lillyuntil tomorrow before continuing the sim.
In Gemstone Warriors 23 Apr 2017 22:10 Forum: Free Roleplay
@jeroukoo@BubblegumQueen approved.

So how many characters until the story gets going?

I will create the IC now that we have 5 characters
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