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Kiyoko stared up at the skull as the rest of it and its minions faded around her. "We did it," she laughed, looking to the oni. Though her smile faded as she noted the sudden change in mood and her blue eyes flickered back to the shrine. It seemed as if the group was growing by one every time she turned her back. She could manage crowds when she had to, but the evening had be stressful enough as it was. Hesitantly she returned to the shrine to join the others, her brows furrowed at the priest for them. He was older but handsome with lovely robes, warranting at least curiosity from her.

He confirmed that the others were youkai as well, though it was pretty obvious after the fight. And his explanation had her scowling by the end. She eyed the silver haired okami after his agreement, eyes narrowed as irritation laced her words. "It's dangerous. We could get hurt--or worse." Though as she spoke, she knew she'd allow herself to get roped in. Hell, she had run at the gashadokuro head on. Admittedly with the help of a powerful oni, but it was nothing to scoff at.

"You especially," she added, her piercing gaze finding the human boy's. Potential or not, she suddenly tense. The others were clearly capable, but he had contributed little. "I don't like seeing humans get hurt."
Despite the air of change and talk of danger within the forest, its beauty never ceased to amaze the young hunter. Her light steps grew quieter as she walked into it, not wishing to disturb the small animals that scrambled about. Arrows remained in her bow as she ventured, though her eyes were wide: the smaller animals made fun game and a meal for one, but Cassandra hunted to feed herself and others. Deer was her preferred target and--sure enough--they had left their mark on the forest from the night before. Cassandra adjusted the quiver on her shoulder and ducked into the brush to follow the trail.

By the droppings and tracks she was lead to a small clearing by a babbling brook. It was still early, so she stayed her distance and eyed the brush. As she stood, watching for movement, she began to string her bow. The clearing remained quiet and mostly still; her eyes caught some movement from miscellaneous animals and bugs. The bow strung, she tugged at it with her gloved fingers and stood to her full height. And that's when something moved. Cassandra's eyes snapped to the brush as it rustled. Deciding to follow this potential game, she stepped into the clearing to follow silently. She would take a long way around the brush to avoid making too much noise before continuing deeper into the forest.
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Kiyoko had flinched when the woman--who appeared to be oni--was immediately on board. She nodded and looked between her and silver haired man as they offered to clear her a path. "Thank you," she said, grateful for the simple but direct advice: stick it to the skeleton. Her lips pursed as she stared ahead at the monster in question, the task suddenly much more daunting than she expected. But, she had offered to step up and she wasn't going to let others remain in danger because she couldn't back up her talk. As she was given the talisman, she eyed it for a moment and drew in a deep breath. Here we go, she thought.

Suddenly, she was off: she followed behind the oni. She was indeed fast, as promised. She kept up with the larger youkai's athleticism easy enough, one foot in front of the other. Yagra was making good on promise to clear a path, though there were many skeletons. Kiyoko dropped at one point, sliding like a baseball star under a particularly grabby skeleton. She hopped up again easily. Yagra came to a sudden and violent stop just in front of her and--just like that--they were before the enormous skeleton.

As the oni swung her kanabo, Kiyoko followed up with a sudden leap, taking her high into the air above the swinging club and its wielder. While some might be yelling in the moment, Kiyoko was almost grimly quiet. Anxiety seized her heart as she looked into the dark eye holes of the giant skeleton but she slapped the talisman against its face as she dropped next to Yagra.
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