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Yo, I'm Kidd. 22, anthropology student, casual gamer, top tier anime trash.

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In Of Blood And Magic 18 Jan 2017 1:26 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@The One Fixed!
@Remipa Awesome dude, Kat is awesome!
In Of Blood And Magic 17 Jan 2017 21:10 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@The One Oh oops! I wasn't sure but I couldn't find the info. I'm sorry. I'll rewrite ASAP but that won't be for a few hours since I'm in class. If you want to respond before then, that's fine too, and I'll be sure to work it out so it works
In Of Blood And Magic 17 Jan 2017 20:37 Forum: Casual Roleplay
In looking about, Kyran was hit with a sense of dread he hadn't felt since that night. His pink eyes lightened to near-white, but his pupils dilated as he swung his head around and then up. There floated a bat and--while it was just a bat--something about it sparked that familiar unease. He swallowed and watched it fly off, stuck in the moment as time slowly ticked by. His eyes returned to normal and he sighed, paying attention to the papers in his hand. "Where are you?" he wondered with anew determination, moving himself forward and through the crowd. He watched as pairs starting to meet up with mixed reactions, most seeming polite on the surface but there was tension hidden underneath.

The young man was hard to find, his appearance far more plain than the others here, but Kyran scowled when he found him simply standing there, not even trying to locate his partner. The mage stood taller than the new vampire, but Kyran was rarely surprised by that anymore. "Rolf?" he said as he approached, glancing at the photo again. "I'm Kyran." That was obvious--save for the princess, Kyran's appearance was one of the more unusual, even for a vampire. "I love your hair. I'm sure we could do something more with it." The compliment was genuine if sudden, and Kyran followed it up by reaching out to lightly pull some of Rolf's hair up to watch it fall. "A different shampoo to start might be a good start..." His voice trailed off.

Rowan didn't have to look hard for her partner: the mage approached her. She blinked as the girl..almost addressed her, but seemed to thank something else entirely. Curious, Rowan glanced back and then to the girl again. She stared her down with a furrow of her brow, prepared to judge for any mistake she might make. But, Lilith was well groomed and beautiful, if lacking the prestige and money that made it easy for Rowan. She spoke to Rowan with respect, and the vampire got the sense that it was out of a genuine kindness before any set of social rules. So while the speech itself had left her with dismay, Rowan found it difficult to stay mad after being paired with the girl. It may have been too early to tell, but Rowan wondered if she was one of the more lucky vampires in terms of partners.

"Lilith, the pleasure is mine," Rowan greeted with a bow of her head, her voice low and calm--but not particularly warm. Unlike the girl bowing before her, Rowan spoke with a sense of politeness and ceremony before kindness or goodness. "Please, walk with me. Tell me about your magic and that...unique behavior." So far, it was the only thing she disliked about her new mage. With that, Rowan offered her arm to the shorter mage, allowing for them to be linked at the elbows. She would walk mostly without aim, but slow, dark eyes flickering ahead and back to Lilith as she listened.
In Of Blood And Magic 17 Jan 2017 3:30 Forum: Casual Roleplay
With males being the only vampires able to reproduce, I imagine the name and everything is passed through the male line. Is the vampire society is mostly patriarchal? Because, on one hand, I feel like women would have the freedom to attend to their individual interests. And on another, I feel like they aren't going to be as valued by the men, who decide on everything.
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