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@Kidd Would you still be interested in making antagonist characters with me?

Yes! I have a couple ideas for antagonistic groups/characters. I can lay 'em out here for the group to decide on or I could PM 'em to you first?
I vote NPC humans cause otherwise some of us are going to be lax on our character design and development.

Well people can be lazy with their characters anyway. But on that note, specifically, I love taking on antagonist-typed characters and I do not slack on character development. I'd be willing and I'd have fun with working with the GM and others to make a designated "bad" group for the main group to clash with (with characters just as well developed and diverse).
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Cori Woods
Cori had left Maine to do as he pleased, and she looked around at the others. People were already starting to get along and socialize, but none of them were very interested in her, it seemed. She had always struggled to make friends, and to see others clicking so easily sparked a twinge of jealousy in her. She wasn't aware of the fact that she was the only one here with a significant other, but even their first impressions of each other were less than friendly. Why couldn't it be easy? Good. I need to check out my cabin anyaway, she thought bitterly, turning sharply on her heel to approach one of the homes.

As she walked in, she removed her sunglasses to take a better look at the place before her. It had a colonial feel with stairs wrapping up through the center. It was lavishly furnished, and she recognized some of her favorite brands endorsed by her father's company. It was upon recognizing the Woods Stamp of Approval, however, that her dazed smile faded into a frown. And suddenly, the room warped like it was a glitch on a computer screen. Cori gasped, covering her lips with her hand as her sunglasses clattered to the floor. The image flickered to something much less personal: it was suddenly a contemporary styled home, its furniture and appliances minimalist and neutral in colors. However, in the strange switch, Cori could have sworn she saw Dracko's much smaller but comforting apartment.

Cori Woods leaned over to pick up her sunglasses before slowly walking further into the home. Her gaze lingered on a door to the side and she instinctively knew there was a garage beyond. Her heels clicked loudly in the empty home, echoing with power. As she stepped into the bedroom, she was a little surprised but the design was beautiful and practical. There was nothing personal to be found: a small shelf for books, but there was no personality despite the beauty. "Wow," she sighed, dropping onto the bed to pull back the comfortable. Silk sheets, she thought, her fingers running along the smooth fabric.

Maybe Neverland wouldn't be so bad.

Cori Woods
The US Government had began its plan of action against Empowered. With Agent Woods' initiative after the Storm, they already had a working list of potential superhumans when the order was executed, known as the Aegis Initiative. Cori oversaw the operations in Georgia and was in constant communication with other leaders nationwide, acting as an advisor. It was stuffy work, and she spent a lot of time on the phone or exchanging e-mails. The stress was weighing on her, too, and she smoked a little more everyday. When things did slow down, her thoughts wandered to Kieran; she had set him up to work against Coalition, generous with resources and information. But beyond, that she did her best to avoid him, and that meant her slow days pushed her out into the shooting range or the field.

Most recently, she had watched through a scope as her men approached a suspected Empowered in the park. Luckily, her her interferance hadn't been necessary and they managed to subdue and detain the suspect. Usually in those moments, she swelled with pride for her fellow operatives, but she found herself feeling anxious to be involved hands on. Her most direct lead, Jace Williams, had fled the state in light of the violence he caused. She stayed alert for reports on his whereabouts, but it seemed he wasn't a complete idiot. There was also the Harley Quinn impersonater, who was annoyingly elusive for her men. And Cori wasn't in the position to dive head first into a case herself, especially with Coalition always on her mind. She still didn't fully understand their goal, but she was certain they needed to be eliminated. This whole mess was their doing.

In the current moment, Cori was on lunch break. It was her first time eating lunch in the park since the Storm, though her food--a healthy chicken wrap and a bottle of water--sat mostly untouched beside her on the bench. Instead, her attention was on her phone, eyes narrowed at the screen. The public had surely but slowly gathered what was happening. As expected, there was a bit of a split on its opinion: Cori scolled through articles and videos both condemning Empowered for putting the public at risk and the US government for violating citizen right. She sighed and slipped the phone away to resume eating. You're on break, Woods, she thought. Chill.

Ariana Morales
As promised to Luke, Ariana had been focused on helping prove Tamara's innocence. He had dropped thirty grand to release her, but that didn't make her non-guilty in the eyes of the public or the government. And that government had beat Ariana to outted Emopowered and while her pride was injured, she was furious at the injustice carried out against them. Luke was innocent and was only using his powers for good! Sure, there were crazies like Jace or the Harley Quinn wannabe that action needed to be taken against, but Ariana understood that anyone could be a target if they were even suspected of being superhuman.

Her anger had already fueled a few clickbait articles denouncing the US Government--it's what paid for her food too--but her time had been focused on Tamara and Luke. It had taken a few days, but she found the evidence via...questionable means. But it would be a start. The document she had together outlined any shootings in the Atlanta area since the storm then grouped them in a variety of ways: companies that donated to certain charities, type of establishment, how well the companies treated their workers. And the McDonald's "Tamara" shot up only matched one other shooting in an interesting way. Both the recent shooting at Dunkin Donuts and McDonald's was carried out by a female assailant and targetted employees alone.

The document read on in search of a single person who may be connected to both. It was difficult because employee history is technically supposed to be confidential under HR, but Ariana was persistant. She had visited both places under the guise as a potential employee. Both were hurting for employees after the, well, mass murders and Ariana worked fast: two "interviews" in two days, both shamelessly used to steal employee records. And one name--of the survivors--could be connected to both: Elliot Burrows.

She copied and pasted his name at the end of the document, staring in disbelief. She had never felt so accomplished. The local police could have done better, of course, if she went to them with the information. But she didn't trust them and Jace had fucked up the station anyway. So with that, she pulled her phone and quickly tapped a message to Luke. "i have a name!! we should visit tams neighbor!! come get me @ the hotel."

Maybe it wasn't smart to confront a potential Empowered who had murdered serveral people via innocent young women. But doing things by the book was too slow. The government was complacent and rather go after innocent Empowered. Ariana's resolve to find and expose the truth--especially for the good of Tamara and Carrie--wouldn't allow her to sit around and wait.

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Cori Woods
Ignorant to the magic happening on her way to the university, Cori arrived at her classroom ten minutes before class was ready to start: it was unfashionable to be too early, but she was an excellent student. She took a seat beside a friend, and the two fell into an easy, light conversation that started as small talk and escalated into gossip then fell back into school work. As it went on, it was clear that Cori was leading it, the topic changing at her whim. Not at all did she give any hints to her arranged marriage or the emotional distraught she felt over it--it wouldn't be a problem. Though when her friend mentioned last night's reading, Cori tensed and took off her sunglasses to cock an eyebrow at her. Hesitantly, she asked, "R-reading?" All she could remember from the night before was the screaming she did at home...and at Dracko's apartment.

"Oh, Cori," she said reassuringly, "Don't even worry about it. I'll catch you up. It happens to the best of us, clearly."

She was thankful, but the smile she returned was the fakest anyone had ever seen. Cori hated feeling incompetent; if she couldn't even keep up on reading a few dozen pages every day, could she handle anything? She opened her mouth to decline the kind offer and--


Cori looked up and around at the sudden change in scenery, squinting against the natural light. The grass under her fingers might have been soft if she had chosen to be here, but she only felt disoriented. She heard the giggles before she saw the people standing around her and she felt her face warm in embarrassment. Quickly, the young woman stood and brushed herself off, glancing from person to person. They seemed to be in as much of a state of wonder as she was, probably more-so. She squinted at someone she at least recognized, though everyone standing in the circle may have. "Hey, what's going on?" she asked, lightly patting his shoulder for attention. If Nicolas Jensen was here, maybe it was one of those stupid prank shows. Though as she looked around the beautiful forest, she didn't find cameras.

Her eyes widened at the fairies and she realized it hadn't been the people around her laughing and squeaking. When one confronted the group and called herself Nereia, Cori could only stare, dumbfounded. She heard the words, but nothing was making sense. I'm dreaming, she decided in her head. It would be the only explanation, especially since the faces among her were entirely random save for one famous actor that she barely knew.
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