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15 Mar 2017 22:22
Current If any one wants to be in a 1×1 and knows me send me a pm
5 Mar 2017 10:48
I love the kick in the face. I love the way that it hurts. I don't miss you I miss the misery
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3 Nov 2016 8:45
I'll follow you out of the dark I tried my way but I keep falling apart I'll follow you, with all of my heart I'm tired of my ways 'cause I keep falling and falling apart
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20 Oct 2016 6:08
Shot like a rocket up into the sky. Nothing can stop us tonight
16 Oct 2016 6:19
Secret hint one of my role plays has my real name. I can bet none of ya blokes can guess which one


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Rude" Damian said aloud to himself as bane helped himself to doing, as it seemed, whatever the he'll he felt like. As teacher aproached Damian stood up and trotted his way inside making his way to the back of the class and plopping down in his seat awaiting the rest of the class to show up. As he waited he remained silent, once again pulling his beanie over his eyes to take a nap. He lie there peacefully. He hadn't gotten much of a look at bane, but so far, it seemed like he was going to be a jerk.
Just a question - I assume we're taking the series as canon, and in that case our characters know everything that happened and were there for it; i.e. all of the season premieres and finales and all of the other things that everypony was involved in or would know about? (although I am tempted to make a joke IC that Silverwind doesn't recognise any of the Mane 6, as nopony else ever seems to, despite the fact they've saved the world a dozen times by now, and one of them is an Alicorn...)

Tbh I like your idea. Its funny. And I'm not sure about how the gm wants to run but I'm assuming if your character wasn't there for that sort of stuff they wouldn't know other than that I would guess it would all be assumed as cannon
Noticing everybody break out into song. Damian quickly shrunk behind a bush as to keep out of the way. He did not wish to be part of these fancy and ridiculous interactions. After everything had finished and he was passed over for being introduced to the newcomer he came back into the open and slowly walked to school. With a small pick of a rock he was trotting off to the schoolhouse.

Upon arival he realized he was still a bit early, so with a small huff he pushed his beanie over his eyes and lie down beside the steps waiting for the school teacher to arrive. All he wanted to do at this moment was get to his seat at the back of the room and get through the day.

So did you want to post next? Or shall I just continue? XD

Go ahead and post. I'm still trying to figure out what to write next
Feel like scraps is going to get his bubble burst xD... Normal ponies year right xD

No shit. My oc for example. Homosexual with MPD. That's not even close to normal.
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