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And another upgrade! Added to the CS.

Slowly regaining consciousness, Zoe began to stir. She half-opened her eyes, glancing sleepily around the room, over the footage playing on the screens, trying to figure out where they were. Nothing really seemed to hurt, and the others from their fight were all here anyway, so maybe some sort of-

It took a moment to realise what was going on as she took in the sight around her.

Here again. Standing on the surface.

It was different this time. It felt different. The ocean was shifting ever so slightly, just enough to feel like something had changed.

But she reached down again, like she always did.

It wasn't a drop this time - it was a surge of power that flowed into her, more than it had ever been before. And with it, even more of that wrongness the others had brought. Danger.

Blue eyes took in the ocean around her, watching as two of the waves collided and sent a shock running through her - the last remnants of something that was far too much for her to understand.

And all of a sudden she was back to reality. Lying on a bed in a room full of screens. This must've been where they took her after she'd...

Her expression darkened and she lifted her hand, looking at it. There had been blood, a lot of blood, and not hers. But the idea didn't freak her out like it should have. She'd gotten carried away, but the worst thing she felt looking at it, was disappointment. The rest of what she felt? It wasn't disgust, horror, wasn't even resignation.

If anything, it was satisfaction. She could remember what she'd done vividly, crystal clear, and it felt like a rush. That wasn't how she was meant to feel, was it? But he'd pushed her- She'd tried to warn him, knew how it would turn out if he didn't just stay down. She'd known what she would do to him, and she'd tried to warn him, but not tried as hard as she could have. The staff knew what her powers did as well, and knew she had no business turning that on her teammates. But at the end of the day, they weren't responsible, and she was never very good at lying to herself.

Snapped again, didn't I? First Aaron, now Gregory. Just keeps on happening.

Cold anger bubbled to the surface, but she shook her head. It wasn't time to deal with this right now, she couldn't confront any of it until the others weren't there to see. Outwardly, she appeared to relax, a lazy smile appearing on her face. Like nothing was bothering her at all, like she hadn't done anything to worry about and hadn't been half-covered in someone else's blood. Although she wasn't a particularly great actor, and it was clear something was bothering her - or at least it would be if anyone looked closely enough to check.

Stretching, she stood up, and was halfway to the bathroom when she realised what she was wearing. Somehow she didn't think she was getting her clothes back either. It wasn't really the right thing to focus on, but it made a good distraction from thinking about her actions in the fight. Keeping her composure right now meant thinking about something else, even if it was pointless.

Especially when she remembered that everyone else in the room could also see the recordings. She paused halfway across the room, watching the screens to see what went on after she got knocked out, as well as to confirm her suspicions. Suspicions that seemed to be right on the money, because she was definitely naked for several minutes of that recording. Great. She'd melted half someone's face off and then spent the rest of the fight being thrown around with no clothes on.

Not really how I wanted to make an impression.

She could only imagine what the others thought of her after this. Nothing good, that was for sure. Hopefully they'd be allowed back to their rooms soon, because it was a lot more effort to keep this up than she'd expected. She wasn't even sure what putting on an act was achieving at this point, other than making her look more unhinged than she already did. Which almost felt like an achievement in itself at this point.

But maybe that was why she was doing it. It wasn't exactly like she could explain her actions to them, 'cause she doubted any of them saw things the same way she did. So what other option was there? Sure, she could blame it on her Stigma if she wanted, but... well, knowing what went on in her head would never make any of them comfortable around her either. No, the best thing she could do right now was sit back, smile, and pretend nothing was bothering her. Everything else could wait until she was out of here.
Could just do the introduction to Najenda and stuff I suppose.
Skye, Tatsumi
Night Raid

Tatsumi still didn't understand why any of this had happened. He'd failed - hadn't he? They were supposed to save the village together, his friends and him. Sayo, Ieyasu... He couldn't get it out of his head no matter how hard he tried. There was a tormented expression on his face as he stared down at the graves. Part of him knew he should keep moving, but he just wasn't sure how to deal with it. And then there was the matter of where he'd ended up, captured by a group of assassins. There was no way he could join the Imperial Army now, so how was he meant to save his village? He could join Night Raid, but murder didn't feel like something he could do. It wasn't about talent, but Tatsumi wasn't sure he could take someone's life so easily.

He sighed as he saw one of the assassins approaching. Probably going to try and get him to move, even if he didn't feel like it right now. Still, there wasn't much he could really do about it as Leone picked him up. The woman seemed to have decided it was her job to look after him, despite Tatsumi's repeated protests against the idea. "I'm to show you around the hideout today. Have you seen the other two around anywhere?"

In contrast to the young man stood by the cliff, the cyan-haired girl perched in a nearby tree seemed much less cut up over the incident. Admittedly, she also just figured that the whole 'assassins' deal sounded cool, and the people that got murdered - sucked to be them, but she couldn't fix that now. But watching how cut up he seemed to be, she'd started to think about maybe helping Tatsumi out. Emotional stuff wasn't really her strong point, but if she needed to say something then she would. Not like she hadn't dealt with anything like this before, but she decided to wait and see if the others could help out first. Didn't want to be all sappy and cry everywhere, there was enough of that around.

Overhearing the blonde, Skye glanced over towards Rex and Bulat vefore moving through the trees with surprising grace for someone that seemed so dimwitted. If nothing else, she was definitely acrobatic. Dropping from the trees next to the pair, she waved. "Morning guys. Or is it afternoon?" She glanced at the sky. "Yeah, morning. I think Leone's looking for us, Rex. Something about showing us around? I'm not sure. She already grabbed Tatsumi while he was busy moping over there." She nodded towards the cliff, yawning and adjusting her case. Despite the fact that they knew about her weapons, she'd decided to keep the thing. Sentimental value or something.
I figure they'd basically just be going straight to sleep once they got there anyway. I'd say skip to at least the next morning so that stuff's actually happening.
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