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“Scars remind us where we've been. They don't have to dictate where we're going.” ~ David Rossi

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“She wasn't looking for a knight. She was looking for a sword.” ~Atticus

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“Heroine: A grin made for war and eyes flecked with ash striding, powerful, into the arms of death."

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“She's a hater. She's a lover. She will fight, but she has suffered. She can be cold, but she can be warm. You marvel at her beauty, but glance at her storm.”

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"There's a hole in my heart that's bleeding
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I'm moving on
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I'm standing strong, it won't be long
Til I see you face to face

I'm not going down that easy
It takes more than that just to break me
I'm not going down without bleeding
I'm not going down, down without a fight"

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Location: Wyndham Estate near Hyde Park (Out front)

Fyror listened to Jeanette and Virginia’s conversation in thoughtful silence. They both seemed to share to some degree his concern for the sudden appearance of a Soulless within the confines of London. At the mention of the event at Almacks tonight, his mind immediately went back to his family. He had a sinking feeling that despite the extra precautions put into place, Almacks would not be any safer. His heart constricted at the thought of his whole family being there. Some of the other officers from Colchester Garrison would be there as well. Fyror knew he must inform them upon their arrival of the present danger posed by the invading Soulless. If the threat increases, it may be beneficial for more of the regiment to be brought into London and to do a thorough sweep of the city. He hoped it wouldn’t be necessary, but he was open to the possibility. He would do almost anything to keep people safe.

Fyror’s brows furrowed slightly at the remark that both Jeanette and Virginia had nightmares recently. A small shiver went down his spine as he briefly recalled his own nightmare. Was it simply a coincidence that they all had nightmares around the same time? Or was it an omen of something terrible to come? He was pulled from his thoughts when Jeanette introduced him to Virginia. A genuine smile graced his lips once more. “The pleasure’s all mine, miss,” he replied politely in response to Virginia as he inclined his head. He found her quite peculiar, but nevertheless he would treat her with respect. Surely, she didn’t find enjoyment in pain and suffering?

His gaze shifted to Millicent Wyndham as she exited the manor and approached them. He respectfully inclined his head in greeting, but she hadn’t seemed to notice him yet. His eyes roamed the soft contours of her face as she addressed Jeanette. He quickly noticed the mark that marred her beautiful face. He could make out the shape of a handprint underneath a layer of powder, likely used to camouflage it. His gaze became more intense, almost piercing, as anger filled him. How dare someone strike a woman?! If I catch the culprit, I swear I will give them a piece of my mind!

It took a moment for Fyror’s gaze to soften when Millicent turned to acknowledge his presence. He vaguely hoped she had not caught sight of him seemingly glaring in her direction. He did not wish to give her the wrong idea. He maintained steady eye contact with her as she spoke. Her offer to further discuss the situation in Hyde Park was tempting, but he was adamant to accompany Jeanette to the church as planned. “I am afraid that I must decline the offer. I wish to accompany Ms. Crane to the nearby church to ensure she gets there safely. There could be more Soulless in London, so one can never be too careful. Thereafter I must return to my family. My brother is currently watching over my mother and sister,” Fyror replied apologetically. “I will be at Almacks tonight with my family. Perhaps we will meet again there.”

Fyror heard movement behind him, alerting him to the presence of another. He spun on his heels, and his hand once more went instinctively to the hilt of his sword. His face fell when he saw a man holding the dead body of the Cargast’s latest victim.
@Lady Amalthea No worries. RIP Lady A's characters.
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Location: Hyde Park --> Wyndham Estate

Fyror easily caught up to Jeanette as she hurried out of Hyde Park at a sprint. He matched her pace as he came up alongside her. They then spent the next several minutes running next to each other in a relatively comfortable silence. Relatively is the operative word as he was well aware that more Soulless could be nearby, watching and waiting for an opportune moment to strike. If a Cargast could successfully breach Jericho’s Barricade, he had no doubt that other Soulless would soon follow suit. And why would they not? After all, London was a ripe hunting ground stocked full of potential prey. With that in mind, Fyror carefully surveyed the terrain as they headed for a nearby church, intent on reporting the horrid incident that had just occurred in Hyde Park. To scan his surroundings, Fyror had to swivel his head further than the average person due to his limited line of sight. All the while, he kept his footfalls as quiet as possible, utilizing his skill at shadōtoyūgō (stealth). He figured the quieter they were the less attention they would draw and the more his excellent hearing could pick up. In the end, he didn’t need good eyesight to tell if they were being followed.

Five minutes of running down the empty dirt road had gone by when a manor came into view. Jeanette suddenly deviated from her original course to head towards the manor for reasons unknown to Fyror. A group of people that had been congregated outside were quickly dispersing. He caught a glimpse of a familiar face before she disappeared into the confines of the manor. If he was not mistaken, it was Millicent Wyndham. The last time he had seen her she had attempted to lessen the devastating blow caused by her mother’s slight of him. “I would be more than blessed to have a man of honor as a husband than any other cretin in the room,” Millicent had boldly spoken up in contradiction to her mother’s implication that he was unworthy of her daughters due to his mangled appearance. Whether Millicent truly meant her words, he knew not. “Forgive me sir, please,” had been her departing words.

Fyror was pulled from his thoughts as Jeanette called out to the sole person standing outside the manor. The woman’s name was Virginia, apparently, and she was evidently acquainted with Jeanette. The woman had abnormally pale skin, almost reminding him of a ryne. His head tilted to the side the slightest as he watched and listened to her speak with Jeanette. She was peculiar in her manner of speaking, and her demeanor gave little away. She seemed to be knowledgeable in the ways of hunting Cargast, which is probably why Jeanette went out of her way to speak with the woman. He kept quiet, not wanting to interrupt their conversation. Besides, he was here for Jeanette’s protection, nothing more and nothing less. Well, maybe that wasn’t strictly true. He admittedly enjoyed being in the company of someone who was not deterred by his mangled appearance. It was a nice change of pace.
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