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“Scars remind us where we've been. They don't have to dictate where we're going.” ~ David Rossi

Name: mnkee
Age: Twenties
Gender: Female
Birthday: August 8th
Ethnicity: American
Location: USA
Languages: Fluent English
Occupation: College Student (Senior)
Major/Minor: Equine studies/Animal Science & Ag Economics
Pets: 5 Boer goats, 2 Miniature Schnauzer/Beagle mix dogs, & 1 cat

“She wasn't looking for a knight. She was looking for a sword.” ~Atticus

  • Volunteering at horse stables
  • Horseback riding
  • Raising goats
  • Photography
  • Writing
  • Rping

  • Something happening to my loved ones
  • Lightning
  • Wasps
  • Emus
  • Ostriches

  • God/Christianity
  • Animals of all kinds (Horses, dogs, and goats most specifically)
  • Nature/being outdoors
  • Going to zoos
  • All things medieval
  • Strong women
  • Learning
  • Reading
  • Rping
  • Dessert/candy
  • Barn work
  • Jeans and boots
  • Swimming

  • Bullies
  • Stereotypes
  • Hypocrites
  • Cruelty
  • Discrimination
  • Overexploitation of wildlife
  • Geese
  • Cockroaches
  • June bugs

“Heroine: A grin made for war and eyes flecked with ash striding, powerful, into the arms of death."

Preferred RP Section: Causal
RP Level: Causal
Dedication Level: Moderate to high

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“She's a hater. She's a lover. She will fight, but she has suffered. She can be cold, but she can be warm. You marvel at her beauty, but glance at her storm.”

Theme Song: "Not Without a Fight" by Pillar
"There's a hole in my heart that's bleeding
But its given me the strength I needed
To carry on
I'm moving on
I'm not giving up that easily

I can see the black cloud breaking
But it doesn't stop the scars from aching
I'm standing strong, it won't be long
Til I see you face to face

I'm not going down that easy
It takes more than that just to break me
I'm not going down without bleeding
I'm not going down, down without a fight"

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@Lady Amalthea Just to let you know I am updating my clue sheet. ;)
Fyor is just one of those characters where I think about him and am like...

Location: Brunswick Chapel of Ease to St. Maryle Bone --> Inn near Hyde Park

Fyror entered the coach after Jeanette and took the seat across from her as the door was shut behind him. Thereafter they were quickly whisked away towards Hyde Park. He let out a small sigh as he looked out the window for a moment at the passing scenery. Today was certainly proving to be…interesting. The presence of Soulless in the confines of London weighed heavily on him. He feared for the safety of his family, the safety of the people who lived here, and the safety of this woman that he now viewed as a dear friend. He did not try to hide the gnawing worry from his facial features as he returned his gaze to Jeanette.

“My family and I will also be at Almack’s tonight, so we will see one another again sooner than you anticipated. I cannot guarantee that I will be good company though. I dislike such public events as it most often means I get to be openly ridiculed for the majority of the time. Apart from my family and fellow officers, most people do not treat me as kindly as you have,” Fyror stated earnestly. “The new threat that these Soulless pose only makes matters worse. I really wish my family was back at Colchester Garrison surrounded by its walls and squadrons of soldiers. My father and some of the other officers are due to arrive sometime today so at least there will be a few more people to help make London safer.”

The coach began to slow down as they neared the inn where Fyror’s family was staying. The door was opened as soon as they came to a stop in front of the inn. Fyror looked over at Jeanette as a tender smile brightened up his dull features. “We shall meet again. Take care, Miss Crane,” he said before exiting the coach. He saw his brother Leon was waiting for him just outside of the inn, and he made his way over to him.
@Lady Amalthea@rivaan I have another post up for Fyror! With all of this practice, I am getting better at writing more detail! :D

Location: Brunswick Chapel of Ease to St. Maryle Bone

Fyror watched as the man took down all of the information they provided. Something new seemed to come to his mind as finished up his writing. He set down his quill and looked at Fyror and Jeanette oddly. “Where is the girl? What church?” he asked, addressing Jeanette’s statement that the victim’s body had been taken to another church. Clearly he was wondering why they had not just brought the body with them to this church. It was indeed an understandable question, but the situation was what it was. Jeanette’s explanation seemed to pacify the man as he did not further press the situation.

The man slid a piece of parchment and a quill over to them and asked for their contact information. He then stated that they may leave when they are done with that before excusing himself from the room. Jeanette grabbed the quill first and slowly began to write her name and address. The way she wrote slowly and carefully led him to believe that writing was not her strong suit. He suppressed the sudden urge to rest his hand on top of hers and help steady and guide her hand. He mentally shook that thought away, knowing that such an action would likely be deemed as inappropriate and be rather unwelcomed by her. Instead, he purposefully kept his hands by his sides until she was done. When she finally set down the quill, he then took it up and wrote his contact information below hers. Needless to say, his writing was notably more refined than hers. He supposed that was due to having a fair share of practice with all the paperwork he has had to fill out, as required of an officer in the British infantry.

When he was done, he turned back to her. He nodded his head in response to her question and gave her a kind smile as she waited for him. Fyror’s gaze takes in the main chapel area as they leave the office side by side. The man that they had been speaking to is now off talking to the pastor of the church. Fyror looks at the intricate paintings adorning Brunswick Chapel of Ease to St. Maryle Bone one last time before he and Jeanette exit the building together.

The peace and sense of safety that the chapel had provided soon leaves Fyror. He is thrusted back into this new reality: an enclosed city infested with God knows how many Soulless. The people hanging just outside the church can be heard gossiping about this and that, and the hackney driver that Miss Millicent Wyndham provided is rubbing down the horse as he awaits Fyror and Jeanette. He quickly notices them and asks where they wish him to take them to next. “My family is staying at the inn adjacent Hyde Park. Please drop me off there and then you may take Miss Crane home next. After that you are free to go,” Fyror explained. He then turns to lend Jeanette a hand into the coach.
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