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@Mega Birb You're free to write a Turian, but we currently have no Salarian characters if you're thinking of writing a different PC.
@Mega Birb You're entirely free to write up a sheet. There's as many spots open as we have quality submissions.
With regards to the meeting, all they were given is a location and time, absolutely nothing else. The characters could have guesses of course.

@ShyDot Probably only as a support character. Hanar are not really natural combatants despite what the Blasto movies might say.
@NecroKnight It should be up in a day or two.

For example, the post will jump from the end of the tournament to the feast to several plot important events. This means the post will occur over a time period of several hours. Within these time skips, players will still have time to interact with each other before moving on to later time periods.
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