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15 Mar 2017 17:06
Current Wow, I joined about a year ago. Cool. Thank you to everybody that gave me a chance in their roleplays and to the people that joined mine, and I apologize to the people that I had to leave.
27 Nov 2016 14:18
Hey everyone. Due to familial and school related events in my life right now, I won't be able to RP as frequently, and I may not be able to interact with certain RPs at all.
24 Jun 2016 19:55
Hallelujah! School's over, so I'll be able to post more.
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2 Apr 2016 22:36
Ready to Roleplay.


Hey everyone, I'm Overlord24, I have no idea what else to say except, ALL HAIL THE OVERLORD!

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He put a hand on his chin thinking. "I guess it couldn't hurt." He told her. "Yes, I believe that could work, just remember that your roomate may be permanent, so choose wisely."
@Joshua Tamashii
Shadow nodded. "OK. What's her name?" She asked Joshua. If she was able to get a good roommate, then this might not be so bad.
@Framing A Moose
I apologize, I did not know.
"I-I understand." She said to Skyler. She looked around but doubted anyone would want to room with her.
"So, do you wanna be roommates together?" She asked quietly. She honestly didn't know who else to ask, as Skylar was the only other person close to her age that she could see.
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