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15 Mar 2017 17:06
Current Wow, I joined about a year ago. Cool. Thank you to everybody that gave me a chance in their roleplays and to the people that joined mine, and I apologize to the people that I had to leave.
27 Nov 2016 14:18
Hey everyone. Due to familial and school related events in my life right now, I won't be able to RP as frequently, and I may not be able to interact with certain RPs at all.
24 Jun 2016 19:55
Hallelujah! School's over, so I'll be able to post more.
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2 Apr 2016 22:36
Ready to Roleplay.


Hey everyone, I'm Overlord24, I have no idea what else to say except, ALL HAIL THE OVERLORD!

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In Alder Manor 22 Apr 2017 14:11 Forum: Free Roleplay
In Alder Manor 21 Apr 2017 17:30 Forum: Free Roleplay
Sup, I'm not even sure who we're waiting for at this point.
@Joshua Tamashii
"N-no," She said embarrassed. "I was never able to get a chance to learn, with Avary and I always moving from place to place. And the orphanages weren't that keen on teaching an eight year old to swim."
@Joshua Tamashii@Roseletta
Shadow cocked her head at Elyse. "What did Joshua mean about being your swimming partner?"
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